Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 9: Against the Norms

Chapter 9: Against the Norms

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This time, she managed to calculate it accurately. She appeared outside the cave when the rain had subsided. The air was fresh with the scent of the damp grass. She took a few deep breaths of fresh air before running down the mountain.

In order to train her body and soul, she kept teleporting throughout her journey. The more she used it, the more she felt it getting easier and faster...


The cave returned to its peaceful state after Gu Xijiu left.

The blue light was shining on the statue; the temperature was dipping lower and lower.

An hour later, the statue that was sitting there produced a crackling sound. The blue light in the cave was getting brighter and surrounded the statue like fireflies. A moment later, it formed an inverted cone of light and shone on the statue...

After a short while, the glowing light circled around it and the statue got up from the ground!

No! That was not a statue, but a real human instead! A charming man!

He stood there with his eyes looking down towards the ground. His white hair instantly turned black, just like a jet-black waterfall cascading down his ankles.

He gestured to end the martial arts practice and placed his palms in front of his chest, before opening his eyes, as the light returned to the brick walls.

His eyelashes turned black, and his eyes were as black as ink, shining as bright as the stars.

He immediately looked around the cave when he first opened his eyes. He could easily see everything in the cave and was quick to realize that he was the only person in the cave.

The person who touched his body when he was in the midst of his spirit power practice had escaped!

No one dared to come close, but he never expected someone to dare to touch him like that! She even took his dress! That was really beyond his expectations! It was too much for him to comprehend...

When he was practicing his Jade Statue Power, he entered the stage where his spirit combined with nature, which required him to temporarily pause his five senses, except the sense of touch, to sense external dangers.

In fact, he was aware that Gu Xijiu entered the cave, but was at the critical stage of his practice which did not allow him to stop half way. Besides, he noticed that she did not have the intention to attack him, hence, he did not withdraw from his practice but instead, sped up the progress...

Unexpectedly, she deliberately took off his robe and touched his body!

He had suspended his sight, smell, hearing, and taste, except touch, hence, he was able to feel a tiny hand exploring his body.

He had never been touched this way before and the feelings it brought it was really difficult for him to put his finger on what it felt like.

Coincidentally, that was the critical stage of his practice, and he could not stop. No one should interrupt the process. However, the sudden touch from Gu Xijiu had nearly driven him crazy and turned him stiff like a real statue!

At the moment, the cave was silent and peaceful. The one who molested him had escaped!

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