Upgrade Specialist in Another World

Chapter 1018: Enemies Incoming


A somewhat pained but relieved sigh came out from Bai Yunfei after the soul mending pill was thrown into his mouth. His body had seemingly lost tension as the pill started to work its magic onto him and start to heal his soul.

The villagers all heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of him calming down.

About ten seconds passed by before Bai Yunfei was fully at rest. His eyebrows were no longer knitted together and his body had long since stopped shaking. His breathing was stabilized and it looked like he was in deep slumber now.

Everything seemed fine now. The boy placed a hand on top of Bai Yunfei’s forehead to check the status of his soul. “No way?!” He sucked in a deep breath from shock, “His soul wasn’t fully healed?!

“This…this…” He looked almost disbelieving at how the soul mending pill had done nothing to Bai Yunfei.

“Just how big was the damage to your soul?! You’re just a Soul Warrior…shouldn’t you have died already if the damage was this big?!”

The boy didn’t look like he believed at all at how Bai Yunfei was still alive.

“Honored…honored Elf…” The village elder stammered, “Will…will Tang Long be fine?”

The boy tore his eyes away from Bai Yunfei with a smile. He didn’t want the villagers to start doubting his abilities. “Don’t worry. How could a pill from an Elf be useless? He’ll be back to his original state soon enough.”

“His original state was already in a terrible state though. But that doesn’t concern me…”

The boy stood up. He did all that he could do and so he saw no reason to attend to Bai Yunfei any longer. “Hehe, so there’s still a survivor, excellent!” He laughed at the sight of the unconscious person Lao Sha knocked out earlier.

“I’ll have a lot more respect from dad if I bring this one home. Everyone will know just how amazing I am then!”

He thought to himself. It was a good thing, knowing that he’d have something to bring back and be awarded for. A flicker of soulforce caught his attention from a place not too far away from him.

“Hehe, so brother Wang Tong and Kai Wen are almost here? They’re slow…”

He was looking off in a distance where two streaks of light were soaring through the skies to where he was.

“Ah! Even more Immortals are coming over!” A few villagers noticed the same lights and immediately cried out in awe.

It wasn’t long before the two streaks of green light arrived where the boy was. Everyone could see who the people were within the lights now; they were both tall males whose robes flowed gracefully with the wind as they rode on top of a flying sword. Their figures were so refined and graceful that every villager felt like there was no other way the word ‘Immortal’ could describe these people than now.

Soon, the two people within the lights touched down onto the ground for the boy to walk closer to. “Brother Wang Tong, brother Kai Wen, you two are late! I’m already done taking care of the mess here…”

The one known as Wang Tong was a young man whose hair was like a shawl behind his head. His eyebrows were sharp like swords and his mouth was shaped into a slight smile. Handsome looking and refined, the man wore robes that fitted him and held a fan in his hands to assume the air of a scholar.

The one on the right known as Kai Wen was a simple-looking short-haired man. He was rugged in build and had a stalwart face. His eyebrows were thick and his expression far more serious than his companion. Even now, he was cautiously eyeing the people around them.

Wang Tong shook his head at the boy’s words, “Didn’t we tell you to stay within fifty kilometers of here, Feiyun? Why run off to a place this far, don’t you know the dangers of that? Now is a very bad time to be exploring the mountains, what if you come across any strangers? How would we be able to face the elders then?”

“Hmph! I knew you would treat me like a kid!” The one called ‘Feiyun’ pouted. “I could beat up any enemies even if I meet them! Don’t forget, you two can’t even beat me anymore!”

“Sigh…” Wang Tong sighed, “The intruders this time aren’t as easy as you’d think they are. The elders have issued a decree that no contact should be made with them. We’d best return now, this place is already too far away from the Qimang Mountains, it’ll be easy to come across anyone else…”

“I’m afraid we’ve already come into contact with those intruders…” Kai Wen suddenly spoke up.

“Feiyun, what happened here?” He asked.

But Feiyun shrugged his shoulders. “I sensed a battle here so I came to take a look. It was over by the time I arrived. You’ll have to ask these people what happened.”

He pointed to the villagers anxiously standing away from them.

The village elder didn’t dare make a sound when the two ‘Immortals’ looked over to him. Bowing politely, he began to retell the story of what happened here to the best of his abilities. Kai Wen and Wang Tong listened to him, and the longer they did, the grimmer their faces became…

“So these people were specifically looking for us…this isn’t good. We have to go back and report this!” Kai Wen announced to the others once the village elder was done speaking.

“I agree, we should head back at once.” Wang Tong nodded. “We can take the survivor with us and feed him a truth pill. He’ll be able to tell us who the intruders are…”

“We’re going back? Now?” Feiyun looked incredulous at the prospect of heading back home. “Well okay then, but can we bring this strange guy ba—hold on, someone’s coming!!”

The boy looked strangely mature for his age as he stared off to the skies. Something was coming towards them from the east.

Wang Tong and Kai Wen both turned their heads to look. Several streaks of light were already in sight and coming rapidly towards them!

The three of them looked grim at once. Concentrating at the incoming group of people, the three began to scan their auras to see how powerful they were before sighing in relief. It seemed like there was no Soul King with them…

“Two Late-stage Soul Exalt, two Mid-stage Soul Exalt, four Mid-stage Soul Exalt, and…? Twenty Soul Ancestors and Soul Sprites?”

Feiyun muttered to himself and the other two.

“Should we fight? Or should we run?” Wang Tong asked Kai Wen.

“There’s no Soul Kings so…we can fight! We might lead them back to the school if we run and the lives of the villagers would be in danger then.”

“Then let’s fight,” Wang Tong smiled, “if these people know about us, they’re definitely not here for anything nice. We don’t need to be kind back to them. To save our school, we’ll need to kill them all!”

The easy-going expression was gone from Wang Tong’s face. All there was left was a cold piercing light.

Kai Wen nodded his agreement. “Head back to your village, go hide and don’t step outside your homes.” He spoke to the villagers.

None of the villagers knew what exactly was happening, only that danger was rapidly approaching. Fearing for their lives, the villagers quickly took the unconscious Bai Yunfei and ran back to the village for safety.

Wang Tong laughed at the approaching enemies. “There’s a lot of them…it’ll be trouble if even one of them gets away. We’ll let your gold-devouring ants take care of the Soul Ancestors and Soul Sprites, that shouldn’t be a problem, will it?”

“Another four Early-stage Soul Exalt won’t be.” Kai Wen replied.

Wang Tong shrugged. “Fine then, I’ll pick up the slack and fight two of the Mid-stage Soul Exalts.

“The Late-stage Soul Exalts will be up to you then, Feiyun.”

Contrary to what all the villagers thought, the two older males were weaker than the boy. It seemed almost hilarious to think of it that way, but the three of them weren’t joking in the slightest.

Feiyun looked almost excited to hear the older male delegate the strongest enemies to him. “Eh?! Really?! I can really fight against them?!”

“I didn’t say to charge in straight away. Just do what you normally do and stay behind…”

Wang Tong pointed at the three dogs with him, “Let them do the work. It’ll all be over soon enough.”

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