Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

Volume 1 - Chapter 5 – Best Friend

The class leadership positions were chosen the same as what I knew, Liu Kexing was the class rep, Zhao Yanyan was the group secretary, Xie Wei was the study commissary. The sports commissary was a sports specialty student called Li Dahu, his academic lessons were terrible, and we were always the last few in grades.

After announcing the class leadership positions, Ye Xiaoxiao got the male leaders to go to the staff office to carry books. Watching Liu Kesheng and co. walk out of the classroom full of pride, I found it rather humorous, they really are a bunch of kids, thinking that they became some sort of important official, in reality they were just a long term work that would work for the teacher without payment.

I flipped the textbook with the fragrance of ink, a nostalgic feeling emerged in my mind. Perhaps it is only a smell that people that have been students would remember, after working, I had to read a lot of books everyday, but never smelled this ink fragrance again.

Zhao Yanyan looked at my actions of smelling every single textbook in confusion, she also opened the textbook and smelled it, and asked confusingly, “Liu Lei, what are you smelling?”

I was lost in a daydream and so I answered without much thought, “Ink fragrance, after some years have past, you’ll understand after you’ve grown up.”

Zhao Yanyan looked at me as if I was an alien, “You’re so weird, acting as if you’re a lot older than me.”

I freaked out and immediately laughed dryly, “Not really, I just heard it from a gege.”

“Oh!” Zhao Yanyan nodded.

After seeing everyone receiving the books, Ye Xiaoxiao said to us, “Wrap up the books tonight with either kraft or calendar paper, no patterns on the wrapper. It’ll be checked in class tomorrow!”

I was a bit speechless, isn’t it just a textbook? Why put so much emphasis on it? We’re in high school already, and yet we’re treated like we’re in primary school, but seeing no objections, I didn’t say anything either. After all, the school was still the world of the teachers, who would dare to oppose them? Even though I was dissatisfied, I could only follow instructions.

The morning passed by quickly, and Guo Qing, who was sitting in front of me, asked me to have lunch with him. It seems like even though I had been reborn, history hadn’t changed, we became great friends after Guo Qing and I had lunch. An unhappy thought emerged in my head, if history didn’t change, then Zhao Yanyan still wouldn’t become my girlfriend.

“What happened to you?” Guo Qing asked kindly after thinking I was sick due to seeing my face become stark white.

I shook my head, I’ll think about those things in the future later. At least I got Guo Qing, who’s a great friend, I couldn’t help but admit that he extremely loyal. When we were in the second year, someone from Class D called Yu Wenrui bullied me, Guo Qing, who was usually cowardly, took up a chair and fought with him, but was beaten badly by Yu Wenrui causing him to unable to school for a week. However, he told me afterwards that if he had a chance to choose again, he would still rush in without thinking.

“Bro, you’re good, the class beauty is now your desk mate!” seeing I was fine, Guo Qing started to chat with me again.

“Of course! I did tell you that she’ll become my desk mate before!” I proclaimed shamelessly.

“Che, keep boasting. You got lucky, but let me tell you, if you actually have an interest in her, you have to make your move as soon as possible!” In my previous life, Guo Qing was the only person in high school that knew that I like Zhao Yanyan, he often liked to help me come up with plans when I was free, but I never dared to do anything.

Thinking to this point, I started laughing dryly, Guo Qing was deserving to have become my best friend, he noticed that I like Zhao Yanyan after knowing me for less than a day. However, what I said during seating arrangements was already so obvious that only idiots wouldn’t understand.

Seeing that I didn’t reply, Guo Qing anxiously said, “Don’t tell me you have no interest, let me tell you, there are a lot of people in our class interested in her. In the morning I heard several boys in front of me talking about your desk mate! Our class rep also seems interested in her, since he kept looking over to your side when they were handing out books.

I opened my eyes wide and stared at Guo Qing in wonder. You managed to figure that out. Guo Qing isn’t just a bit talented. But I knew, this kid was the same as me, he had a bunch of plans in private, yet would chicken out when it comes to taking action. In my previous life, we often discussed in private about how to become the center of attention, but we were still nobodies when we graduated from high school.

