Urban Banished Immortal

Chapter 166

Chapter 166

Actually, there was one thing that Guo Xie and Liu Yan didn’t know, or it could be said that many people in China didn’t. For these big families, there were also many ancient rules, such as having three wives and four concubines. Although Xuanyuan Xiongfeng had a rule that stated that the Patriarch had to agree to a concubine, there were still plenty of wives in the entire Xuanyuan family.

“There’s really nothing going on between Guo Jiu and me, I just have some business dealings with him.” Liu Yan whispered with a red face.

“Wifey, what are you chatting about? Why are you blushing?” “Young Master Guo, please come in.” Guo Xie came in, followed by three servants carrying three large plates. Lordmaster, I didn’t bring much jerky, so I just casually brought three plates over for you to try. ”

“Kid, you can’t fool me. I ate that thing yesterday.” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said with a smile as he picked up a thin piece of meat and put it into his mouth. Xuanyuan Wei and Xuanyuan Hu were the most excited, the two of them were not gentle and directly picked up the small bowl. With a shake of the plate, half a bowl of meat was already in the bowl.

“Scram! All of you, scram! These are mine!” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng only chewed for a bit before standing up abruptly and saying loudly, “Everyone stop moving. Third brother, I want to see if you dare to pinch me again.”

“Grandfather, it’s not like it’s anything good. You can eat the meat, but we’ll eat other things. There’s no need to tell us to f * * k off.” Hu Mei’er looked at Xuanyuan Xiongfeng and said.

“Yes, all of you, don’t touch these three plates anymore. They are all mine. You guys take your time to eat. I’m going back to the attic.” After saying that, Xuanyuan Xiongfeng placed the three large plates into a single plate before carrying the plate with him as he jogged towards his loft.

“Wei, is it that delicious? “Let me try.” As Xuanyuan Tengfei spoke, he took a piece from Xuanyuan Wei’s bowl.

“You guys continue eating. I have something to take care of, so I’ll be leaving first.” Xuanyuan Hu saw that his third uncle’s eyes were unblinking as he looked at his bowl. Then, he picked up his bowl and prepared to leave.

“Leave the bowl.” Xuanyuan Peng said loudly as he grabbed Xuanyuan Hu. ‘Your father is bullying my son, but my son is bullying my grandson. It is perfectly justified.’ As he spoke, Xuanyuan Peng grabbed the meat bowl and walked out of the living room in large strides, ignoring Xuanyuan Hu who was already crying loudly.

“Little Wei, what are you still looking at? I’m the oldest now, give me the bowl.” Xuanyuan Tengfei didn’t care about Xuanyuan Wei’s disagreement and directly grabbed the small bowl, “Little Wei, I won’t eat this. I gave it to your sister-in-law. You have just given birth and are weak. Thank you, little brother.” With that said, Xuanyuan Tengfei ran out of the living room.

“Ahh, blame me for eating such a good meal.” Seeing the different expressions on their faces, Guo Xie didn’t mind at all. While they were fighting over the meat, four plates of meat were already sitting in front of him, inside of which were pieces of meat that were basically the same size.

“Bad Brother, I was the one who brought Sister-in-law here for you just now. Why don’t you give me some meat? Right now is the time for me to grow up, so give me some.” Xuanyuan Hu’s eyes lit up as he looked at the small dining plate in front of Guo Xie.

“If you want to eat it, just say it. If you don’t, how would I know if you want to eat it?” With that, Guo Qiang conjured a small plate in front of each of them, allowing them to eat it quickly as if it was a precious treasure.

“Bad guy, I’ll marry you if you can eat something so delicious every day. If that’s the case, I’ll marry you. It doesn’t matter how many rooms I make.” Xuanyuan Qian said as she ate.

