Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 2258 - She Could Not Help But Disdain Her Inappropriate Action

Chapter 2258: She Could Not Help But Disdain Her Inappropriate Action

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“Master, the previous Lord, Huang Tu, is already gone, for good. There is no way he can ever come back. He only belongs in your past. You should not try to keep your honor for someone in the past that no longer shares your future. Think about the mortals in the Saha World. Once they are reincarnated, a new life begins with someone new. Nothing in the past will ever interfere with their new lives anymore.”

Gu Xijiu looked at it fixedly but kept silent. The Firmament Stone tried harder to persuade her. “Master, you should do what your heart tells you to. You have indeed had intimacy with Prince Nianmo. It does not matter who took the initiative. What matters is that you were willing to submit yourself to him that night. You have fallen for him, haven’t you?”

Troubled, Gu Xijiu rubbed her temples in reserve. She was confused, but she could not deny the fact that she had indeed fallen for Di Fuyi. During her time in heaven, she was fond of Di Fuyi, but not in a loving way. It was more like how a senior would usually feel about a junior. However, while they were in the Shura World, she had indeed treated him as her loved one.

However, she had yet to let Huang Tu go. Huang Tu had been her obsession for the past centuries. There was no way that she could let him go so easily. Was that considered as dating two men at once?

She could not help but disdain her inappropriate action. Thus, she shook her head to dismiss the thought. Perhaps, her best move was to leave everything to time. And, right now was not the right time to get tangled up in her emotions- Di Fuyi was still missing!

While bringing her attention back to current affairs, another matter came to her mind. “Little Cang, is the ‘Yun Qingluo’ that they talked about the same person with the Yun Qingluo from the Saha World?”

The Firmament Stone was confused as well. “Are you referring to the heaven’s gift disciple who preyed on you in the Saha World? The one who was swallowed up and killed in the boiling hot magma?”

Gu Xijiu agreed with a firm nod. “Right, something is not right about it. I do not remember Yun Qingluo very clearly, like many parts of my memory about her are missing. I only remember that she was once a heaven’s gift disciple. She used to prey on me in Tianju Hall. She even conspired with some bad people to plot something evil against me. Fortunately, she who attempted to act in deceit was apt to suffer it, so she ended up being killed in the magma. However, there are many dots that I cannot connect. Do you think that Yun Qingluo is related to anything about Huang Tu?”

The Firmament Stone dared not comment much. “It is so if you say so.” It replied with a blurred answer. It remembered how she used to be jealous of Yun Qingluo, so much so that she almost broke up with Huang Tu because of her jealousy.

As she had forgotten everything about Huang Tu, there was no way she could recall the incident, which explains why her memory about Yun Qingluo was incomplete. In deep thoughts, he started to pay more attention to the woman. Was the Yun Qingluo that Yun Yanli talked about the same woman as Ye Ling’s wife from Luo Hua City?

“Master, do you think that Yun Qingluo is a sibling of Yun Yanli? Both of them share the same surname – Yun.” the Firmament Stone made a guess.

“Yun Yanli only has one sister. She was still living in her comfortable home in the ninth heaven; she is a very cool and noble person, so she should not be the one that we are talking about. He has another god-sister, though. I have only met her once in heaven. She is a very arrogant, young lady, completely different from Ms. Yun, who lives a secluded life. It is a shame that I have never met Yun Qingluo; otherwise, I can easily tell them apart.” Gu Xijiu was eager to find out more.

“Master, should we take a detour to Luo Hua City and dig the body out from her grave? Didn’t the little Palace Master say that her flesh remains intact?” The Firmament Stone suggested.

“How can I, as the Lord, dig someone’s body out from their grave? It is such an unacceptable act.” Gu Xijiu spoke with a strong sense of righteousness but soon changed her mind. “However, since her grave has been dug out anyway, it will not do any harm to take a quick look.”

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