Versatile Mage

Chapter 1665 - Could that be Yan Shi?

Chapter 1665 Could that be Yan Shi?

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan initially thought Lingling had urged him to return to his country because she had something urgent to do, or she had found the secrets of a quest with an impressive reward. However, the little girl was reluctant to spill the beans now that he was back. She even put on an expression that was shunning him because he was still stuck in the Advanced Level!

Mo Fan wanted to advance to the Super Level, but he was struggling to find the right way to trigger the breakthrough. The renowned clans were able to find compatible ways and resources to aid their talented disciples with their breakthroughs. So far, the only resource that might come in handy that Mo Fan knew of was the power of the Totem Beasts. The problem was, the Totem Beasts were either hibernating, living in seclusion, or had gone extinct. It was not easy to track them down!

“Forget it if you haven’t reached the Super Level!” Lingling decided to hold on to her little secret.

Mo Fan had promised Zu Xiangtian he would face him in a duel in half a year from now. He could not afford to lose the duel. He also felt the urgency to reach the Super Level as soon as possible!

“I found something called the Horn of the Deer God in Athens. Your sister told me that it might be related to the Enforcement Union’s Tree of Vows. I’m thinking of visiting the Lingyin Enforcement Union. I’ll also drop by the temple at the lake to see if I can find any Totem Seals that resemble it,” Mo Fan told her.

“We’ll go together,” Mu Ningxue said.

Mu Ningxue did not like to procrastinate. Mo Fan was initially planning to get some rest for the day and go on a date with Mu Ningxue in a romantic park. He might have the chance to make some bold moves today. Mo Fan had been drooling over Mu Ningxue’s body for a decade!

“I’ve asked Nighthawk to give us a ride,” Lingling said.

Lingling texted Nighthawk. A few minutes later, Nighthawk arrived on his ferocious beast.

Nighthawk was wearing a dark blue outfit, and had a dark and cold bearing. His jawbone was extremely sharp, like it had been sharpened with a blade. He did not look like a good person at all.

However, his bearing as an Enforcer collapsed as soon as he was around Lingling. He put on an awkward smile when he saw her.

“Lingling, I’m not a taxi driver. You can’t just ask me to give you a ride whenever you want. It’s my bad for not telling you I was taking over your sister’s role, but the Enforcement Union is responsible for maintaining order. We can’t leave our positions for too long!” Nighthawk chided her.

Nighthawk only noticed Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue were there after finishing the sentence. He seemed a little surprised.

“Nighthawk, it’s been a while!” Mo Fan greeted him.

Nighthawk had been an Enforcer of the Magic City for some time. He was the chief commander of the operation that had wiped out the Blue Deacons Xu Zhaoting had exposed at the cost of his life.

Nighthawk was reassigned to Beiyu Mountain. He was going to be promoted to the Head of the Enforcement Union there, but Lu Zhantian had seized it with his connections instead. Nighthawk lost the chance to be promoted, but to his relief, the Lu Clan was stupid enough to touch Mo Fan’s inverse scale. Mo Fan ended up forcing his way up Beiyu Mountain and killing Lu Zhantian!

Mo Fan fell out with the Lu Clan over the incident. If Shao Zheng had not been looking after him, the Lu Clan would have sent a Super Mage after Mo Fan!

Nighthawk did not stay at Beiyu Mountain. The head of the Enforcement Union had asked him to replace Leng Qing instead, so now was currently the Vice Head of the Lingyin Enforcement Union and taking orders from Tang Zhong.

The Beiyu Enforcement Union and the Lingyin Enforcement Union were in charge of the Magic City and Hangzhou, respectively. The Lingyin Enforcement Union was considered one of its main headquarters in the country, so Nighthawk had clearly managed to make a name for himself by getting appointed as the Vice Head of the Lingyin Enforcement Union.

“Yeah, it’s been a while! Did you reach the Super Level?” Nighthawk suddenly asked.

“Not yet! Strange, why is everyone more concerned about my cultivation than I am?” Mo Fan had to ask.

“That’s a relief!… Hehe, I was already an expert at the Advanced Level when you were still an Intermediate Mage at the Pearl Institute. If you were at the Super Level like I am now, wouldn’t that mean I’m a good for nothing?” Nighthawk replied proudly.

Nighthawk was a lot stronger than Mo Fan when he was taking out the Black Vatican in the Magic City. He would feel ashamed if Mo Fan had already caught up to his cultivation!

“Sir, we are heading to Lingyin Mountain. Please drive safely, we have ladies on board!” Mo Fan said firmly.

Seriously, he had never seen a taxi driver so dramatic; it was time to leave a bad review!

Nighthawk was struck speechless.

It was a lot quicker to fly to Lingyin Mountain. It only took them around twenty minutes to reach Hangzhou’s West Lake from Shanghai’s Jing’an District!

