Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1841 - Ten Bowls Topple

1841 Ten Bowls Topple

At Thousand Soar Imperial Capital, Heavenspan World.

The prosperity of an imperial capital was what imperial cities could not compare to.

Thousand Soar Imperial Capital occupied a vast area, it was several dozen times larger than ordinary imperial cities.

Divine Lord Realm powerhouses that were hard to see in imperial cities were as plentiful as oxen hair here.

Even Celestial Deity powerhouses could be seen everywhere too.

In a small tavern, an eight to nine years old little kid was hugging a pink piglet. Beside even sat a young man.

They were precisely Ye Yuan and co. who came out of the Bamboo Groove Void Realm.

“Brat, why do we have to come here?” Little Tong asked curiously.

The few of them had drifted in the heart of the void realm for as long as ten years before returning to the Heavenspan World.

But the moment the few people came out, they were in a mountain range in the vicinity of Thousand Soar Imperial Capital.

Ye Yuan originally planned on returning to the Heavenly Eagle Imperial City. But no idea why, Dustless made him stay in Thousand Soar Imperial Capital temporarily.

Ye Yuan asked him why, but he himself did not know either. He just said that there was a feeling from forces beyond his control that there would be a major event happening near Thousand Soar Imperial Capital recently, which seemed to be related to them.

Regarding Dustless’s supernatural feeling, although Ye Yuan was doubtful, he did not say much.

Martial artists’ sudden impulse tend to be very efficacious.

Little Tong’s question made Ye Yuan unable to answer. He could only smile bitterly and said, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know either.”

Little Tong was not surprised and just said coolly, “Then what should we do now?”

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “Find a place to stay first. I reckon that before long, there will be results.”

This tavern was not large, but the dishes were pretty good. Ye Yuan and Little Tong both dug into it with relish.

Reaching Ye Yuan’s realm, he could long already not need to eat. But there were still many martial artists who liked to drink alcohol and eat meat in taverns.

Firstly, these wine and meat were mostly not ordinary products. They were helpful to martial artists’ cultivation.

Secondly, it was also to relieve the dreariness of cultivation and satisfy one’s desire for good food.

The two people were currently chowing down when a handsome young man suddenly came to Ye Yuan’s side and smiled at Ye Yuan as he said, “This brother, this tavern’s business is quite good. Can you share a table with me? Your wine and food, I’ll treat it.”

Ye Yuan raised his eyes to look at this young man and saw that his face did not have the least bit of prodigiousness, totally different from those profligate sons.

When he said treat, his face was also very sincere and did not have the intention of showing off.

Hence, Ye Yuan nodded his head and made an inviting gesture, saying coolly, “Sit then.”

That handsome young man was delighted when he saw the situation and shouted: “Waiter, bring a set of bowl and chopsticks, and serve some fine dishes.”

Finished saying, he smiled at Ye Yuan and said, “I’m Leng Xu, I wonder how to address brother?”

“Ye Yuan.”

“Haha, turns out that it’s Brother Ye. Our meeting is fate! Come, bottoms up!”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and clinked glasses with the other party, downing in one shot.

“Haha, great! Brother Ye, this inn’s Ten Bowls Topple is rather powerful. Why don’t we compete without using divine essence?”

Those who came here to drink were mostly looking for fun and to relax.

If one used divine essence to refine the alcoholic strength, it was naturally pointless already.

But for Celestial Deity powerhouses to want to really get drunk, it was naturally not that easy.

To be able to bring down a Celestial Deity powerhouse in ten bowls, the alcoholic strength of this alcohol could be imagined.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Okay, cheers!”

Finished saying, the two people raised a glass and drank another bowl.

In a twinkle, ten bowls went down to the belly, but no intoxication could be seen from the two.

The other tables were alarmed by the happenings on this side. Seeing Ye Yuan and Leng Xu down one bowl after another, they could not help staring dumbfoundedly with slack jaws.

