Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Chapter Author’s Note And Important Notice

Chapter Author’s Note And Important Notice

Author’s Note And Important Notice

Hello, readers. Before you start seeing this piece as only a smut novel after reading a few chapters, let me be clear about some things.

The sexual content you will find in the novel is part of Eren’s evilness. He will walk on all those routes that are traditionally deemed as paths of sins (the seven sins). He will also do things that might not be able to get categorised under right or wrong.

Of course, the novel will focus on RPG elements, Eren’s progress in being a better adventurer than past life, and a lot more in further chapters.

The content of sexual nature doesn’t limit it to being only a smut novel. Neither does it exclude it from that category. It’s only a part of Eren’s nature and serves a sneak peek into some of his future endeavours.

I’ve avoided the smut tag for this novel because of this very reason. A lot of smut readers will want the work they read to only focus or prioritize the sexual content over other plotline. So such readers might get disappointed after further chapters are released.

Also, this note shouldn’t be seen as me expressing my aversion to smuts. I like smut novels if they are very well written with good plot and in-depth, multi dimensional characters. I think writing smuts is also an artistic skill not a lot of people will be able to wield.

Although, I don’t know how my first attempt at writing a pseudo smut will pan out, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I can already say that its way tougher than writing about fight scenes.

I’ve already tagged this novel for adults. If you are not into smut novels, kindly skip the chapters that has the sexual content and keep on reading.

Lastly, keep sending power stones and love to this novel if you like it. Thank you. ?


Important Notice!

Dear active readers, please ensure that NSFW words would have altered spellings or a “*” used as a beeper before you place your reviews and comments on VEH.

E.g. – foking awesome / fu*king awesome!

– ashhole / as*hole

Otherwise, such comments and reviews containing cuss words like these would invisible by All’s safety filter.

VEH is losing out on the visibility of readers’ feedbacks because of this safety filter. For now, we can only bypass the filter using the loopholes mentioned above.

That’s about it. Happy reading! ?

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