Huge bubbles surfaced on the lake as they flew past the West Lake. Apas subconsciously trembled in fear, feeling an overwhelming sense of danger arising from the lake below.

“It’s salty, I’ve brought you five kilos of them!” Mo Fan yelled at the lake. He tossed a whole bucket of salted prawns down at the lake from his Space Bracelet.

The prawns poured down into the lake like rain.

To prevent the food from dirtying the lake, a huge head rose from the water and opened its mouth to receive the prawns.

The prawns were like little shrimps compared to the mouth. The five kilos was only enough to be treated as a snack by the enormous creature.

Mo Fan was not planning to seriously feed the big guy. Knowing his appetite, he could easily spend all his money on food in just minutes!

“I’ll come visit you later. I have to go to the Lingyin Temple first!” Mo Fan yelled at the lake.

There was no response from the lake. The creature was most likely enjoying the taste of the prawns.

“Do you really have to force your tastes on everyone around you? Who would even feed him that stuff?” Lingling grunted.

Mo Fan was a foodie, and a stubborn one too. He would stick to the food he liked, and even forced the people around him to eat the same things…

Lingling was utterly speechless, too. How did he even convert the Black Totem Snake, who was used to eating the tasteless fish and prawns in the West Lake, into a fan of different flavors, like the thirteen aromas, spicy, or salt and pepper!

“What…what the hell was that thing!?” Apas asked coldly. She was still trembling.

“Oh, he’s a snake too, but I think he’s a different kind from you… His tastes are the same as you though, he likes salty food,” Mo Fan replied casually.

The bamboo stand on Lingyin Mountain were its most beautiful features. The wind would play a naturally pleasant melody when it blew through the trees. In the summer, people would find a relaxing spot and place a mat down, bringing along a nice pot of tea. The environment was more relaxing than any coffee shops or bars. It felt like their hearts were being purified by nature.

The soothing night breeze kept coming. Apas was from the dry desert in the west, so she had never experienced the natural scenery in the east. The fear she had felt previously had long dissipated. Her eyes were sparkling as she surveyed her surroundings.

Leaving aside her terrifying identity, Apas was no different than an ordinary girl. She was curious about everything around her.

“There’s nothing to get so excited about,” Lingling murmured under her breath.

“Malnourished girl, what are the holes on these stones for?” Apas asked haughtily.


Lingling subconsciously looked down at herself when she heard the term. Her face darkened immediately!

Since Apas’ appearance resembled Europeans, her body had matured earlier, just like most European girls. Some European girls around the age of fourteen already had the physique of an Asian woman at the age of twenty. Apas was slightly older than Lingling… her age and her genes had given her a huge advantage in terms of height and feminine features!

“Mo Fan, you finally came to visit me!” Tang Zhong was surprised to see Mo Fan at Lingyin Mountain, and received him with a warm smile.

“I didn’t come to visit you. I heard from Leng Qing that there’s a Deer God under the Tree of Vows. I happened to find the Horn of the Deer God when I was overseas. It might be related to a Totem Beast, so I came to ask you about it,” Mo Fan explained.

“I’ve only heard the legend from a senior. She has been in seclusion for a long time. I only have her address. You can try and ask her. She knows the tale better than I do,” Tang Zhong said.

Tang Zhong took out a pen and wrote down an address.

Mo Fan grabbed the paper and looked at the address briefly. He instinctively shifted his gaze to Nighthawk.“Hey, stop treating me like a taxi driver. I’m a Vice Head of the Enforcement Union now, it’s not like I have nothing better to do!” Nighthawk grumbled.

“Mo Fan, don’t you think the address seems a little familiar?” Mu Ningxue said.

“Yantai?” Mo Fan took a closer look at the address.

“Yeah, Yantai, the old senior retired a long time ago. It’s such a pity, too. If she hadn’t chosen to retire, she would most likely be a Forbidden Mage by now.” Tang Zong sighed heavily. “The impermanence of life, that tragedy was too much to bear for her. She lost her will, why would she care about becoming a Forbidden Mage or not?”.

“Are you… talking about Yan Shi?” Mo Fan asked.

“Yan Shi? I have no idea who you’re referring to. Her name is Lu Yi. She was once the Head of the Enforcement Union! She was also the old Councilman Jiang Xia’s wife, but her influence greatly surpassed Jiang Xia’s back in the days. Senior Lu Yi is the main reason why our country’s Enforcement Union has its current status, including the reason why it is well-known in other countries!” Tang Zhong told him.

Lu Yi was long a reputable Mage when Tang Zhong was still a newbie. Tang Zhong was temporarily assigned to her on a mission. He still remembered it clearly even today. It was his first time talking to his goddess. He was so nervous that he had stammered while talking to her.

Lu Yi was considered the symbol of an era, but no one had expected the choice she made in the end…

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