Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2455 - Chaos Origin Divinity!

Chapter 2455: Chaos Origin Divinity!

“Not enough! Still not enough! Too weak! Didn’t you claim to be heaven’s might? Are you tickling me?”

“Come, come, come, increase the heat! I want to see whether you can refine me or not!”

“Hahaha … Great! Again!”

… …

Within that space came Ye Yuan’s loud laughter from time to time.

This was not saying that Ye Yuan was not in pain.

In reality, his pain was increasing manifold!

Heaven’s might was furious, the energy of the Eight Extreme Heavenly Fire was also continuously increasing.

Clearly, the eight idols were truly enraged under Ye Yuan’s triggering.

But Ye Yuan did not care!

Him yelling this pain out could disperse some agony of being burned instead.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul became weaker and weaker under the refinement of the Eight Extreme Heavenly Fire.

At this time, it already became very faint.

But, Ye Yuan was still incomparably stubborn.

“Humph! Stubborn fellow, see how long you can still last! Didn’t you want to increase the power of the Eight Extreme Heavenly Fire? I’ll satisfy you!” That voice came out again.

Ye Yuan’s voice became weaker and weaker, and increasingly undetectable.

Until later on, his divine soul was already extremely faint, and only a faint outline could be seen.

But that voice laughed heartily and said, “Hahaha … An ignorant ant also dares to have delusions of grandeur of resisting heaven’s might! Weren’t you shouting very merrily just now? Yell! Yell again!”

But right at this time, that feeble divine soul of Ye Yuan’s gradually shrunk and contracted again.

In the end, it turned into a cluster of faint gray fog.

The gray fog became increasingly smaller. In the end, it became the same size as the other light dots.

It was just that the color of this ball of gray fog was completely different from the other light dots.

The other light dots had all kinds of colors and only did not have gray color.

“Heh heh, it’s actually the gray-color of chaos mind power. The quality is pretty good!” In the void, that voice sounded out again, appearing rather excited.

But right then, an abnormality suddenly occurred!

That ball of gray fog actually started devouring the surrounding light dots!

A small ball of gray fog actually started gradually becoming larger.

The gray fog extended four tentacles and gradually turned into the four limbs of a human body, and stretched a head out again.

A gray-robed Ye Yuan’s outline gradually took shape.

The gray-robed Ye Yuan was like a suction cup, absorbing the surrounding light dots crazily.

And his body also became more and more solid.


The entire space started trembling.

Along with Ye Yuan’s body becoming more and more solid, the vibration of space became more and more intense.

Until the end, there were actually signs of collapsing.

“Chaos origin divinity! This … This is impossible! You … How can you possibly condense a chaos origin divinity? Not good! If he continues condensing, the Divinity Gathering Space will collapse! Damn brat, you really got off cheap!”

In the depths of space, came that person’s panicked voice.

The current Ye Yuan felt indescribably refreshed.

He felt like he was almost floating up to the heaven.

He really pulled through the tempering of the Eight Extreme Heavenly Fire!

Ye Yuan could feel that his divine soul became purer and purer under the tempering of the Eight Extreme Heavenly Fire!

Unprecedentedly pure!

This sort of purity, he had to cultivate until God knows when before he could attain it.

At this time, Ye Yuan felt that his divine soul was indescribably powerful!

As if it could shatter this space!

However, right then, he felt that his body was being involuntarily repelled by this space.

With a swoosh, he disappeared!

… …

“Progenitor Tian Xing, that guy is too tyrannical!”

“Yeah, Progenitor! This guy won’t give us any workable method at all!”

“The entire Heaven Lineage’s spiritual energy is absorbed by him alone, what the hell are we still cultivating for?”

… …

In front of Tian Xing, a group of Heaven Lineage powerhouses was extremely indignant.

It had already been a year in a blink of an eye. The gray-pupil Ye Yuan already incurred the wrath of the entire Heaven Lineage.

He did not care about others when he cultivated.

Although the Heaven Lineage’s powerhouses already avoided him and went to other places to cultivate, the commotion of gray-robed Ye Yuan’s cultivation was seriously too big.

Furthermore, it got bigger and bigger!

Gray-pupil Ye Yuan’s cultivation was completely a plundering style cultivation.

When he cultivated alone, he absorbed all of the spiritual energy in the proximity.

In the beginning, Heaven Lineage’s powerhouses were reluctant to give in and wanted to compete with the gray-pupil Ye Yuan.

But they discovered to their dismay that no matter how they absorbed the spiritual energy around, they could not win the gray-pupil Ye Yuan.

Progenitor Tian Qing gave the order for everyone to stay far away from this fellow. So everyone could not take action against him.

But plundering resources was okay, right?

Hence, since one person could not win the gray-pupil Ye Yuan, a whole group of people then!

The younger generation could not win the gray-pupil Ye Yuan, then the progenitors go!

However, they discovered to their dismay that the gray-pupil Ye Yuan’s plundering of spiritual energy was completely unreasonable.

Even if the progenitors joined the great battle of wresting spiritual energy, they still could not win the gray-pupil Ye Yuan.

The divine race’s requirement for spiritual energy was not considered high. They primarily used it to nourish the physical body and nurture the divine soul.

But they could not do without spiritual energy either.

Ye Yuan absorbed all of the spiritual energy around the proximity to this mountain in one go. What the hell were the others still cultivating for?

Hence, everyone ran in front of Progenitor Tian Xing to complain.

There was no way to live!

At this time, a large group surrounded Progenitor Tian Xing, making a din until his head hurt.

Progenitor Tian Xing’s expression was very ugly too and he said in a solemn voice, “Alright, alright! Stop making noise! This ancestor got it. I’ll go and see Progenitor Tian Qing now and ask him what to do!”

Before long, an unrivaled aura flew out of the ancestral land and landed on Profound Heaven Ridge.

When the group of divine race members saw this scene, they were excited to the extreme.

“Hahaha, Progenitor Tian Qing finally made a move! His elderly self finally can’t stand it anymore!”

“This brat is dead for sure! See if he still dares to be so arrogant!”

“Freaking hell! Your father has never seen before such tyrannical cultivation. No matter how we try to absorb spiritual energy away from him, we couldn’t beat him!”

… …

Tian Qing landed not far from the gray-pupil Ye Yuan and said coolly, “Are you here waiting for him to come out?”

The gray-pupil Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed was much faster than Ye Yuan’s.

This one year’s time, his plundering style cultivation already reached the bottleneck of the middle-stage Creation Realm.

The chaos world within his body had already begun to take shape.

Just a step more and he would be able to break through the bottleneck.

It was also precisely because of this, that he had been absorbing spiritual energy even more crazily during this period of time, so as to enrich the chaos world.

Seeing Tian Qing arrive, the gray-pupil Ye Yuan did not have the slightest emotion as he said, “You want to say that he can’t come out anymore?”

Tian Qing stood with his hands behind his back as he smiled faintly and said, “Isn’t that so? He offended heaven’s might and was punished by the divinities. It’s absolutely impossible to come out anymore! You obtained the physical body. Isn’t it perfect?”

The gray-pupil Ye Yuan looked at Tian Qing like looking at a fool and said, “Are you stupid? He’s the main soul. If he’s dead, can I still exist in this world? Are you done talking rubbish? If you’re done, get lost! Don’t delay my breakthrough!”

The gray-pupil Ye Yuan’s words did not show the least bit of mercy.

Furthermore, his voice was extremely loud, the voice spreading all over the Heaven Lineage.

Tian Qing’s expression instantly became incredibly dark.

A piercing cold killing intent emitted from his body.

This gray-pupil Ye Yuan was not cute at all!

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