Versatile Mage

Chapter 1649 - Xinxia“s Wrath

Chapter 1649 Xinxia“s Wrath

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mu Ningxue roughly described the situation and emphasized how Priest Bude was purposely picking on them and not treating Mo Fan’s injuries.

As soon as she finished explaining, a lot of footsteps arrived outside the room. The three Great Priests of the Hall of Faith had arrived. Priest Bude, his forehead covered in sweat, was following them. He looked at Knight Apollo, Saintess Xinxia, and Tata with a confused face!

“I wasn’t aware of Your Honor’s arrival. Please forgive me for not welcoming you warmly. Is there anything I can do for you?” Priest Bude spoke up hastily.

“Why did you lock them up?” Xinxia asked.

“They…they were accused of killing young Barbara and stealing the Verdon Dusk, I was only doing my job!” Bude’s heart pounded heavily as he was answering the question.

How did it catch the Saintess’ attention? How did such a trivial matter get the Saintess’ attention!?

“Where is the evidence?” Xinxia demanded.

“We…we are still investigating…” Priest Bude began to stammer.

“You are still investigating?” Xinxia’s voice turned colder.

“Ye…yes, they were using magic on the sacred ground of Mount Lanmu, and we didn’t see anyone else apart from them,” Bude answered, trying to keep a clear mind.

“Why didn’t you treat his injuries!?” Xinxia demanded.

She rose from her wheelchair with a menacing bearing, unlike her usual feeble appearance!

“I…I was busy investigating the incident, I didn’t have time…” Bude tried to explain himself.

“Nonsense!” Xinxia’s eyes suddenly sharpened. There was no wind inside the room, but her hair and her clothes were drifting wildly, as if her anger had burst out from her heart. A strong spiritual tide slammed into Bude’s mind fiercely!

Bude subconsciously resisted it, but he had no chance of defending himself. Not only was he knocked flying, his soul took a serious blow!

The people in the interrogation room fell to their knees after feeling the wrath of the Saintess. The three Great Priests were about to ask something, but the Saintess best known for her gentle nature had suddenly unleashed her wrath without any mercy. They also dropped to their knees, and did not dare say a single word!

Apollo, Mu Ningxue, and Tata were standing there shocked behind Xinxia. It was Tata’s first time seeing Xinxia behave like this!

Bude’s mind was severely impacted. His hat fell to the ground, and his hair was disheveled. He propped himself up against the wall miserably.

He did not dare to put up a fight, finally realizing that the young man he captured had an unusual background. He did not dare to pretend to be in pain, and quickly crawled over to Xinxia and stuck his head to the ground.

“I’ve failed to fulfill my duties. Saintess, please forgive me!” Bude was utterly terrified.

“Saintess, I suppose there is a misunderstanding. Bude might have had no idea the young man is close to you, so he wrongly accused…” a Great Priest with a white mustache began.

“Silence!” Xinxia snapped.

The Great Priest was stunned. He was one of the three Great Priests in charge of the Hall of Faith. Normally, he would not treat the words of the Candidates seriously. He had the urge to intervene when he saw the Candidate mistreating his subordinate, but the Candidate did not give him any face!

It took the Great Priest by surprise. The other two Great Priests quickly pulled him back and told him not to provoke the Candidate for now.

Knight Apollo grinned as he looked at the mustached Great Priest, his expression finally shifting for once.

That Great Priest had never treated the Saintess seriously. He still dared to act so self-conceited when Bude had picked on someone close to the Saintess. The old man was asking for it!

“Saintess, I will look into it myself. I will do justice to your brother. As for Bude, who abused his authority and neglected human lives, I will punish him accordingly, too!” one of the other Great Priests blurted out. He knew it was unwise to be opposing the Saintess under the circumstances.

Tata emphasized her sigh as she stepped forward. “Your Honor, he’s going to be fine with me treating his injuries. The Hall of Faith has been flouting the law and disregarding the rules lately. We’ll let the Great Priests handle it. You three, you are the souls of the Hall of Faith with the highest authority. You will investigate this incident. As for Bude, who couldn’t distinguish between right and wrong, we don’t need him here anymore.”

“Yes, yes, you’re right, Bude shall be punished,” the Great Priest that intervened as the mediator agreed hastily.

Mo Fan recovered pretty quickly. His body was as strong as an ox, after all.

When he regained consciousness, he found himself lying in a building specially allocated for convalescing patients. It was the familiar bed and the familiar fragrance of the little maid serving him.

Mo Fan was not thinking clearly in the interrogation room, but he had still heard Xinxia’s angry words.

Even Mo Fan had never seen Xinxia behaving like that, let alone Tata and Apollo!

For some reason, Mo Fan was actually very proud of her!

“Brother Mo Fan, do you have a list of daily quests in your mind? Do you only feel comfortable after finishing all your quests?” Xinxia moved her wheelchair herself. She had a plate of fruits on her knees to provide Mo Fan with some refreshment.

“What do you mean?” Mo Fan asked, looking confused.

“Is it really that difficult for you to stay away from dangerous situations?” Xinxia grumbled.

“…” Mo Fan was left speechless.

Xinxia was complaining about how he had been courting death every day!

Tata had already told her that a strong Super Light Mage was responsible for his injuries. Why would Mo Fan fight a Super Mage when he was only an Advanced Mage!?

“I didn’t have a choice,” Mo Fan said.

“Isn’t that always the case?” Xinxia asked in return.

“The world is full of evil, so a man with an ambition to become a hero like me is going to be pretty busy… by the way, how long did I sleep? I still have important business to attend to. Speaking of which, that Priest Bude, can you find out who was asking him to make things difficult for me?” Mo Fan said.

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