Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 26: Grabbing Air

Chapter 26: Grabbing Air

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Now that Liu Ruoshui and Wan Yuan showed up together, it was clear what they were trying to convey. Before this, not many people knew that the academy's Earth rank goddess had already walked so intimately with Wan Yuan.

By bringing Liu Ruoshui here, Wan Yuan wanted to humiliate Ye Yuan by letting him see the woman he dreamed of was already walking together with his rival.

He was looking forward to Ye Yuan's expressions of resentment, shame, as well as regret. But Ye Yuan's reaction disappointed him, as not one of these expressions appeared on Ye Yuan's face.

From the start till the end, Ye Yuan never even looked at Liu Ruoshui, treating her like air. And it was precisely being ignored by Ye Yuan that angered Liu Ruoshui, making her words just now so venomous.

Liu Ruoshui was rather confident in her appearance. In her opinion, Ye Yuan should be groveling right now, begging her in tears not to go.

If it was his predecessor, he might really have lost all control and did just that. But sadly, the Ye Yuan now was no longer the Ye Yuan of the past. With Ye Yuan's status in his previous life, what kind of beauty he had not seen before? It was impossible to try to use such a cheap tactic to seduce him.

Ye Yuan gave Liu Ruoshui an emotionless glance and said, "A swan? Aren't you overthinking things? At best, you are a defeathered chicken. How can you be compared with a noble animal such as a swan? How can a true proud daughter of heaven spare any thoughts to seduce men? When have you seen Senior Apprentice Sister Feng flirt with other men? Goddesses all have their own pride and wouldn't be the way you are."

Liu Ruoshui was a prideful person. In the Dan Wu Academy, she was always an existence surrounded by a group of admirers. When had anyone ever compared her to a defeathered chicken?

Liu Ruoshui was so angry that her willowy eyebrows were almost vertical. Yet, she could not refute it, because the Senior Apprentice Sister Feng mentioned by Ye Yuan was indeed an existence far beyond her reach.

Senior Apprentice Sister Feng was called Feng Zhiruo, a true proud daughter of heaven within the Dan Wu Academy. Not only was she a beauty who could cause the downfall of countries, but she was also among the top three in both Alchemy Roll of Honor and Martial Roll of Honor with strength not at all inferior to Long Tang. She was a person that a woman like Liu Ruoshui could not compare to.

Feng Zhiruo never bothered with pursuers, something different from Liu Ruoshui. She was a famous ice beauty in the Dan Wu Academy.

In comparison, Liu Ruoshui was much more popular because she did not reject her pursuers. So she appeared very warm. Also, she extremely relished the feeling of being sought after by everyone.

"Hmph! How stubborn! I will let Fei Qingping take good care of you during the deathmatch!" In Liu Ruoshui's opinion, it was not that Ye Yuan was not willing to look at her, but it was because he was forcefully controlling himself after finding out the truth.

"Hahaha. Then there is no need for you to worry. Did the two of you come to find me just to say this? Since you are done, I won't entertain you anymore."

After saying these words, Ye Yuan directly walked passed them.

"Who permitted you to leave?" Wan Yuan's face fell, and he made a move to grab Ye Yuan. But who would have thought he only grabbed the air, not even touching the corner of Ye Yuan's sleeve.

Looking at Ye Yuan again, he was already several meters away. He even waved to the two of them with his back facing them and strutted away, angering Wan Yuan until his face turned green.

"Hiss . . . Was that . . . Instant Flash?" Wan Yuan frowned and asked.

"That's right. It was indeed Instant Flash." Liu Ruoshui lightly furrowed her brows. Clearly, she was also stunned by Ye Yuan's move.

"Looks like there is really something odd about this punk. Father clearly arranged for an assassin, yet Ye Yuan simply swaggered into the academy. I don't know whether that assassin was too stupid, or was that punk really pretending to be a pig in order to eat a tiger."

"In my opinion, it is likely the former. He is only at the Third Level Essence Qi Realm. No matter how powerful his Instant Flash is, most likely he will not be able to escape from that assassin, right?" Liu Ruoshui interacted quite a bit with Ye Yuan before, so she had some understanding of him. In her eyes, Ye Yuan was just a useless person.

"Junior Apprentice Sister Liu's words make sense. But I wonder since when did he learn Instant Flash? With this move, wouldn't he be in an undefeatable position in his deathmatch with Qingping?"

