Upstart Pastry Chef ~Territory Management of a Genius Pâtisserie~

Volume 1 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The First Step to Sweets Making

The noon passes.

I mingled with the workers and continued working on the reclamation. By doing this together, a person’s labor lessens, and when there’s a trouble, I can deal with it on spot.

“Everyone, I bring your lunches!!”

With her silver hair and kitsune ears swaying in the wind, Tina shows up with the women serfs. In their hands, there are picnic baskets filled with plenty of breads.

“Everyone, that’s our lunch! After eating, let’s work a little more!”


The workers run to the women. Having done nothing but physical labor, of course they would feel hungry. They practically devour the simple freshly baked salted bread with dried blueberries. Even though the bread is modest, slowly and carefully hand-kneaded bread is delicious.

With this, we can pull out our best effort in the afternoon as well.

“Young Master, see you tomorrow!”

“Young Master, thank you again for today!”

“My, when Kurt-sama arrived, our jobs were doing well. We feel safe even if someone’s hurt. We can even eat meals. We’re really grateful!”

I wave my hands towards the people who bid their farewells one by one. It’s still around 3 PM, but our job today is finished. Doing reclamation means dividing the labors so that we could have more food to eat in the future. If it’s only the wheat grown by women and children, the fief’s population will starve. That’s why, we have an early round up, so that we have time to hunt and forage in the mountains and rivers.

This area has abundant natural resource. Everyone in this village is blessed by not having to worry about filling their stomachs.

However, in order to have an early round up, we have to advance efficiently. It’s exactly because everyone does their jobs well that we can finish up early.

The neighboring village used to be the most advanced village in reclamation, but since our village surpassed it, they have to do nothing but advancing to take back the first place. However, I heard that since their work slowed down, they couldn’t eat satisfying meals either.

“Good job today, Kurt-sama.”

Tina ran over and gave me cold water. I gratefully accept it. The water is more delicious than usual. I can taste a subtle acidity. This is the source of the deliciousness.

“This water, it’s delicious.”

“I received cowberries from the village ladies for Kurt-sama. I tried squeezing and mixing it. Everyone from this village seems to respect and feel grateful to Kurt-sama. I feel proud as Kurt-sama’s maid.”

“It was really tough at first, though.”

It’s been three years since I started managing this pioneering village. At first, there were insults and gossips when I came to be figure village head as the eldest son of Arnold family.

“All is thanks to Kurt-sama’s best efforts!”

I feel a little embarrassed. The works I’ve been doing for three years is finally acknowledged. To be doing well in advancing more than any other villages is my pride.

“Thank you, Tina. You do know that you don’t have to go out with me, right? You work for Arnold family. Helping with these things aren’t within your duties. You can just do houseworks inside the house. Shouldn’t you return to the main village’s mansion? It’s inconvenient to be in this pioneering village, right?”

“I don’t want that. I work for Kurt-sama, not for the Arnold family. Wherever you are, that’s the place I want to be at.”

After saying them, Tina opens out her arms. I take those hands.

The eldest son of a baron. If stature is all it’s about, I’m desirable. However, my younger brother Jörg is the one who’ll inherit everything.

This is because I’m not an existence who can become “a certain genius”. The other servants desperately try to curry favors with my younger brother and avoid getting involved with me. Tina is the only one who actively reaches out to me.

“Rather than me, isn’t it better to curry favor with my brother Yorg?”

“No way. I love Kurt-sama.”

“In the near future, whether I’ll be expelled from this house or not will depend on Yorg’s assistance. He might not be able to see me favorably to get involved.”

In the family, there will be only one person who inherits the nobility title. The one who doesn’t inherit the Baron title won’t have a bright future. I’m making arrangements so that it won’t become like that at least, but without doubt, this is still a dangerous situation.

“It doesn’t have anything with that. Even if you’re not an Arnold, Kurt-sama is Kurt-sama. If Kurt-sama is expelled from the family, let’s go to a town together! We can start our second life there! I haven’t touched any money you’ve given to me until now. If it’s just you alone, I’ll show you that I can take care of you, Kurt-sama.”

I understand from her voice that Tina is 100% serious.


“Don’t say stupid things. …But, well, If I go to a town and do a common job, if I’m with you it must be fun too.”

My imagination ran on its own. Throwing everything, not as Kurt Arnold, but just as Kurt, living a future together with Tina.

“It will be fun.”

“But, I can’t. I’ve come this far already. I have a dream. To make my dream come true, I have to be here. It’s alright, even though I can’t inherit as the feudal lord, I’ll arrange everything so this village will gain its freedom.”

It’s not like I’ve given up to be the feudal lord. I will strive until my last breath.

“Kurt-sama’s dream can’t be fulfilled if not here, indeed. …But, Kurt-sama, I was relieved when I heard that you were staying in this village. Let’s go to our usual place immediately. Look, to our secret place. It’s time to see the fruit of our efforts.”

“Yeah. You’re right. Let’s go. The first step to make my dream come true.”

Tina laughs.

I get pulled into laughing too.

I have three secrets.

First, I have a memory of being born in Japan and aiming to be the best pâtisserie chef in the world.

Second, I’m still aiming to become the best pâtisserie chef in the world, in this world.

Third, in order to fulfill my dream, I will make a secret base with Tina.

We will clear out the forest and claim the open field. The whole land will become flower field. And then, that will be the secret base to make my dream come true.

To make wonderful sweets, superb ingredients are necessary.

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