“The girls in the capital are really open-minded.” Guo Xie and Liu Yan said at the same time as they looked at each other. However, the thought of marrying this little scoundrel also appeared in Liu Yan’s heart. It’s fine to eat well and drink well, a person isn’t bad either. Other than being a little flowery, there’s nothing else.

He had a good breakfast and chatted with Liu Yan at the table. Liu Yan had already taken over the authority of the Huaxia Auction House in the capital, and her performance in the Wucheng Auction House gave her the authority to be in charge of Guo’s auction.

“Bad guy, three days later, our auction house will have a large scale auction in the Imperial Capital’s Divine Wind Hall. This time, the auction has been planned for a long time, and not only will the big families of the capital be there, many people from other parts of China will also come. How about we also auction the things you provided us with this time, we will definitely make a pot of platinum.” Liu Yan said with a smile.

“Three Face Preserving Pills, three Invigorated Meridian Pills, and thirty Snow Muscle Pills. “It doesn’t matter how much it costs. I need some connections. Wife, help me look after this matter.” Guo Qiang said with a smile.

“I know about the Snow Muscle Pill, you also told me about the Face Preserving Pill, but what’s the use of the Invigorated Meridian Pill?” Liu Yan asked softly.

“A person who is at the peak of the Postliminary Realm under the age of eighteen can directly enter the Innate Realm. As for martial cultivators, I believe that someone in your auction house should know what is going on. ” Guo Qiang said with a smile.

“Cough cough cough, big brother, dear brother, is the Invigorated Meridian Pill you mentioned to sister-in-law true? “If there really is one, how much do you think it is? I’ll buy it, I’ll buy one.” Xuanyuan Hu loudly said.

“Hu Zi, not bad. I know your body isn’t bad, but I didn’t expect you to be at the peak of the Postliminary Realm. Haha.” Guo Xie looked at the guy in front of him and said with a smile.

“I won’t tell you. I’ll go look for grandpa. No matter how much it costs, I have to take one.” Xuanyuan Hu said as he ran out.

“Bad bro, are you speaking the truth?” Xuanyuan Tengfei was stronger than Xuanyuan Hu, and he knew a bit about martial arts cultivation because he was also a martial artist. In the middle Houtian realm, he naturally knew the value of the Invigorated Meridian Pills. If he could take down the three Invigorated Meridian Pills, then the Xuanyuan family would have a conflict with the Gu family.

“Some small things that the Sect Elders have given me. I have never tried the exact effects, but the Elders said that the effects are not bad and should not be fake. My wife knows that I gave her the pills she sold recently in the Martial City.” Guo Qiang said with a smile.

“Bad old bro, eat slowly, I’ll go see grandpa.” After he finished speaking, Xuanyuan Tengfei ran out.

“Wife, I’ll leave this matter to you. Oh right, since I want to make a big fuss this time, I’ll provide you 30 catties of wine and use the name of a medical office to auction it off. After a few days, I want to open a branch in the imperial city.” Liu Yan lightly nodded her head. This time, the auction was going to start anadvertisement again. Rich people in the capital, prepare your money.

Xuanyuan Xiongfeng, who was eating in the attic, saw his grandson Xuanyuan Hu running in with an excited expression on his face. He quickly ate another few mouthfuls before walking out of the attic.

“Grandfather, I hope that I can break through the Houtian realm and enter the Xiantian realm. Come out quickly.” Xuanyuan Hu roared.

“Brat, what are you shouting about, what precelestial level?” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said loudly, but it was as if he came back to reality, “Brat, what did you say? “You have a chance of achieving a breakthrough?”

Xuanyuan Hu honestly told Xuanyuan Xiongfeng what Guo Tai had said just now. At this moment, Xuanyuan Tengfei also ran in.

“Get Guo evildoer to meet me here.” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said with a hint of excitement, “No, I’ll go myself. I’ll go find him. Go call your father and a few uncles over and tell them that there’s something we need to discuss.” As he spoke, Xuanyuan Xiongfeng walked out of the pavilion.

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