Wan Yuan had always been competing with Ye Yuan since they were young. So he understood Ye Yuan the best. After thinking about it, Liu Ruoshui's words still made more sense.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Wan is panicking because of concern. From the way I see it, Ye Yuan only learned Instant Flash by a fluke. The only move he can rely on is most likely just this. Otherwise, why would he be rushing to the Scripture Library at this time? Just now, Senior Apprentice Brother Wan was only careless and didn't use your full strength. That's why he could get away. Even though Instant Flash is impressive, it is ultimately only a middle-grade Tier 1 martial technique and isn't invincible." Liu Ruoshui had already recovered from her astonishment and returned to being a soul-mesmerizing goddess.

Wan Yuan had long lusted after Liu Ruoshui. Seeing Liu Ruoshui chased after him like this made him drunk with pleasure. Just now, he indeed had not used his full strength. It was about 70% power, yet Ye Yuan still managed to dodge it.

However, strength was still the key to victory. Movement techniques were ultimately auxiliary. What Liu Ruoshui said was right. Instant Flash is not all-powerful. Naturally, some techniques could counter it.

Except that this move from Ye Yuan raised Wan Yuan's alert. He would have to go back and properly warn Fei Qingping to not underestimate his opponent.

"Looks like Junior Apprentice Sister Liu's heart is as clear as a mirror. This time around, no matter what, we can't let this brat live on anymore. Looks like we have to go back and prepare a few hidden cards for Fei Qingping."

. . . . . .

After Ye Yuan shook those two off, he went directly to the Scripture Library.

As far as he was concerned, Ye Yuan did not mind revealing Instant Flash. That was not what he was relying on anyway. Furthermore, what he just displayed was only at the great success stage.

Ye Yuan's greatest reliance was naturally on the Absolute Yang Finger. But this technique could not be displayed in front of outsiders, or else he would get into a lot of trouble. Hence, he came to the Scripture Library in order to choose a martial technique.

The martial techniques in the Scripture Library were not too profound. The Tranquil Cloud Sect naturally would not release profound martial techniques out into the secular world. But to Ye Yuan, these martial techniques were sufficient.

"Senior Apprentice Brother, I would like to enter the Scripture Library to choose two martial techniques," Ye Yuan requested and handed over his identity token to the Senior Apprentice Brother on duty.

The Senior Apprentice Brother who was guarding the Scripture Library was Zhao Chunyang of the Earth Rank. When he saw the token with the symbol indicating Yellow Rank status, disdain could be seen from his eyes.

The identity token was created by the Dan Wu Academy which represented one's status as a student. As long as one inserted a bit of essence energy, one would be able to check the identity of the person the token belongs to.

"Ye Yuan?" Zhao Chunyang seemed to feel that he heard that name somewhere before. After pondering a while, he came to a sudden realization and asked, "You are the academy's last place, Ye Yuan?"

Ye Yuan smiled and replied, "If there isn't a second Ye Yuan, then that would be me."

Ye Yuan was not bothered by the title of the last place as that was all in the past.

Hearing this, Zhao Chunyang became interested. Handing the token back to Ye Yuan, he held on to him and asked curiously, "You are a big favorite within the academy now. The last place actually dares to sign a life-and-death contract with others. Just what were you thinking?"

Ye Yuan also did not intend to keep a distance away from Zhou Chunyang, so he smiled and answered, "Others already rode onto my head. I can't possibly behave like a coward. Don't you think so?"

"Hahaha. That's true. But your strength . . ." Zhao Chunyang was an outspoken person and was not afraid that other people would feel awkward.

"Hahaha. That's why I'm here to choose martial techniques."

"Sharpening your spear at the last moment, even if it's not sharp, it is at least shiny. These words are not wrong, but there are only three days left. Isn't that a little too short?"

"That's something that can't be helped. I believe Senior Apprentice Brother is also aware that I neglected cultivation in the past which led to my poor foundation. Even if it is only three days, it is better than not doing anything. Isn't that right?"

Zhao Chunyang sized up Ye Yuan once again and suddenly smiled, and then he said, "Interesting. You seem to be quite different from the rumors. Go in then. You have two hours."

"Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Brother."

Zhao Chunyang patted Ye Yuan's shoulders and said with a smile, "Choose well. I will cheer for you when the time comes."

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