Versatile Mage

Chapter 2666 - Retaining one’s Original Aspirations!

Chapter 2666: Retaining one’s Original Aspirations!

There was nothing that a person could not learn. Li Dong had gone from a proud young man to someone who would subconsciously force a smile and fawn upon anyone who was stronger and had a more formidable background than him.

If the old Li Dong knew he would become the kind of person he was now, he would have choked himself to death, but it was actually not that hard to do. The old him just had not really understood the world.

Mo Fan was indeed a blessed Mage. Not only had he won the World College Tournament, he had made some impressive achievements in recent years, too. Li Dong believed Mo Fan did not really have to lower his head in front of anyone if he had not stumbled into Zhao Jing. He could have continued to climb to the highest level with his head upright.

Unfortunately, no one’s life would ever be perfectly smooth sailing. When you finally climbed to the apex and looked up, you would discover a taller mountain in front of you. You had only reached the bottom of someone else’s mountain, and finally realized you had never known how immense the world was!

Li Dong sincerely hoped Fanxue Mountain did not get taken out. The Dali Clan was already corrupted from the inside, and so it had declined and lost its dignity over the years despite how it used to be the most powerful clan in Feiniao City. More and more people were shunning the Dali Clan and looking down at them.

Fanxue Mountain was a great hope for many people. He could not let it be destroyed just like this!

“I have a lot of impressive friends who have taught me many things, but you are the first one that wants to teach me how to lower my head,” Mo Fan told Li Dong.

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Li Dong’s words were quite touching. At least they had moved Mo Fan’s heart a bit.

Mo Fan also realized now just how strong of an impact Fanxue Mountain had had on the city under Mu Ningxue’s management. Li Dong’s reaction was a great example.

Accepting a compromise to guarantee their safety was a reasonable way to survive, but it did not necessarily work in every situation, such as when they were against demon creatures, or when the enemy never planned to spare their lives!

“I might ask you for advice if I have the chance next time, but unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. If Zhao Jing had come alone for the Earth Flame Pistil, he might leave without stirring up any trouble once we gave it to him. But if Lin Kang, and the people of Nanrong, Mu, and Zhao Clans are here too, there’s no way they are going to leave with empty hands. We were already at the edge of the cliff. They aren’t going to let us go. If we lower our heads, we are only going to embarrass ourselves,” Mo Fan told him.

Li Dong was startled. He replied after some thought, “Aren’t Zhao Jing and Lin Kang afraid of the authorities of the Enforcement Union? They wouldn’t dare to cross the line!”

“That might have been true in the past, but it’s not the same now. Fanxue Mountain isn’t powerful enough for the Enforcement Union and the country to be angry at the people who destroy it, which is why we have to work harder. We are still too weak if someone can just come up with a random excuse in order to take us down,” Mo Fan replied.

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As soon as Mo Fan finished the sentence, a group of people came into the hall in a hurry.

Mo Fan took a quick look at the group and noticed he did not know most of them. After all, he did not spend much time at Fanxue Mountain, so he was not familiar with its systems.

Mo Fan did recognize one of the women. She was the Foehn Hunter Squad’s leader, who he had met before.

She seemed to have reached the Advanced Level, as Mo Fan could sense her Aura had grown stronger. He also noticed the badge of a Hunter Master on her chest.

A middle-aged man came into the hall and exclaimed loudly, “That’s right! If we aren’t so weak, how could someone just come after us with some random excuse?”

Mo Fan looked at the man. He did not recognize him.

“I’m Mu Jiang. It’s nice to meet you, boss!” Mu Jiang’s face had a lot of scars, including one on his neck. He had obviously been through dangerous times.

“Mu Jiang has been with us for a long time. He used to help us with repairs and improving our defense. He has never shown his true strength, but one time a pack of sea monsters with the power to hypnotize people showed up in Feiniao Headquarters City. If he hadn’t helped us, Shao Yu and the other patrolling squads would have died in their sleep,” Mu Ningxue introduced him quietly.

Mu Ningxue did not talk much. She normally introduced others to Mo Fan with just a short sentence. Mu Jiang had to be a very impressive person if she introduced him so thoroughly.

Mo Fan could not read Mu Jiang’s cultivation. His mental strength and senses had grown significantly after he acquired the Black Dragon Set. He could even use the Dragon Sense without wearing the Black Dragon Helmet.

Even with the Dragon Sense, he was unable to see the man’s cultivation. There was only one possibility: the man’s cultivation was higher than his!

It was surprising to learn Fanxue Mountain had such a powerful Mage!

“How many people do we have left?” Mo Fan asked.

“You should ask how many have left instead!” Mu Jiang replied proudly.

Zhong Li stepped out of the crowd and shouted, “Boss, everyone is waiting at the back of the mountain! We are ready to charge out there and kill those bastards as soon as we receive the order!”

“No one left?” Mu Ningxue was shocked.

Fanxue Mountain was in deep trouble, especially since the mayor of North City, Lin Kang, a representative of the government, had accused them of committing treason. It was shocking that none of the people had left!

“Several hundred have left, but they were useless to us anyway. Our main troops have stayed!” Mu Jiang declared.

“What a surprise, I thought the whole place was empty… Mo Fan, your wife has done a great job managing this place. It’s impressive how united the people here are!” Zhao Manyan raised his thumb at Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue.

Mo Fan was very proud of her, too.

He remembered when Fanxue Mountain was just a barren land. Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue had witnessed how the Earth Pistil had cleansed the place and driven out the demon creatures.

Fanxue Mountain was still growing, but everyone had treated it as their home.

It had become exactly what Mu Ningxue’s initial aspiration was. She and the people of Bo City had missed and loved Bo City. They had established Fanxue Mountain so they could have a safe and peaceful place to call home!

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