“Eh? That’s the Leng Family’s young patriarch, right? No wonder he’s so impressive. Heard that at his peak, he drank 46 bowls of Ten Bowls Topple in one go! Ever since then, he was conferred as the god of wine in this place!”

“However, that young man next to him is similarly impressive, to actually fight until he’s evenly-matched with Young Patriarch Leng!”

“Heh, it’s no use! The name of Ten Bowls Topple isn’t for show. After exceeding ten bowls, this alcohol kick will double up. I reckon that he can at most drink 20 bowls.”

This small tavern was out-of-the-way. Those who came here were mostly old customers and were very clear about this Ten Bowls Topple’s alcohol kick.

It was not that there were no people who drank past ten bowls, but they were in the minority.

No matter how powerful the Celestial Deity powerhouses, it was also extremely rare to drink past 20 bowls.

It was just that pity that Ye Yuan let them down.

“Awesome, cheers again!”

“I didn’t expect that Ye Yuan is also a man of the same pursuit! Haha, great, awesome!”

Leng Xu drank faster and faster and always laughed out loud. It was just that when Ye Yuan observed his language and countenance, he could perceive that there was more or less some bitterness in his smiles.

This person was here to get drunk!

Ye Yuan was slightly curious on why would such a bright and cheerful young man be like this?

But the feeling that this Leng Xu gave him was not bad. So he also accompanied Leng Xu and continued drinking cup after cup.

Not long ago, Ye Yuan’s fleshy body realm already broke through to the fifth transformation golden body.

Such a powerful body had a very strong immunity towards alcohol in the first place.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was an alchemist. Furthermore, he was an alchemist who was fond of alcohol. No matter how strong the alcohol, it was merely so-so to him as well.

At least, this Ten Bowls Topple was not enough.

“65 bowls!”

“73 bowls!”

“90 bowls!”

At this time, everyone in the small tavern stopped eating and drinking. Their gazes were all focused on Ye Yuan and Leng Xu.

The way that these two people competing in drinking made them stare dumbfoundedly tongue-tied.

Finally, when drinking the 103rd bowl, Leng Xu collapsed on the table with a thud.

“F-Fine alcohol! Brother Ye … come, come, cheers again!”

This guy already drank until he was out-cold and still wanted to bottoms up with Ye Yuan.

At one side, everyone was stunned.

“Goodness gracious, to actually bring down the god of alcohol! What deity is this young man?”

“This guy really didn’t mobilize any divine essence, so how did he do it?”

All around, there was a series of exclamations.

None of them had ever dared to drink until ten bowls before.

But today, this unfamiliar face actually downed 103 bowls of Ten Bowls Topple in one go. It was really too exaggerated.

Actually, a hundred bowls down the belly, Ye Yuan’s head was also a little woozy already.

This wine was called Ten Bowls topple, it indeed lived up to its reputation.

While the wine was a fine wine, it was just a pity that it was not the wine that intoxicated, but the drinker who got himself drunk.

Ye Yuan’s divine essence circulated and directly dispelled that dizzy feeling.

He turned around and asked the rest, “Do you all know where his home is?”

The moment everyone heard, they immediately understood, this young man was going to send Leng Xu back home.

In the crowd, a good person urged, “Heh, young man, your alcohol tolerance is pretty good! But you’d best not get involved in this murky water. The Leng Family isn’t too peaceful recently.”

Ye Yuan was baffled when he heard that and said smilingly, “Just sending him back home, so there’s no harm.”

That person just now said again, “Don’t listen to an elderly person’s advice and you’ll suffer right away! Since you want to find trouble yourself, we naturally won’t stop you either. The Leng Family is the imperial capital’s prominent family. You go out and turn right, after passing three streets, make a left turn, go through an alley, and you’ll reach.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head, settled the bill, and said to Little Tong, “Come on.”

But after Ye Yuan left the tavern, a hint of an imperceptible strange smile flashed across the corners of that person’s mouth.

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