Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 2256 - The Return Of Her Memory (4)

Chapter 2256: The Return Of Her Memory (4)

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It sounded puzzling! Yun Yanli behaved like a noble gentleman whenever she was around. Perhaps, he was acting too noble despite not knowing many people here. Even though he did not have many friends, he would find all sorts of reasons to leave her side for about two weeks every month. Sometimes, he would say that they had to continue the search in different directions. Sometimes, he would tell her that he had some matters to attend to.

Without her memory, she never doubted anything that he said. But now that she remembered everything, she could tell that something was not right. In every city that they had been to, there would always be a vacancy or an empty table, especially for them, no matter how crowded the restaurant or the guest inn was at the time. It if happened once or twice, it could still be considered as a coincidence; however, that was not the case.

Gu Xijiu once suspected that Yun Yanli might not be the man he seemed to be. However, she did not put much thought into it. Now, she tried to connect every event that had ever happened and realized that something was indeed not right about Yun Yanli. More than a hundred years ago, Yun Yanli disappeared during a war. For a very long time, there had not been any news about him.

During the time he was away, a celestial being seemed to have appeared in the Shura World. Gu Xijiu knew how long the celestial being had been around. Compared to the years that Yun Yanli was away, there was only six months difference. If she was not mistaken, Yun Yanli should be the celestial being who was known as the salvation of the people.

He was also the one who built all nine major cities with resistance from the Blood Rain, thus saving millions of lives. He even had an honorific title, known as the ‘Deity Lord’ by the people. Why didn’t he mention anything about his title to her at all? He even pretended as though he had just got to the place when they first met.

With his power, he must have been able to take down the first beast that he had encountered with Gu Xijiu. However, he chose to conceal his real power and acted as if he knew nothing. He even made it a long, tough fight on purpose.

Yun Yanli obviously had feelings for Gu Xijiu, and she was aware of it. He chose to conceal his feelings, so she never brought up the topic. However, she did give him a hint or two about how she did not feel the same for him. That explained why she did not keep very close contact with him in heaven, as he was only a friend to her.

She understood why he was desperate for her attention during the time when she lost her memory. What she did not understand was why he chose to conceal his true power. The level of his spiritual power was comparable to that of a Mighty Immortal.

When she and Di Fuyi came to this lousy place, their spiritual power was significantly reduced. Her current spiritual power was worse than that of a Junior Immortal. As for Di Fuyi, his power was greatly reduced from a Golden Immortal to a Junior Immortal too.

How did Yun Yanli’s power grow even stronger than before? He was merely a Golden Immortal in heaven. Heaven was blessed with an abundance of spiritual aura. In order to advance from a Golden Immortal to a Mighty Immortal, one would still have to take at least a thousand years of cultivation to achieve that kind of advancement even in heaven. Certainly, Shen Nianmo was an exception.

Although Yun Yanli was obviously gifted, he couldn’t achieve the level of a Mighty Immortal within a hundred years. Another possible reason was that he had used some kind of sorcery that was against the laws of nature.

Without any memory of her past, she would not be able to connect the dots. Now that she recalled, many things about him did not seem right. The more she thought about it, the more she was frightened. Certainly, everything was merely a proposed explanation made based on limited evidence. She had to teleport all the way back to find out more.

Although her memory had returned, her spiritual power, unfortunately, remained the same. Luckily, she was able to access some spells, now that her spiritual level was at level eight; for example, the transformation spell. She transformed herself into a rock and used some medicine to cover up her scent. Thus, she was able to hide her tracks.

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