Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 30: Allow You Three Moves

Chapter 30: Allow You Three Moves

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"I will wager with you!"

The moment Wan Yuan appeared, he brought with him an imposing air, affecting Tang Yu to the point he was out of breath.

"Fine!" Tang Yu did not answer ambiguously and directly accepted it.

"Since we are wagering, let's play a little bigger!" Wan Yuan was smiling coldly at Tang Yu, making people felt that his scheme had succeeded.

"How do you want to play?" Tang Yu gritted his teeth and asked.

"One thousand pills! Transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills! How about it? Do you dare to play?" Seeing Tang Yu's facial expression, he felt increasingly satisfied.

Tang Yu seemed to have been scared by this figure as he revealed a difficult expression.

"Although Ye Yuan is disappointing, his father Ye Hang is an Alchemy Grandmaster that everyone looks up to. It can't be that you can't even take out this bit of Essence Qi Pills, right?" Seeing Tang Yu's expression, he became even more pleased with himself.

"Fine! One thousand then! Do you think I'm scared of you?" Tang Yu gritted his teeth and said.

"Hahaha! You got guts! Now, everybody heard that? If the time comes, and one goes back on his word, everyone will go to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion together to find Ye Hang," Wan Yuan shouted loudly.

Many people saw Tang Yu's expression and felt more confident despite having no basis.

"I will bet too. 100 high-grade Essence Qi Pills!"

"I will bet too."

"Me too!"

. . . . . .

After hearing Ye Hang's name, everyone was no longer worried that Ye Yuan would repudiate his debt. So they all verbally agreed to the wager one after another.

After finding someone to be a witness, those participating in the wager signed on the paper one after another, and this matter was considered fixed.

Looking at all these people's signatures, Tang Yu was overjoyed.

"Looks like Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is still the best. These people just lost their money. In the future, we won't lack Essence Qi Pills anymore. There will be as many as we want!" Tang Yu thought to himself.

Others might not know, but Tang Yu had seen with his own eyes how Ye Yuan used his Third Level Essence Qi Realm cultivation to kill a Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm assassin. How could he possibly be defeated by a minor character like Fei Qingping?

Not everyone had the guts to participate in the wager. The final count of all those who signed the paper was more than 200 people. There was an enormous quantity of Essence Qi Pills at stake!

If Ye Yuan really lost, this would be an absolutely devastating blow to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

But . . . they probably would not have that opportunity.

Especially Wan Yuan this time around, he was definitely going to suffer a hefty loss.

. . . . . .

After this business was settled, it was already getting late. Fei Qingping slowly walked into the combat arena.

"Yii? Fei Qingping is actually already at the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm!"

"It's true! Ye Yuan is definitely doomed now!"

"Hahaha! That wager of 100 high-grade Essence Qi Pills just now was really a great haul!"

Under the same circumstances, a difference of one realm would already decide everything. That was why everyone was not optimistic about Ye Yuan.

If these students initially still had a trace of faith in Ye Yuan, after seeing Fei Qingping's Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm now, even that last trace of faith was gone.

Listening to the public opinions, Fei Qingping felt very refreshed. The initial trace of worry in his heart was already wholly forgotten.

All along, Fei Qingping had always been following behind Wan Yuan. Never had he thought that one day, he would also become everyone's focus.

After today, I will probably receive quite a few love letters from girls, right? Fei Qingping thought to himself.

These past three days, Fei Qingping did not dare to slack off even the slightest.

First, he used one day to break through the bottleneck. The Essence Gathering Pill's effects were unexpectedly good, making him advanced to the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm smoothly. Next, he went into a closed-door seclusion to train the Lesser Capturing Hand. Even though time was a little tight, under Wan Yuan's guidance, there was some success.

Under this situation, Fei Qingping could not even find a trace of the possibility of losing.

"What time is it already? Why isn't Ye Yuan here yet?"

"He probably didn't dare to come and ran away already. Hahaha . . ."

"Losing face is better than losing his life. After all, he will die even if he comes. At least he can save his life by finding his father to shield him."

It was already late, and everybody was already impatient from waiting. Under these sort of circumstances, everyone felt that Ye Yuan was too scared; that was why he did not dare to come.

. . . . . .

At a private viewing stand in the combat arena.

Two young men between the ages of 17 and 18 years old, stood with their hands behind their backs.

One with a domineering air soaring to the skies, while the other seemingly had a nonchalant attitude towards life.

"To think that the great Martial Roll of Honor's rank one would actually stoop to come watch this sort of small fight." That nonchalant looking man could not help but revealed a surprised expression after seeing the newcomer.

Rank one in the Martial Roll of Honor; this person who was emanating a domineering air that reached the clouds was actually the legendary number one figure in the Dan Wu Academy, Long Tang.

Long Tang did not have any intention to respond to the other party's mocking. He knew that the person in front of him who looked laidback was actually an extremely nasty opponent.

"Didn't you, Martial Roll of Honor's rank two, come as well?" Long Tang rebuked leisurely.

