Versatile Mage

Chapter 1733 - The Tough Brawler, the Lesser Dragon!

Chapter 1733: The Tough Brawler, the Lesser Dragon!

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The Mountain Crusher Ruler began to beat its wings rapidly. The creature had enormous wings, and they produced a strong turbulence when it beat them with all its might.

The strong wind rapidly spread for kilometers, and even swept apart the clouds. The Mountain Crusher Ruler spread its sharp feathers, splitting the strong gusts of wind into countless piercing projectiles of air!

It roamed in the sky while the air projectiles poured down fiercely. The Little Moon Moth Phoenix decisively backed away.

Little Moon Moth Phoenix did not have sturdy flesh, so the piercing air projectiles could leave her full of holes. She deftly banked sideways to escape the air projectiles’ area of effect.

Dodging the air projectiles greatly affected Little Moon Moth Phoenix’s ascending speed, which was the Mountain Crusher Ruler’s goal. But the Little Moon Moth Phoenix was not something to be messed with, either. After all, she had the temper of a Totem Beast!

Little Moon Moth Phoenix emitted several layers of blue rays, which suddenly turned into glowing, slashing crescent upon reaching the peak of their brilliance. The crescents spun out at the Mountain Crusher Ruler after Little Moon Moth Phoenix swung her wings!

The Moonlight Slashes were extremely quick, while the Mountain Crusher Ruler was still spinning in the Wind of Sorrow. Its size had also made it an easy target. The Moonlight Slashes left several deep cuts on it.

There was an advantage to being huge, in that certain deadly blows would only manage to inflict minor injuries on something!

The cuts were nowhere enough to inflict serious damage on the Mountain Crusher Ruler. It gave up the thought of flying higher when it saw Little Moon Moth Phoenix appearing to its left. It blatantly charged at Little Moon Moth Phoenix instead!

The massive creature immediately blocked off the sunlight and the group’s view. The group suddenly found themselves under suffocating pressure.

“That thing is going all out, knock it away!” Mo Fan shouted.


Mo Fan, Bai Hongfei, Ling Fei, Zhang Xiaohou, and the others immediately cast their spells, but their Advanced Spells were too weak to pose a threat to the Ruler-level winged beast. Only Mo Fan’s Electro Cannon managed to inflict a gaping wound on the Mountain Crusher Ruler, but it was only a little bruise to the huge thing.

“It dares to come to us? Perfect timing!” Li Dexin yelled out arrogantly.

Li Dexin was most likely the strongest person in the group. He opened up his Contract Space when the Mountain Crusher Ruler was just about to slam onto them!

The gate to Li Dexin’s Contract Space was extremely huge. The creature coming out of it was none other than the Great Lesser Earth Dragon!

The Great Lesser Earth Dragon was massive, too. It pounced instantly after stepping out of the rift, and slammed into the Mountain Crusher Ruler!

The Great Lesser Earth Dragon did not let the group down. Its flesh was as sturdy as stone, and its scales were like a metallic shell. A flying creature like the Mountain Crusher Ruler stood no chance against the Great Lesser Earth Dragon in terms of strength and weight. The Mountain Crusher Ruler that was planning to squash the humans ended up breaking its bones after the Great Lesser Earth Dragon slammed onto it, and was knocked a great distance away.

To everyone’s surprise, the Great Lesser Earth Dragon clutched tightly onto the Mountain Crusher Ruler’s wings, since it was unable to fly. It resembled the perfect bear-hug pose of a sumo wrestler!

“Keep screaming, why aren’t you screaming now!?” Li Dexin howled out in relief when the Great Lesser Earth Dragon successfully executed its attack.

Ever since he had come to the Qinling Mountains, his lungs had been on the verge of exploding due to the cries of the Winged Patrol Beasts. He finally got his hands on their leader; he was obviously going to teach it a lesson!

The dragon species were as tough as nails. The Lesser Dragon had secured the upper hand in the battle, even though it was up against a creature like the Mountain Crusher Ruler!

The Mountain Crusher Ruler spun rapidly in the air. Its feathers were upright, trying to punch the Great Lesser Earth Dragon full of holes, but the dragon’s defense was just too outstanding. The sharp feathers ended up breaking into pieces after colliding with its scales. The Mountain Crusher Ruler was crying out in pain instead!

“Strong, so strong! Li Dexin, your Great Lesser Earth Dragon might be a little stupid, but it’s unstoppable if it’s a brawl at close distance!” Mo Fan admitted after some time. He was completely astounded by this outcome.

“Humph, my Great Lesser Earth Dragon can’t do anything to it if it keeps roaming in the sky, but it’s simply asking for its death if it dares to approach us!” Li Dexin proclaimed.

“However, the Great Lesser Earth Dragon can’t fly. Wouldn’t even a Ruler-level creature suffer serious injuries if they fell from such a great height?” Ling Fei asked worriedly.

The Great Lesser Earth Dragon had broken a few of the Mountain Crusher Ruler’s bones after the brawl in the sky. The Great Lesser Earth Dragon was even biting the Mountain Crusher Ruler’s chest and wings, causing blood to splatter across the sky.

The Mountain Crusher Ruler was not one to be messed with, either. It finally used the flexibility of its feathers to shake the Great Lesser Earth Dragon off its back.

The Great Lesser Earth Dragon was not as brainless as Mo Fan thought. It knew it would struggle to hang onto the Mountain Crusher Ruler for too long, so it kicked the Mountain Crusher Ruler’s back with great force and launched itself into the sky!

The Great Lesser Earth Dragon’s jump was ridiculously powerful. It managed to fall slowly while gliding towards a rising mountain nearby.

The Great Lesser Earth Dragon was some distance away from the group. They saw the Great Lesser Earth Dragon crashing through the canopy of the trees on the mountain, but could not tell if it had landed safely.

Meanwhile, the Mountain Crusher Ruler had also lost control and was falling from the sky after the strong kick. A few of the bones on its back had been broken by the impact. It had fallen significantly behind the Little Moon Moth Phoenix before it realized what had happened.

The Mountain Crusher Ruler was too far behind to catch up to Little Moon Moth Phoenix. Even if it tried to catch up, it could no longer reach a higher altitude after the Great Lesser Earth Dragon had broken its bones!

“Stay there for now, we’ll come and pick you up!” Li Dexin yelled after seeing his Great Lesser Earth Dragon landing safely.

The Great Lesser Earth Dragon was surprisingly obedient. It stood up on the mountain and responded to its master with a loud roar.

A Summoner was unable to withdraw their Contracted Beast if they were too far apart. Li Dexin had done a great job helping the Little Moon Moth Phoenix eliminate an opponent. At the very least, the group’s lives were no longer at risk!

Li Dexin did not forget to mock Mo Fan. “Humph, your flames weren’t even that impressive!”

“Well done, General Li,” Mo Fan was not fussed about it. He raised his thumb to Li Dexin.

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