Versatile Mage

Chapter 1668 Danger Level

Chapter 1668 Danger Level

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Lingling was extremely efficient. She had already gathered the information about the Salamander Demons while Zhu Meng was still explaining.

"The Hunter Union has put up a quest with no limits. They are paying two hundred thousand for a Salamander Demon's heart," Lingling said.

"No limits?" Mo Fan said.

"Mmm, it means they are willing to take as many Salamander Demon's hearts as anyone has," Lingling said.

"Wouldn't that make them a huge loss?" Mo Fan asked.

"Of course not; it's a request Jiang Xia made through the Hunter Union! A Salamander Demon's heart contains rich levels of the particles of the Steel Rock and Ward Rock. The other Mages are clearly going to sell them to the government, since they don't have the technique to refine them. The government is clearly profiting from it. Many Hunters and Mages have gone to the Thousand Islands Lake recently. The numbers of the Salamander Demons are just too overwhelming. The Thousand Islands Lake is like a land of gold for them, but according to my men, it's not that easy to get a Salamander Demon's heart," Zhu Meng said.

"Mo Fan, they are similar to the Sandstorm Demon Locusts," Lingling spoke up while browsing the information. "The Sandstorm Demon Locusts didn't have natural foes either, allowing them to mass reproduce endlessly, and grow into a disaster. Both humans and demon creatures had no choice but to avoid them. These Salamander Demons are actually a mutation of a species called the Spiral Shelled Monsters from the Pacific Ocean. They somehow found their way to the Thousand Islands Lake through an underground waterway. They crossbred with the lizard demons of the Thousand Islands Lake and gave birth to the Salamander Demons."

The rest of the group quickly shifted their attention to Lingling after hearing the important discoveries she had made.

Lingling continued to explain, "The Spiral Shelled Monsters have a very slow growth rate. They have to live in the shallow waters around the islands for five years before reaching the adult phase. Therefore, despite their outstanding reproductive abilities, they aren't necessarily a threat, and would only occupy a few islands at most. Interestingly, the Lizard Demons have bad reproductive abilities and a low survival rate, but have an insane growth rate. They are found in Dongting Lake and the Thousand Islands Lake. These two species surprisingly gave birth to a mutated species with outstanding reproductive abilities and an insane growth rate. A newly born Salamander Demon will mature in just a single season, with a long lifespan!"

"Just a season?" Mo Fan gasped.

"Yeah, a species like the Blue Moths might have outstanding growth pace and reproductive abilities, but in return, they have an extremely short lifespan and are very vulnerable. But the Salamander Demons… not only are they able to reproduce and mature quickly, they can live almost as long as a tortoise. I believe if we don't get rid of them or find a way to limit their growth, the Thousand Lakes Island will be crawling with these creatures in just five years. They will wipe out every plant and creature that can provide them with energy!" Lingling stated firmly.

Mo Fan and Lingling had witnessed how deadly the Sandstorm Demon Locusts were. The others would not treat the Salamander Demons seriously if they had not heard Lingling's analysis.

"Is it really that serious?" Zhu Meng frowned.

Zhu Meng only knew about the existence of the new species, but was unsure of its origins. He believed he should treat it more seriously after hearing Lingling's analysis. There had been many unpredictable threats lately!

"It's very serious, they are as dangerous as the Sandstorm Demon Locusts. If they haven't gone extinct, it means they don't have a deadly weakness, nor are they going to disappear on their own. They might continue to reproduce too, so it's important to have the Research Union keep an eye on a new species like the Salamander Demons, in case it turns out to be a new disaster species!" Lingling said.

Zhu Meng frowned.

If the Salamander Demons were indeed a disaster species, things were going to be a lot more complicated!

What was Jiang Xia even doing? He definitely knew more about the species, so why did he only put up a request and ask the Hunters and ordinary Mages for help? Why did he not report it to the Magic Association and let them assess the danger of the species?

"The information you found is very important, and your analysis is on point, too. I will head to the Research Union and ask them to assess the danger level of the Salamander Demons," Zhu Meng promised.

"Jiang Xia might be thinking of settling the problem himself. That way, the Ward Rock will still be his. If he reports this to his superiors, the government might end up splitting the profits or classify it as a territory of the demon creatures and not allow people to enter it freely," Mu Ningxue conjectured.

"Mm, that's possible too. I will have to ask Jiang Xia in person!" Zhu Meng was decisive as always.


Zhu Meng brought Mo Fan and the others with him. Jiang Xia was already asleep when they arrived, and was woken up by Zhu Meng's sudden visit.

Zhu Meng was not afraid of offending the old Councilman after learning how serious the threat might be. He insisted on waking Jiang Xia up.

Jiang Xia yawned as he brought the guests to his living room with a sullen face. He poured himself some tea and glanced at his unexpected guests coldly.

"Zhu Meng, you have come to my house at this time. I won't forgive you if it's not something important!" Jiang Xia was an arrogant man. He treated Councilman Zhu Meng like he was his junior, and did not even bother greeting him conventionally.

"Councilman Jiang, have you assessed the danger level of the Salamander Demons?" Zhu Meng promptly inquired.

Jiang Xia frowned instantly, and fixed his eyes on him. Zhu Meng had asked a critical question!

"It's the Research Union's job," Jiang Xia replied flatly.

"I believe the Salamander Demons might be a new disaster species. You better let the others know and tell them to send an army to deal with it," Zhu Meng said.

"It's not like the army has nothing better to do. You are well aware of how grim the situation is along the coastline! There's no need to raise a fuss if the local government can deal with the problem!

"Or do you think I'm too old to handle a trivial matter like that myself? Besides, did the Research Union assess the danger? If not, what excuse do you have to send in the army? Who cares what you believe in? Even though you are in charge of the Threat-Elimination Strategy, you have no right to intervene with my business before the Research Union has finished assessing it!" Jiang Xia shouted.

"But it will take the Research Union a long time to assess it. I'm worried that it will be too late to get rid of the Salamander Demons by then," Zhu Meng countered.

"See them out!" Jiang Xia rose to his feet and ordered his men to send his guests out.

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