Versatile Mage

Chapter 2672 - Undead Soldiers and Snow Warriors

Chapter 2672: Undead Soldiers and Snow Warriors

Mu Bai was the Chief of the South Wing Platoon. He was a member of the North City’s armed forces and the strongest Mage of the elite soldiers in the South Wing Platoon.

Unfortunately, the Chief was not the one in charge of the platoon. The officials and Councilmen had full control of it.

Several South Wing Mages had joined the crusade against Fanxue Mountain. Their expressions sank when they saw Mu Bai was on their enemy’s side.

“The White Magistrate and the Black Magistrate. They are the two Super Mages that use brushes as a part of their Super Power. There were a lot of rumors about them recently in the south!” several old mercenaries from the Southern Mercenary Alliance blurted out in shock.

The White Magistrate was the nickname others had given to Mu Bai while he was driving back the sea monsters who had invaded inland through the rivers.

Mo Fan had only taken part at the beginning of the battle, but the sea monsters that had shown up later in the battle were even tougher. Mu Bai had fought the whole battle as the Chief of the South Wing Platoon. He had made a great name for himself in the battle, thus many who had seen him in action called him the White Magistrate.

He had fought with an Ice Brush and a Snow Palette equipped, and had killed many Ruler-level sea monsters. He had a handsome face and often wore a white outfit, hence those watching gave him the nickname the White Magistrate.

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As for the Black Magistrate, that was the nickname of North City’s mayor, Lin Kang!

Lin Kang always used a long Black Brush, similar to a magic staff imbued with his Super Power. It had become his trademark.

Lin Kang had been a general and had fought countless battles. Many people were afraid of him after he was assigned to Feiniao Headquarters City because of how ruthless he was. His Black Brush further set off an image of being a Magistrate of Hell from the ancient myths. Countless enemies had died to his brush. He was a true cold-blooded magistrate with control over many people’s lives and deaths!

Even though he had not made a name for himself in the south, rumors about him had been spreading rapidly in recent years. He was eventually given the nickname the Black Magistrate.

Many people often compared the two Magistrates, including their unique Super Powers. To their surprise, the two Magistrates were about to have a showdown today!

The people on both sides immediately focused their attention on the two. They would soon find out who was the real Magistrate between the two!

“I happen to be short of a rare material to upgrade my brush. Your brush is perfect for it. I don’t mind sparing your life for your kindness, HAHAHA!” Lin Kang burst out laughing while staring at Mu Bai’s Ice Brush.

Lin Kang’s brush was a Lifetime Vessel that could be used like a staff to strengthen his magic. Most importantly, it was perfectly compatible with his Super Power.

Every Super Mage had their unique ways of using their magic. Those with outstanding strength like Lin Kang no longer had to construct Star Constellations or Star Palaces. He could just draw out spells with his brush.

The Iron Brush was a magical artifact serving as a Casting medium. It needed to be refined with special materials over a long time. Every improvement at Lin Kang’s current level required a lot of hard work. After all, he had come up with an unprecedented way of wielding magic, and could not seek advice from others.

Lin Kang was excited to meet someone who also fought with a brush. His opponent’s Ice Brush might be the breakthrough that he was looking for!

“This word is a gift for you from the mayor of North City!” Lin Kang wrote a kanji in the air.

His writing included a huge Star Palace and contained a huge amount of energy. The air nearby became unstable because of the overwhelming energy.

The blank ink formed the Word ‘death’ in the end.

The Word ‘death’ floated above the Stepped Fields and placed everyone under enormous pressure.

Mu Bai lifted his head to look at the Word. The clear sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds that completely blocked off the sunlight. The whole mountain was covered in gloomy darkness.

Terrifying wails and howls arose all around. The land under Mu Bai’s feet had turned into a battlefield covered in black blood, broken spears, rusted swords, damaged armor, and corpses.

The ground under the Word had transformed into an ancient battlefield, filled by the wandering souls of those that had died.

“Brush of the Commander of Death, bringing the dead back to life!”

Lin Kang was summoning the spirits of the dead to fight for him!

Lin Kang was obviously an Undead Mage. His Lifetime Vessel was already imbued with the Undead Magic.

The battlefield Mu Bai was standing on was not just an illusion. Lin Kang had used his powerful Undead Magic to turn the place into a real Land of the Undead. The ancient soldiers rising from the ground were as bulky and strong as Commander-level creatures.

Mu Bai’s Ice Brush and Snow Palette could only draw Ice Paintings, but Lin Kang’s Iron Brush was a lot more capable. He had merged the Curse Element, Undead Element, Water Element, and Rock Element into his brush!

Mu Bai had to admit that Lin Kang was more adept at fighting with a brush. However, hewas not going to admit defeat so easily. He was not so obsessed with the usage of a medium. His own strength was more important!

Lin Kang had Summoned soldiers of the dead to fight for him. Mu Bai could also draw soldiers to fight for him!

The cold season had given Ice Mages an advantage, as the low temperatures made it easier to produce frost. The presence of Ice Magic was also stronger than it would be otherwise.

The Undead Soldiers and Ice Warriors clashed fiercely in a spectacular manner. The others quickly withdrew from the battlefield.

“River of Ink!”

Lin Kang’s expression darkened when he saw the two armies were at a standstill. He quickly drew a huge stroke with his brush.

The black ink spread like a wave, and a black dragon flew out of it.

It turned out to be a black river instead of a dragon after a closer look. Its rapid current surged across the battlefield and split it in half as it continued to flow toward the people of Fanxue Mountain.

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