This laidback looking man was actually rank two in the Martial Roll of Honor, Zuo Bugui!

If there were other students around, they would undoubtedly be greatly astonished. Martial Roll of Honor's rank one and rank two, appearing together to pay attention to a battle between rookies. This was completely inconceivable.

"Hahaha! I can't hold onto this rank two for long. Junior Apprentice Sister Feng is right on my heels. I'm afraid this rank two will have to change owners at the next Battle of Martial Roll of Honor." Zuo Bugui had a helpless expression.

Long Tang did not make any remarks on this. He knew that with Zuo Bugui's strength, one could not knead him as they wished. Even he himself has to be cautious when facing him.

"It isn't just the two of us. Su Yishan, Xu Qingfeng, those guys came too. Look at the grandstand opposite. After all, it's been two years since a deathmatch has occurred. Even if it's only two rookies, it isn't strange to attract everyone over, right? Thinking back, weren't we also rookies back then?" Long Tang said lightly.

"Hehe. That's true. Who wasn't a rookie before? But that fellow Su Yishan and Wan Yuan have common interests. Is he here to watch a joke? After all, the Su Family and the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion don't get along. With his personality, watching Ye Hang's son get killed will definitely make him derive pleasure from others' misfortunes." Zuo Bugui seemed to be very clear on the arrangement within the capital.

"None of my business," Long Tang said indifferently.

"Tsk. I knew you were like this! I know that you came here today because you wanted to see if the Stacking Waves Layered Palm that even you couldn't master can be mastered by a rookie, right?" Zuo Bugui seemed to understand Long Tang very well, and he directly said out the purpose of Long Tang's visit.

Long Tang did not deny it. Nodding his head, he said, "Stacking Waves Layered Palm might be an incomplete martial technique, but it's publically acknowledged within the academy to be the hardest to master, as well as the martial technique with the greatest might. These past few years, virtually no one dared to touch it. I want to see if this Ye Yuan is here to be a joke, or does he really have the confidence to master Stacking Waves Layered Palm."

Zuo Bugui curled his lips and said, "I think that you are thinking too much. Even a sicko like you spent a month's time to master only the first layer. How can Ye Yuan that last place possibly master it? Even if he mastered it, what's the use of the First Layer Wave? The difference between Fei Qingping and him is two whole cultivation realms!"

"Perhaps," Long Tang couldn't be bothered to debate with Zuo Bugui and replied nonchalantly.

"Hey hey. What kind of attitude is this? Is there a need to put on a cool appearance all day?"

". . . . . ."

"I think you won't be able to see it anymore. Ye Yuan that punk probably ran away already. What time is it already, and yet he still hasn't appeared." Zuo Bugui kept on talking non-stop, but Long Tang could not be bothered to respond.

. . . . . .

"Make way! Make way!" Right at this moment, Ye Yuan shouted at the top of his voice. He was stuck outside, unable to enter.

"It's Ye Yuan! He came!"

"He actually dared to come!"

"Quickly make way for him; don't delay me from collecting my Essence Qi Pills!"

Amidst a wave of laughter, everyone made way for Ye Yuan.

However, Ye Yuan did not enter the combat arena directly, but came to Tang Yu instead and asked slyly, "Is it done?"

Tang Yu smiled. "Don't worry, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye. Luckily, I didn't fail you."

"Hahaha! Then that's good, that's good." Finishing his words, Ye Yuan then raise both arms up and cupped his hands politely, and he said, "Many thanks to all Senior Apprentice Brothers and Sisters that gave these Essence Qi Pills. I, your Junior Apprentice Brother, thank you here, and kindly accept them."

Everyone looked at each other speechlessly, not knowing why Ye Yuan was showing off. Did he mess his brain up from training?

Ignoring everyone's surprised looks, Ye Yuan said to Tang Yu, "Senior Apprentice Brother Tang, take care not to lose the name list. After the match, I have to go and claim from each person."

Ending the conversation, Ye Yuan walked into the combat arena step by step.

Fei Qingping had a cold smile on his face as he watched Ye Yuan showing off. "You are about to die, and yet you still dare to ask for Essence Qi Pills?"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Fei Qingping, did you wager? Since I'm about to die, why don't you bet some more?"

"Don't worry. I've already wagered everything! Now, I will send you to the western paradise!" Fei Qingping fully released the power of his Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm as he wanted to take the initiative right from the start.

"Yo. Momentum's not bad. Yii? You are actually at the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm?!" Ye Yuan's face revealed astonishment.

Fei Qingping saw Ye Yuan's face change color and could not help but be pleased with himself. "Humph! Anyhow, we are apprentice brothers after all. How about this; I will allow you three moves. Make your move!"

Ye Yuan revealed a delighted expression and asked with amazement, "Do you really mean it, Senior Apprentice Brother Fei?"

"Of course!"

"Then that's great!" Ye Yuan smiled. Looking all around, he said, "You all heard it! He was the one who said he will allow me three moves!"

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