Versatile Mage

Chapter 1903 - Super Mages are Unable to Withstand a Single Blow

Chapter 1903: Super Mages are Unable to Withstand a Single Blow

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Mo Fan did not make a move recklessly. He still had to rely on Zhang Xiaohou’s Wind Wheels in a situation like this, or he would have no way of getting close to the beast.

“Brother Fan, he’s a very experienced senior. He has made all the necessary arrangements for the plan. I believe the other Super Mages have their own tasks too?” Zhang Xiaohou prodded.

“Mmm, can you see the Light Mage in the middle of the strait? He’s constantly using his spells to protect the other Super Mages who are fighting the monster. The woman at the highest spot there? She has been using all kinds of spells, including the Psychic Element and the Sound Element, to prevent the monster from executing powerful moves for some time. The Donghai Mages behind that Light Mage are Super Mages, too. They are firing their Elemental Spells at the monster, together with the advisor in the blue outfit. There’s also a Super Plant Mage…crap!” Mo Fan blurted out as he looked at a little sand island in the strait.

It felt like the white sand island was going to sink at any second. The Plant Mage was at a relatively safe distance while using his Plant Spells to intervene with the sea monster’s attacks. However, the Vast Sea Monster happened to notice him. It flung the clawed tentacle on its backbone, which looked like a scorpion tail, at the island!

The clawed tail was insanely fast. The Super Mage on the sand island was not even aware of it. After all, the creature was massive and there were waterspouts everywhere, hindering his vision.


The spinal whip knocked huge waves like two curtains into the air. The island in the middle of the strait was split in half!

The incredible force of the blow left a ravine several dozen meters deep and wide in the strait as it blew the seawater into the air. The water eventually filled the hole, yet the sand island and the Plant Mage had already vanished in the middle of the enormous impact.

Mo Fan gasped, while Zhang Xiaohou’s eyes widened.

“Brother…Brother Fan, are you really going to Seal that thing’s attack?” Zhang Xiaohou asked worriedly as he collected his thoughts.

The spinal whip was already more terrifying than the attacks of normal Ruler-level creatures, not to mention the creature itself that had yet to reveal its true appearance. The person on the sand island was a Super Mage, yet he was smashed to pieces just because he was a little too careless!

Any Magic Armor, Shield, or defensive spell was mere decoration before the Vast Sea Monster. Its whipping tail could shatter all of them to pieces. Inexperienced Super Mages were just like clowns in front of that absolute strength!

“Do you think it’s too late for us to turn around and deal with the remaining two Magical Sea Beasts instead?” Mo Fan asked rhetorically.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Zhang Xiaohou turned around and looked at the Sound Mage.

The Sound Mage’s eyes were filled with astonishment too. He had sent the Super Mage to the island to control the plants under the water and restrict the Vast Sea Monster’s movements. He did not expect the Plant Mage to die just like that!

“Don’t let your guard down. Keep it under control. Fang Tong, take over the Plant Mage’s role. Don’t let the creature get even half a step closer to the bridge. Fang Dong, what are you waiting for? Are you seriously going to watch everyone die now?” the Sound Mage’s voice echoed in everyone’s ears.

Their anger could not change the fact that they had lost a Super Mage. They had no choice but to withhold their emotions since the Vast Sea Monster was still around. More tragedies would happen if they continued to let their guard down!

“Brother Fan, I think we should fight. Everyone is trying their best to protect the bridge,” Zhang Xiaohou suggested.

“I understand. Just bring me over there, I’ll find that creature’s backbone. The spinal whip is insane. If I don’t Seal it with the Lightning Element, more people are going to die. Its speed and angles of attack are making it unpredictable,” Mo Fan agreed.

“Brother Fan, you can’t fly. If you’re on your own…” Zhang Xiaohou was still worried about him.

“If you keep escorting me around, you will need to keep an eye on me at all times, which is going to slow you down. That thing isn’t like some petty creature we are normally up against. We might die if we don’t use everything we have. I’ll find a spot a safe distance from it. Besides, my Shadow Element isn’t for decoration!

“Don’t worry about me. You should be extremely careful when you’re looking for its blind spots and its field of vision. If you die here, I’ll bury you together with Yu Ang’s remains!” Mo Fan told Zhang Xiaohou.

Zhang Xiaohou became energetic as soon as he heard those words.

“Brother Fan, I promise you that I’ll come back alive,” Zhang Xiaohou swore.

“That thing is definitely stronger than it looks. It might have different forms too, like the probing stage, the focused form, the full-strength form, the enraged stage, and the dying stage. Each form will have different abilities. You should pay close attention. When it switches forms, its abilities and strength will instantly rise by one or two levels,” Mo Fan warned Zhang Xiaohou.

Mo Fan was rather familiar with creatures of the sea monster’s level, including the Black Totem Snake, the Mountain Zombie, the Silver Skyruler, Hayla, the Scorpion Lord Medusa, the Sphinx, and the Dark Serpent Mummy. Mo Fan could not tell whether any of the Ruler-level creatures he had encountered was as strong as the Vast Sea Monster, but it was definitely around their levels.

The strength of Ruler-level creatures differed between them. Mo Fan clearly remembered every Great Ruler or Supreme Ruler, as they had all had left him with strong impressions. One reason was their ability to suddenly shift forms during a fight. Their abilities would change dramatically when they did.

The probing form was obviously when these cunning creatures were trying to conceal their true strength.

The focused form was the usual battle stance of the Ruler-level creatures. The strength and moves they displayed during this form were their true strength.

The full-strength form was when certain Ruler-level creatures began to use the specialized powers of their species, such as the terrifying Medusa’s Stare.

The enraged form was when they started bringing out their trump cards, the scariest form of a Ruler-level creature!

Mo Fan had no clue which form the Vast Sea Monster was currently in. Was it in the focused or full-strength form? Perhaps it was only in the probing form?

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