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Chapter 2281 - The Fleet of Wind Warships

Chapter 2281: The Fleet of Wind Warships

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The Scorching River had rapid currents which could easily knock a cargo ship over.

In the past, no matter how terrible the weather was, a few dozen huge ships would still be transporting goods to the cities along the Scorching River, but there was not a single cargo ship on the river today. The ships were carrying Mages in the brown outfits that belonged to the rebelling army.

The other side of the Scorching River was like a beach the Brown rebellious army had set foot on to invade Banlo City’s green territory.

The Mages were able to use their magic easily once they set foot on land. The Wind Mages joined hands to summon Wind Warships that could fly rapidly above the ground!

The Wind Warships carried thousands of Mages as they advanced. Even those who did not have any Movement Spells just had to stay within the Wind Magic’s coverage to move along at the speed of a jeep.


More Wind Warships appeared in series as more Mages crossed the boundary of the Scorching River. The line of defense that had been established near the Scorching River did not put up any resistance.

That line of defense was made up of thick tropical woods. They could grow rapidly into a rainforest under the control of Plant Mages when needed.

Unfortunately, the Mages who were on duty along the line of defense had put on the brown outfits of the rebels too. Even the resistance had joined the Brown tide which was surging fiercely towards the outskirts of Banlo City.

Banlo City had a lot of swamps on its outskirts. The enemy would reach the city as soon as they crossed the swamps.

When the first Wind Warship reached the swamp, a loud siren immediately sounded on the other side.

“Warning, you are entering Banlo City without permission. The Andes Federation will attack you if you enter the swamp!”

The warning kept repeating as if Banlo City had a powerful armed force guarding it.

The Wind Warships completely ignored the warning. They went straight across the swamp and attacked Banlo City before it could respond!

“Connect your Star Orbits and Star Patterns just like a normal spell!” the captain of the first Wind Warship said.

The Wind Mages began using their magic. White Star Orbits surrounded the Wind Warship like a circuit that had been activated, transmitting an enormous amount of energy.

“Wind Gear Wheel!”

“Smash through it!”

“This city is ours!” the commander of the Brown rebels yelled.

“The city is ours!” the rest of the army followed.

The Wind Magic that poured into the Wind Warship turned it into a Magic Wind Cannon. Huge tornadoes began to rise above the swamps.

The tornadoes were like giant gear wheels, crushing the roads, hills, and structures in their paths.

The hills turned into ravines, while the roads had huge cracks on them. The outskirts of the city were split into several pieces. The fierce winds lashed at the outskirts like giant whips.

Broken trunks smashed into the buildings, and the galvanized iron sheets on top of them were knocked into the air. Vehicles were falling into the swamps. The minuscule humans were fleeing for their lives, but the deadly Wind Gear Wheels crushed them mercilessly. Their blood splattered across the ground.


“Charge! We are taking back what’s ours!”

“No one can turn us into slaves while they indulge in their pleasures. Those goddamned capitalists!”

The second Wind Warship sailed right into the center of Banlo City.

A group of well-trained riders in heavy armor led the way in front of the Wind Warship.

They were riding the Battle Beasts the army had raised, Pangolin Beasts from the Andes Mountains. The rebel army would have no trouble razing the sturdiest fortresses to the ground with these Pangolin Beasts.

The little fortress to the west of Banlo City was reduced to debris in less than ten minutes.

The Mages of Banlo City were slaughtered thoroughly. More Wind Warships sailed into Banlo City, killing any military personnel in their blue uniforms and anyone else who tried to resist. They could not have cared less about innocent lives.

Half-Ridge Mountain City was now their base, and Banlo City was their first target!

They had to strike and take over the economic hub before the new Federation could react. That way, the Brown Rebel Army would finally have their own city and land!.

“Why do we have to live on the other side of the Andes Mountains? Are they trying to feed us to the sea monsters?”

“We have claimed this city. It’s ours now!”

The soldiers of the Brown Rebellious Army kept repeating their slogans. It was obvious that the army did not consist of real soldiers. Most of them were agitated Mages who held grudges against the new Federation.

These Mages and their families had been assigned to the other side of the Andes Mountains. Perhaps half of them would survive once the invasion of the sea monsters began.

The small cities along the coastline had disappeared one by one, but the government was still keeping the invasion a secret.

The government was waiting until they had settled the nobles and people of their factions into the new Federation. They could not have cared less about the wellbeing of the common folk, since there was only limited space in the few cities.

As for the ore veins, mining towns, and industrial areas, the new Federation had been demanding the laborers work extra hard, like they were slaves. It had promised to let them settle down in the cities, yet it never had any intention to keep that promise.

“Either we end up as food for the sea monsters in the next season, or we fight for our lives today. The Brown Army will emerge victorious!”

“We will emerge victorious!”

Every Wind Warship carried around two thousand rebels. Over half-a-dozen warships had forced their way into the highly populated districts after they destroyed the fortress.

Over ten thousand Mages were casting destructive spells, razing the tall buildings in Banlo City to the ground like toy building blocks.

The Wind Gear Wheel was the strongest weapon of the fleet of Wind Warships. A single Wind Gear Wheel was able to flatten a whole street when it was fired at the right angle.

“The Brown Rebels have taken over Banlo City. We will kill anyone who dares to resist us!”

“The Brown Rebels have taken over Banlo City. We will kill anyone who dares to resist us!”

The heavy rain was washing the blood off the streets, yet more blood was pouring onto the gloomy city over and over again.



If all that was said about the Federation was true, I’d be cheering for them. Unfortunately, they aren’t acting like people who are morally right…

So, neutral bystander time, I guess…

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