Valhalla Saga

Chapter 0

VS Prologue


TL: Tsubak

ED: Raigeh


That means legend.

The story of a hero that will never be forgotten


MVP of the 6th worldwide tournament.

MVP of the 7th worldwide tournament.

The holder of the double title.

The best pro gamer in Dark Age, that’s known for being one of the best categories in E-SPORTS in all the world.

He, who never let go of his mouse and keyboard just like the best pro gamer should, was facing a doctor who was shaking his head with a stiff expression.

“He passed away.”

It was a heart attack.

And that was the end.


“He passed away.”

“Don’t you mean I became civilized?”

He made a joke while making a forced smile, but it only lasted for a moment. Lee Tae Ho was looking at his corpse that was on the floor and on the screen of the monitor with a stupid face, and at the chairman that was trying to say whatever he could, alternatingly.

The hall was filled with silence. There were thousands of spectators that had gathered to watch the finals, but there was no one that raised their voice.

Because it was shocking to that extent.

However, the silence didn’t last long. Someone started screaming and soon the hall started to get filled with all sorts of voices. There were some that sobbed, and some that called their acquaintances and yelled. There were even some that laughed as if the situation was fun.

“Fuck. Ah, fuck.”

Tae Ho cursed. The staff was carrying his corpse on a stretcher.

“I died while playing a game?”

He turned to look at the monitor. Tae Ho’s other self, the dragon knight Kalsted, was on the floor collapsed and was making a grievous expression.

What will happen now?

He got scared.

Will he remain as a soul for eternity?

Perhaps that may be better than getting dragged to hell and having his soul extinguished. No, was that really the case? He had to stay in this place and roam for eternity.

He didn’t know. He couldn’t know anything.

Tae Ho looked at his surroundings. He couldn’t see any angels nor devils, to say nothing of grim reapers. He didn’t have a religion. Was it because of that?

Tae Ho breathed roughly. He had died and became a ghost, but he still breathed roughly. He even felt like cold sweat was dripping.

“Soul of a warrior that died after a glorious battle.”

Right then, a voice was heard. As he raised his head, he could see that the ceiling of his personal booth was shining. A beautiful woman appeared from between that light.

‘A, angel?!’

Tae Ho let out a sigh of relief when he realized that he wouldn’t be going to hell. Actually, he had made a donation recently, so perhaps that was the reason.

But this angel was a bit strange. He couldn’t see the white wings nor the halo. Now that he took a better look, she was wearing armor and even had a sword at her waist.

“Uh, a Valkyrie?”

Tae Ho spoke unconsciously and the beautiful woman with long black hair extended her hand to him while smiling.

“Let’s go exalted warrior.”

Tae Ho grabbed her hand without knowing and at that moment, the world turned upside down.

“Brave warriors! Welcome to Valhalla, where the warriors of the Gods gather!”

“Valhalla! Valhalla! Valhalla!”

“Oh, Odin!”


Tae Ho’s eyes became round. The people lined up in front of the huge arched door were crying out enthusiastically.

But most of them seemed weird. No, precisely speaking it was their outfit. Everyone had huge bodies and were wearing leather clothes or armor. And the things they were holding were mostly axes or swords.

He could see beautiful ladies in between them, but they were also wearing armor and helmet.

They also had swords at their waists.

“There are a lot of great warriors gathered here.”

Tae Ho got surprised at the voice that was heard right next to him and turned to look at the source. The Valkyrie he saw at the game booth was looking at the people lined up while smiling brightly.



Tae Ho opened his eyes roundly. It was because something struck his head.

Valhalla. The place that could be called heaven in the north European mythology. A banquet where warriors that died in glorious battles gathered!

“Wa, wait! Something is wrong! I’m a pro gamer!”

He wasn’t a warrior. In addition, he didn’t even remember dying in the middle of a glorious battle.

However, the Valkyrie just tilted her head at Tae Ho’s protest.



“What’s that job?”

The question came from a warrior that was close to Tae Ho. It was a huge man whose beard reached his chest, and his muscles really were amazing.

Tae Ho flinched at the question of this man, whom you would try not to make eye contact with when you met him on the streets and said with a softened voice.

“Uh, just like the name implies, it’s a job that involves playing games.”

“Game? Oh! You mean battles!”



The ones nearby nodded and smiled as if they finally understood.

No, what part of that did you understand!

Tae Ho quickly tried to ease the misunderstanding but his mouth didn’t seem to open that easily. In addition, there was one person next to him that poured fuel to the fire.

“This person was a champion! And one that won all of the battles in which he participated at that!”

It was the Valkyrie. Her smile was filled with proudness as if the warrior she had brought was the best.



“King of battles!”

“You are quite amazing compared to how you look!”

“So you are hiding those amazing skills huh?”

“My blood is boiling! I want to battle you once!”

The bear-like men smiled viciously and gathered up. It felt like the surrounding temperature was rising by 3 degrees.

‘No, fuck! This isn’t it! How do you interpret pro gamer as a king of battles!’

However, the Valkyrie that didn’t seem to know how Tae Ho was feeling, smiled brightly and said.

“Exalted warrior, welcome you to Valhalla!””




“Oh! Odin!”

One warrior approached Tae Ho and smiled after placing his hand on his shoulder. It didn’t seem like an arm of a person but of an elephant.

“Now, warrior. We are going to Valhalla together.”

“I want to listen to your story!”

“The door is opening!”

“Ohh! Valhalla!”

Tae Ho wanted to refute somehow, but it was a meaningless thing. When Tae Ho barely managed to say something, all of the soldiers were looking at the huge door.


The arena where the souls of the warriors of the gods stay and at the same time a banquet!

That door opened up.

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