Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 31: Since When Has the Little Lord Caused Trouble?

Chapter 31: Since When Has the Little Lord Caused Trouble?

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As soon as Gu Xijiu went forward, she was stopped by a doorman with his hand. That doorman was good looking but his nostrils were upturned. He waved to chase Gu Xijiu away like she was a fly, "Shoo! Shoo! This is not a place for a little village brat like you! Go away! Don’t you dare dirty this place!"

Whoever who worked at a place like Yi Pin Lou, even if he was just a mere doorman, his kungfu must not be looked down upon. Everyone certainly had brilliant fighting skills, where it was equivalent for one to fight against more than ten strong men.

This doorman thought he could push Gu Xijiu away easily, but unexpectedly, he missed as she dodged with just a slight slanted, causing his palm to just sweep through her sleeve. Then, he felt an acute pain on his finger but did not know what the cause was.

He quickly checked his finger - it was still fair and tender, without any red spots. Therefore, he did not know what actually happened.

Nonetheless, he seemed to have been pricked by a sharp needle, which did not only cause an acute pain on his finger but also caused a pins and needles sensation on his whole arm. It was so painful that he wanted to kill himself.

Uncontrollably, he shouted, "You little brat, what black magic did you just use to plot against me?!"

Gu Xijiu did not budge and frowned, "What black magic you are talking about? You are the one who pushed me, and I haven’t even fought back yet. How can I be possibly using any black magic?"

That doorman was so evil. She was just an innocent passerby and he struck so heavily!

Luckily, it was her. If she was just a normal kid, such a push would definitely send her to the sky and fall heavily onto the ground a distance away!

Therefore, after her nimble dodge, she took the opportunity to give him the aching medicine.

Though it would not cost him his life, it will cause him to suffer from the pain for about an hour, as a punishment for being a snob.

That doorman was in so much pain, that he wanted to amputate his arm. The other doormen came over but they could see nothing on his finger apart from seeing him sweating profusely.

One of the doormen wanted to hold his arm towards himself so that he could observe in greater detail, but he was rejected with a swinging hand as soon as he touched his wrist, "Ouch, ouch! There’s a needle, there’s a needle…"

Everyone was stunned, but nobody could see the needle.

"Who are you? Why are you here to cause trouble?" A more mature doorman asked Gu Xijiu, while the other doormen quietly dispersed to encircle her.

Gu Xijiu was still standing at the same spot. She flicked her sleeves and said lightly, "Since when have I been causing any trouble? The auction house should be accepting guests, why are you driving me out?"

That doorman immediately outstretched his hand, "Oh, so you are here to join the auction as a guest. Very well then, please show me your membership card!"

A membership card was needed to participate in an auction? She did not expect that the modern VIP membership system was deployed here too...

Of course, Gu Xijiu did not have any membership card, hence, she sighed herself, thinking that she would need to figure out an alternative way to enter.

When she was about to say no, a jade-like palm suddenly stretched from her side. A piece of emerald card was seen on the palm and an attractive yet clear voice sounded, "Her membership pass is here."

Gu Xijiu looked at the lunar white sleeve. She saw the exquisite and attractive face of Rong Che. He was standing beside her. His lunar white brocade robe seemed to be reflecting the lunar light; his pair of amorous eyes, also seemed to be glimmering, and he was standing with his vague smile. He was so good looking, that even the bright lantern behind paled in comparison.

Apparently, he was a regular guest, because those four doormen kneeled down as soon as they saw him, "Your Royal Highness."

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