Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 1877 - Not Being Discriminated Anymore

Chapter 1877: Not Being Discriminated Anymore

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Many beautiful flowers were blooming in the garden. He even had a herbs corner at the southern part of his house. That was exactly Long Siye’s style of living.

Gu Xijiu and Long Siye walked side by side. Jokingly, she asked, “So, you got promoted?”

Long Siye smiled. “Nah, just not being discriminated anymore.”

Gu Xijiu frowned as she looked at him. Long Siye prepared a table of pastries in a flick of his sleeve. “Here, let’s eat while we talk; you hardly visit me anymore.”

Gu Xijiu smiled as she looked at a tableful of food. “You are indeed rich now!” All the dishes were made from expensive ingredients, and Long Siye could not afford to pay for this back then.

“Xijiu, I earned these with my hard work; it will be better in the future.” Long Siye smiled.

Both of them ate while they continued chitchatting. Gu Xijiu knew more about Long Siye’s life from there. Those who ascended were usually discriminated; they could only hold a position ranked 6th in the hierarchy. Hence, they did not really have a good life as most of them could only become servants.

Previously, Long Siye worked under the supervision of Yun Yanli; hence, he enjoyed some privileges because of Gu Xijiu. Additionally, because of his talents, he had a relatively good life in the military camp. However, since Yun Yanli was missing, everything had changed. Princess Ya came back and made his life miserable. She even instigated Long Siye’s superior to abuse him.

Long Siye had a very difficult life since then, and he almost collapsed. Helplessly, he paid a visit to the first general of heaven, Ye Tianli. Fortunately enough, Ye Tianli recruited him because of his talent and hired him as a chief soldier.

Ye Tianli was quite close to Ning Xuemo as he decided to support Ning Xuemo during the war. Since Ning Xuemo won the battle, she rewarded everyone in her alliance. Therefore, Long Siye got a relatively good residence.

Gu Xijiu heaved a long sigh as she listened to Long Siye. In fact, there was not much difference between heaven and the Saha world; both were full of dramas and chaos.

Although the Saha World that was supervised by the Emperor Immortal looked well-managed, it was full of discrimination. They did not value those who ascended. Sadly, those ascended immortals were a capable group. Thus, they could not work with the natives during the war.

In addition, the Emperor Immortal joined the alliance of the substitute Divine Lord to harm the Devil Master; they even attacked the Devil Kingdom when she was in severe illness, in order to kill her and her son who was less than a year old.

They lost trust from the immortals and even caused so many injuries to the soldiers. Furthermore, the Emperor Immortal went missing. However, Gu Xijiu did not care the Emperor Immortal’s whereabouts, though she did have concerns about Yun Yanli’s wellbeing.

Long Siye shook his head when Gu Xijiu asked if he could help to find his location.

The Emperor Immortal did send many people to look for Yun Yanli; however, nothing was found all these years. Suddenly, Long Siye received an order from his superior while they were talking. He was assigned to oversee the safety of all guests as the Divine Lord, and the Devil Master was going to have a grand wedding ceremony.

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