We discussed topics we were both interested in when we ate, although my personality changed greatly from my previous life, in my subconscious, Guo Qing was my best friend. After a meal, we already became buddies that could talk about everything. Of course, this everything was limited to Guo Qing, if I told him everything I would scare this teen so much that he would have mental issues.

When I returned to the classroom, I found Liu Kesheng sitting on my my chair, and was talking delightedly to my wife I decided on. Zhao Yanyan was clearly uninterested in what he was saying, and was flipping the textbook that was handed out today, only occasionally nodding to Liu Kesheng.

This guy really took actions quickly, and sat on my spot when I wasn’t here. I walked by my seat and tapped the desk twice, and coldly said, “Excuse me.”

Liu Kesheng was in the middle of speaking, and seeing my disruption, he said impatiently, “I’m discussing about the future of the class with the group secretary, wait a bit!”

I replied expressionlessly, “It’s lunch time, you have no right in interfering with my stuff. If you want to talk about work, then please change a location!”

Liu Kesheng didn’t think I would say that, and stood up unhappily. It should be known that he was also the class representative in middle school and people didn’t dare to oppose his words, since just saying a bad thing about you to the class tutor was terrible.

Liu Kesheng snorted, and left. He didn’t forget to stare at me, who dared to challenge his authority, in the eye.

Seeing Liu Kesheng leave, Zhao Yanyan said to me quietly, “Why did you talk to him like that, aren’t you scared of him complaining about you to Ye laoshi?”

I laughed with disdain, “Then let him!”

Zhao Yanyan thought I was angry from my expression, and immediately explained, “Liu Lei, don’t misunderstand, I’m not reprimanding you, I’m just scared that——“

Before she finished, I spoke to her with s smile, “Of course I misunderstood, I thought that fellow was disturbing my beautiful desk mate, so I chased him away.”

“You!” Zhao Yanyan didn’t think my expression would change that fast, nor I would be so straightforward. In truth, Zhao Yanyan already understood why Liu Kesheng was talking to her, she was already the target of admiration for many boys, so she understood Liu Kesheng’s goal just after a few words. She just didn’t think I would see through it, causing her to blush and turned her head away, “I’m not going to care about you anymore!”

I pretended to not care, and started humming a pop song that I hard in my previous life. I peaked at Zhao Yanyan, who was pretending to read, and I cold tell from her expression that she was clearly listening to my song.

A teen was still too soft in my eyes, there was no way on competing against me, an old fox that was used to reading emotions in the business industry. As I expected, Zhao Yanyan finally couldn’t resist turning and asked, “Liu Lei, what song are you singing? How did I never heard of it?”

“Yi Sheng You Ni. You haven’t heard it?” I asked casually. No, of course she hasn’t heard it before, this song was only popularized after 2003. It is an old song to me, but it was a song that didn’t exist in this era for Zhao Yanyan.

Yi Sheng You Ni? Zhao Yanyan blushed, she wasn’t sure if Liu Lei said it deliberately or if there really is such a song. What was Yi Sheng You Ni, isn’t this way too blunt? But seeing my attitude, she didn’t retort.

“No,” Zhao Yanyan shook her head. “But it is pretty good, who is it sung by?”

“This —— This, I also forgot about it!” I was also a bit unsure of what to say, I couldn’t tell her that it is by Shiu Mu Nian Hua right, in this era, Shiu Mu Nian Hua was probably in high school like me.

“Oh! I wanted to buy a tape with it,” Zhao Yanyan nodded her head in disappointment.

“But ——“ I said replied seriously, “If you give me the money for a tape, I can sing it for you anytime.”

Seeing my seriousness, Zhao Yanyan didn’t think I would say that, she glanced a me a bit, but didn’t say anything, then she looked down and stopped talking to me while pretending to study.

After this pointless chatter, my relationship with Zhao Yanyan also improved quite a bit. I was already very hapy with this effect, I have spoken more to her in this one day than the three years of high school in my previous life.

I didn’t plan to build any kind of relationship with her in one day, although I was very confident, since getting a girl simple and easy, but getting too hasty with anything would only have the opposite effect. I did know this.

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