Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 2149 - The Immense Level Of Stress That He Had To Face

Chapter 2149: The Immense Level Of Stress That He Had To Face

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Chaos’ attack was strong, enough to shake the lute in Di Fuyi’s hand. His face went pale in an instant as blood oozed out from certain parts of his hand. However, he remained still. His right hand continued to hold tightly onto the snow-white lute. Using his other hand, he reached into his pocket and took out a leaf. With it, he started to play another melody.

Surprisingly, he could imitate the sound of a lute with only a leaf. Only this time, the melody sounded more calming, like a lullaby. Smoothly, he continued to play the sound.

The creature’s violent eyes seemed to blink in quick succession. Gu Xijiu was right behind Di Fuyi, so she could not see his expression. Instead, the beast’s expression was clear to see. Its piercingly cold eyes were staring intensely at her before the sound of the lute was heard. However, as soon as the melody started to play, the look in its eyes started to soften. In fact, it started to look a little lost.

Gu Xijiu stood in the circle without moving at all. She could already tell that she was the reason behind its rampage. The beast was actually trying to attack her instead of Di Fuyi. For this reason, Di Fuyi had to conceal her behind the protective layer to isolate her from the beast. It could see her, but as long as she remained still, its rage would disappear.

Even within the comfort of the protective layer, the beast’s power still cast a large amount of pressure to her. It was suffocating. She could not imagine the level of stress that Di Fuyi had to face, now that he was standing face to face with the beast. It was definitely an immense level of stress that he had to face.

This made Gu Xijiu admire Di Fuyi even more. The man was like a mountain, strong enough to provide her with a sense of security. There he stood, right in front of her, as he carried away all the dangers that she had to face.

The melody continued to fill the air, and finally, the beast let down of its wings to cover up its scary eyes. Slowly, but surely, its massive body started to shrink.

Gu Xijiu could finally be relieved. Although she was not directly involved in the fight, she still felt as if she had just escaped death. She was sweating with every pore.

Di Fuyi turned around to remove the protective layer. His fingers were trembling even though he tried to hide it. “Are you all right?” He was concerned.

Although the beast was only an illusion, its power must not be underestimated. Even a Golden Immortal could barely hold it back. The beast’s brute force would already crush a mortal from miles away before he or she could even get face-to-face with it.

Although the protective layer could shelter Gu Xijiu from its bite, the pressure that it carried was still able to impact her. When Di Fuyi was playing the melody, he was worried that Gu Xijiu might not be able to handle the pressure and cry out loud in fear. To his surprise, she did not make a sound and continued to stand very still. Her self-control impressed him.

Even though she was an ordinary human now, losing her spiritual power did not reduce any of her composure. Di Fuyi was happy with that.

“Let me have a look at your hand.” The first thing that Gu Xijiu requested was to see his bleeding hand.

The part between his thumb and index finger was hurt. Blood continued to flow from the wound. Gu Xijiu did not like what she saw. She took out a bottle of medicine and applied it on his wound.

Despite being injured, Di Fuyi liked to see her being concerned about him. He enjoyed having all of her attention.

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