Upstart Pastry Chef ~Territory Management of a Genius Pâtisserie~

Volume 2 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Volg’s Expectations and Mead

“I had no idea that briny bacon would be a great pair with mead like this.” Volg, with his hand holding the bacon that I took out and drinking mead, makes an admiring praise.

“I’m just pairing the things I like. I hoped you would enjoy it.”

A sweet alcohol and briny flavored side dish are a great pair. My trial mead has drawn the alcohol percentage from a complete decomposition of sugar, so it definitely could become a special product if I adjust the flavor by adding honey and fruit juice. With a strong alcohol percentage, it can still have a mild taste and be drunk smoothly.

“Volg, tell me one thing. Why is a mana-wielder like you sent to this kind of remote region? Usually, you can be stationed anywhere you want, right?”

That is the common sense of this world. A person who can wield mana is very valuable just for the sake of it. In that sense, the Arnolds are the abnormal ones.

“It’s for the sake of protecting my lady, of course. With you as the opponent, she can’t be protected unless by me. …..Well, that’s the excuse, at least.” Volg throws a challenging look at me. “You intended to make my tongue loose from the alcohol and leak some information to you, I suppose.”

“You caught me. That was indeed my intention when I offered this alcohol.” I lightly confirm it.

It’s true that I have that kind of ulterior motive. Even if I’m caught, I don’t feel offended nor hurt.

“Actually, there is no need for you to do that. I had no intention of hiding anything from you from the beginning. Marquis Fernandes entrusted his wish for me to train you.”

I tilt my neck to side when I hear that.

“You were recognized as the next feudal lord of Arnold due to your mastery in the spear. When I saw your stance and behavior, I could tell that there was nothing I could teach you about martial arts. But that’s it. In this world, there are people who are overwhelmingly powerful once they wield a specific weapon.”

Without knowing the existence of Abilities, the fact that such people do exist is perceived as general knowledge. For example, the ancestor of the Arnold family; the moment he wielded a spear he demonstrated movements whose might far surpassed the next person. There are many more stories of those kinds of existences.

“Furthermore, people who wield mana have extraordinary physical abilities, being able to move in a manner that surpasses any ordinary man.”

That’s also the truth. It is said that the difference of fighting power between a soldier who wields mana and one who doesn’t is about 30 : 1. Generally, the physical abilities of someone who wields mana is approximately equal to Ability II. Conversely, if someone has Ability III, they can win against an ordinary mana-wielder.

“It means, you cannot draw out your full power unless you are using a specific weapon, despite being able to use mana.”

“I was found out, huh… Well, with my undeveloped body, even that is already doubtful.” I couldn’t utilize the majority of my physical ability once it was increased by my Ability. That’s the reason why I never go full power except when I’m training.

“Even if you can’t draw out your full power, that strength is still something to watch out for. As expected from the man who my lady sees. Back to the topic, you have to be able to pull out your full power while wielding a spear, in addition to the combined power from your mana boost. You have both mana and your weapon, the makings of a great soldier. You have that potential.”

I thought so, too. If I can wield both the power of an Ability and the power from mana at the same time, to what extent can I display my strength, I wonder? Although this strength is not important for baking pastries, there are things that I cannot protect if I am powerless. Being strong can only mean something if I exist. I want to protect everything with my own power.

“I want to be able to do that too.”

“That’s the exact reason for me being here. Incidentally, I can also use both. In other words, this is something that I can teach you. Let’s train you properly until you can draw forth your full power from wielding both mana and weapon simultaneously.”

“What do you get from doing this?”

“In times of emergency, Marquis Fernandes will be able to rely on your power. Ultimately, the number of excellent mana-wielders will determine the superiority on the battlefield. You alone are worth a hundred soldiers. Isn’t that something worth expecting for?”

“Does that mean I have to return this favor if a battle occurs?”

“A baronet’s position doesn’t allow him to refuse a dispatch call from the marquis in the first place. No matter how small, this offer increases your likelihood of survival, so it has a huge benefit for you. Though I also have my personal expectations. ……Me, I want to go all out.”

Volg shows me a bloody grin.

“Three years ago, in the war, I also participated. As I could wield mana and able to increase my strength the moment I used a weapon, I naturally did. But it was terribly dull. Too weak.”

That was the smile of an overwhelmingly strong soldier, his hidden arrogance.

“I really wish for an opponent I can fight earnestly, a toy that won’t break even if I go all out. At your current state, Kurt-sama, your strength isn’t enough. However, if I train you, you can become a man worthy of me going all out with. No, maybe you’ll even come out as someone who can beat me with ease. I believed that since the first time I took a look at you.”

I wryly smile. How to say it, that reason is so straightforward that I feel at ease, on the contrary.

“I understand. Volg, train me.”

“Yes, I’ll train you thoroughly.”

This talk has no merit for me. It’s only a justification for what I’ll receive. Using both mana and Ability together. I’ll show this man how I will completely pass that special training.

Afterwards, Volg took a while to go back to his place. Tina perceived Volg as a scary person, so she worried deeply about me, who had agreed to accept his teachings. I patted her head, then she stopped looking so anxious. Don’t worry. That man means no harm.

Feeling relieved, Tina looks interested in the alcohol now. She can’t stop looking at the leftover alcohol.

“Tina, do you perhaps want to taste this drink?”

“Th- that is, only a tiny, little bit.”

She’s young, but she’s growing fast. There shouldn’t be a problem with letting her drink the alcoholic beverage.

“It’s okay, you can drink, but only a little. This is the alcohol that I made through great effort, so I’ll be happy if you can tell me your impressions. Once we successfully increase the number of the bees, this will be produced in large amounts too.”

“Yes, Kurt-sama, thank you for the drink! Everyone seems to enjoy alcohol with happy faces, I really wanted to try.”

I pour some mead into Tina’s cup. Tina’s eyes are sparkling with anticipation.

Uwaa, it’s golden colored and pretty, and it smells so good.”

She grasps the cup respectfully with both hands, then drinks from it. Gulp, gulp, gulp, the sound comes from her throat. It’s sweet and tastes good, so she drinks it smoothly. But, it’s no good. If she drinks the glass in one go like that…..


It seems my bad feeling is on point, her eyes are completely on the hunt. Somehow, she seems weak against alcohol. She’s completely drunk now.

“What is it, Tina?”

“Why can’t Kurt-shama just look at me? There’s looots of women around you, I’m lonely. Even though Kurt-shama is my Kurt-shama and we’ve aaalways been together.”

As she says that, Tina climbs onto my lap and leans her body weight on me. She’s behaving like those times when I’m spoiling her.

“Tina is very important to me, though?”

“I knew that. Kurt-shama is kind, and spoils me lots and lots, but, I want you to only look at me. I want you to only be my Kurt-shamaa.”

From the position of leaning her back on me, she turns around. She opens her legs and straddles my lap like a koala. Then she rubs her cheek on my chest.

Kurt-shamaa, just what am I to you? Why won’t you lay your hands on me, nobles usually do, everyone says so, I’m fine though if it’s Kurt-shama, so why, you’re so kind, you’re way too kind.”

Tina’s eyes are clouded, her heart is beating hard.

“Say, Kurt-sama,”

Tina looks up and meets my eyes.


Her breath is hot. She’s different than Tina that I know. My distance with her grows closer. Then……


“Huh?” Without realizing, I made a stupid sound.

After saying whatever she wanted, Tina’s breath grows deeper as she falls asleep. Jeez, what a selfish princess.

I decided not to let her drink alcohol again. I smile bitterly, then carry her over to the bedroom. If, once she wakes up, she remembers all of this, let’s try hard to make fun of her instead.

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