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Chapter 2945 - The Twin Guardian Towers’ Secret Matter Translator: EndlessFan

Chapter 2945: The Twin Guardian Towers’ Secret Matter

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

To verify her guess, Lingling specially requested to meet with Kaede Takahashi’s junior. She also found his junior’s life journey through the network in Japan.

‘Kaede Takahashi’s junior seldom participates in club activities. She likes flower arrangement. She was absent in the one and only debate exchange tournament. She has a high level of cultivation and a strong learning ability. She is an introvert, and she gets nervous easily. She stammers when speaking before the public… This is interesting.” Lingling took a quick glance at the junior’s information.

Meanwhile, Kaede Takahashi sat beside Lingling and watched her reading the information from the notebook.

“Since you want to find out more about her, shall I ask her to come over?” asked Kaede Takahashi.

Lingling shook her head. If there was already something wrong with Kaede Takahashi’s junior, all the information provided would basically be inaccurate. Lingling would rather trust the data and analysis than the junior’s lies.


“Do you frequently meet up with her?” asked Lingling.

“Quite frequently. Speaking of which, I’ve been meeting her daily for the past half a month. I met her either by chance or due to some incident that has happened.” Kaede was enlightened.

“Are you aware that she has a crush on you?” asked Lingling.

“Um… Aren’t we supposed to be investigating the bizarre events that happened in the West Guardian Towers? Why are you asking about me?” said Kaede Takahashi, embarrassed.

“You’re right. Perhaps I’ve been a little too gossipy. Do you know the two young people who have done the wrong things from the Mochizuki family? It would be good if I can meet up with them,” said Lingling.

“Yes, I’m acquainted with them. They are from the State House. It’s almost noon. I’ll ask them out for lunch. Since we’re in the middle of investigating sensitive issues, I won’t tell them about your identity. We’ll chat like normal friends. How does that sound?” asked Kaede Takahashi.

Lingling nodded.

If she interrogated them, they would not tell her the truth. Lingling had to obtain the information she wanted through casual talk.

Kaede Takahashi’s junior was an introvert and lacked confidence. A couple of days ago, she became a “smart” girl all of a sudden and found various excuses to approach Kaede Takahashi. Hence, she won his attention and protection.

Of course, it was also likely that the girl had finally summoned up her courage to approach Kaede Takahashi. However, Lingling thought that his junior had most likely been influenced by the Red Demon’s magnetic field. The magnetic field could amplify one’s desire and will power to act on it, even if the desire was a crime.

They still had some days left before the moonless night. Hence, the Red Demon’s magnetic field influence was not as strong. It was likely that its weak influence was the reason that led to the happening of the so-called “bizarre” events.

Lingling still had to gather more evidence to verify the Red Demon Kazuaki’s magnetic field effect.

They had their lunch at the cadet restaurant. There were many students around. Aside from the members of the State House, there was a prestigious school’s branch located at the Twin Guardian Towers. Hence, the students often came for their further studies.

There were many students around. There were about four to five hundred of them. Most of them were in their twenties. There were several teachers too. They headed toward the teacher’s restaurant on the second floor. It was less crowded compared to the West Guardian Towers.

“Hi, Kaede! I saw a hardworking “bee” around you a couple of days ago. It’s a surprise to see that you’ve switched to a beautiful “butterfly” so soon. It’s no wonder you’re the famous guy in the State House. Talking to girls is a luxury to us.” A man with an afro hairstyle grinned as he walked over to them. He sat beside Kaede Takahashi.

Lingling sat opposite Kaede Takahashi. She glanced at the man with the afro.

“Nagayama, don’t be mistaken. She’s Officer Ozawa’s guest. I’m just showing her around the towers.” Kaede Takahashi’s face turned red as he quickly explained to Nagayama.

“Really? I thought you have a new girl and can’t wait to show her off to us. After all, she’s very lovely. Sinchino Mochizuki will arrive in a while. If she’s not your new love, I can be bold enough to approach her. Otherwise, we won’t have the chance once Sinchino is here.” Nagayama chuckled.

He deliberately sat down next to Lingling. He made a one-eighty-degree change to his attitude and introduced himself solemnly. He expressed his interest to be friends with her.

“Nagayama, don’t behave like this. I told you she’s an honorable guest. Don’t make her uncomfortable,” said Kaede Takahashi to Nagayama who was showing too much enthusiasm for Lingling.

“Haha! Look at how nervous you are! Dare you say you don’t have the slightest desire for her? Most people don’t usually behave so disciplined and well-mannered, not unless they encounter a girl whom they fall in love with at first sight and make them feel extra self-conscious about their own actions. Why is your face reddening? Did I guess correctly?” Nagayama teased Kaede Takahashi.

“It’s very rude of you to say that before a guest.” Kaede Takahashi’s face darkened.

Nagayama realized Kaede Takahashi was about to fly into a fit of rage and quickly stopped being playful. Just then, there came a man outside the restaurant with his hands in his pockets. The man’s dashing, long hair covered his forehead. His somewhat lackadaisical gaze did not seem to show any interest in anything around him. He was tall. He wore a neat, Western-style school uniform. He easily captured the people’s attention around him.

He was a handsome man at a single glance. However, he was indifferent to everyone, including the girls who stared at him flatteringly.

“What’s the matter? Why did you call me here?” Sinchino Mochizuki sat down. He was impatient.

He glanced at Lingling. She was a stranger to him, but he did not say anything.

“I haven’t seen you for a couple of days. I wonder what you’ve been up to. Let me introduce her to you. She’s Officer Ozawa’s guest. She comes from China,” said Kaede Takahashi.

“Oh, have fun here, then.” said Sinchino Mochizuki indifferently.

“Sinchino, are you chemically castrated? How can you not show even the slightest joy when you meet with such a lovely Chinese girl? Why were you behaving so outrageously that day?” Nagayama asked in puzzlement.

Sinchino glared at him.

It was clear that Nagayama was someone who easily ran his mouth off. He could spew anything through his teeth.

Lingling sized Sinchino up. Sinchino was the type who was adored by many women. Besides, he looked like he had a high expectation in who he chose to be around. ‘If he was the one who sleepwalked in the Mochizuki’s family, what had he done that affected a woman’s reputation? Did he even have to do that?’

“I’m not hungry. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.” Sinchino did not plan to stay around and chat with them.

“Sinchino, wait! We’re just showing our concern because of your recent behavior,” said Kaede.

“Haha! Showing your concern for me? I suppose you must have been laughing behind my back. May you shine brightly at the World’s College Tournament. I’ll rot in one of the dark corners,” sneered Sinchino.

When Kaede Takahashi heard this, his face changed!

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