Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 970 970 Was, Of Course, The Best In The World

Chapter 970 970 Was, Of Course, The Best In The World

Brother assist was still trying to dig out more gold coins from fleeting smile, but he did not expect that after the matter of the tournament was revealed, ye Xiaowu seemed to have lost his soul. Brother assist was just about to lift his ear and feed him a few times.

“I’m sorry. Thank you.”Ye Xiaowu, who had suddenly returned to his senses, took out another money bag and gave it to brother assist before leaving dejectedly.

“This...”brother assist was puzzled. Why did he suddenly give himself another money bag? Service fee? Tip? Has this person gone mad? Brother assist flipped open the money bag and took a look. There was a hundred gold coins in it, so he did not bother to study the answer and left happily.

A martial arts tournament? Ye Xiaowu, who was walking on the street, was in a trance.

Compared to ordinary players like brother assist, ye Xiaowu, who had come from a gaming company, could see the deeper meaning behind this martial arts tournament.

The gaming company did not turn a blind eye to this sort of professional martial artist’s heaven-defying and tyrannical behavior in the game, as well as the fact that they could come up with efficient leveling methods. Similarly, they did not welcome this sort of person to become the focus of attention in the game, this would strike down the confidence of ordinary players and destroy the original rules of the game.

Ye Xiaowu spent the entire day chasing after thousand miles drunk to talk about balance, trying to think of ways to harmonize with this guy’s strength. In the end, it was the opposite; he only ended up with a dirty face.

What about the game company? They did not talk about these at all. They only used their simulation technology to organize a martial arts competition for the martial artists, directly capturing them all in one go.

Ye Xiaowu only wanted to stop thousand miles drunk blindly, always treating thousand miles drunk as going against him. However, he had never thought about what thousand miles drunk really wanted and what he was pursuing.

He had never thought about this, but the game company had thought about it.

The martial arts tournament was just the beginning. As long as the martial arts tournament was successful and the martial artists were satisfied, the cooperation in this aspect could continue. The game company completely used their technology to provide a platform for these martial artists. A platform that did not require scenery, quests, equipment, bosses, npcs, and only an interactive simulation platform. Anyone would scoff at such a simple and crude online interactive game, however, it was exactly what these martial artists needed.

With the platform they needed even more, how many people would come back to this online gaming world?

At least, judging from the current situation of the martial arts tournament, thousand miles drunk had disappeared without a trace for a long time.

He might come back to the game to take a look, but he would never have the passion he once had. No... it should be said that thousand miles drunk had never been passionate about this game. It was just a choice he made out of helplessness. But now, the game company in parallel world had given them a better choice. How could they continue to stay with something that did not have love for them in the first place? Even if they returned to the game, it would probably only be a memorial, not a continuation.

He had been busy all this while, but was it all just a waste of time? Boss... In the end, you’re still better than me. Raising his head to look at the blue sky of the parallel world, ye Xiaowu finally smiled. Even though everything he had done seemed to have become a clown’s trick, the situation he had hoped for had finally arrived. He did not care about the process. As long as there was such an outcome, everything would be fine. Thousand Miles drunk, there was no enmity or grudge between him and him. It was just a matter of fact! Come to think of it, he was also a pretty good person. Ye Xiaowu thought back to when he first met thousand miles drunk, when that person had freakishly saved him.

“This is very good, really...”ye Xiaowu smiled. A white light rolled up and he exited the game.

There were too many players who did not know that these few days, these things that had happened were unknown but had a very significant impact. They were conflicted about not being able to use the efficient leveling method. They had scolded, argued, and complained, but in the end, they could only let it go. Some people went to the workshops to ask, but in the end, all the workshops said that the business was over.

The players in Yunduan City, however, were hoping that their great expert thousand miles drunk would come out and teach them again. In the end, as the days passed, the things that everyone had hoped for did not happen in the end, everyone gradually began to forget about this matter and continued to grind, farm equipment, and run quests every day.

The guild in Yunduan city was extremely heaven-defying, yet it was developing at a rapid pace. Recently, there were no more miscellaneous matters that had caused them trouble. The Guild had entered a steady stage of development, and the players who had applied to join were no longer the only ones who were heaven-defying, there were even experts from other major cities who had come to join, and many of them were old friends of sword demon and the others.

Oathless sword could only be envious and jealous of this. His traversing four seas was only well-known in Yunduan city, so no one would know who they were outside of this major city.

After sword demon and the others focused on developing their guild, their connections and strength were further developed. Although they were still not as high-level as traversing four seas, when it came to the number one guild in Yunduan city.., no one would say anything about traversing four seas anymore. The moment they opened their mouths, it was as if they were defying the heavens.

The great experts would lead their teams to level up, farm equipment, and complete guild quests every day. They would stand up for their underlings who had caused trouble. Each and every one of them was as busy as a dog. The carefree mercenary group life of the past had never returned. Occasionally, they would sit together and reminisce about those carefree days. However, they did not find the current situation boring. This was another way of playing the game, and just because they had not played it like this before, it did not mean that they did not like it.

It was just that thousand miles drunk, the guild’s Cornerstone Treasure, had not returned ever since he left before the tournament. Many of the new players who had joined the Guild wished to pay their respects to this god in person, which made sword demon and the others feel particularly awkward. It had been a long time since they had seen this boss.

Thousand Miles drunk, this great expert, had not come to the game for a very long time, so oathless sword and the others had finally noticed this situation. As time passed, they would forget the pain once their scars were healed. Oathless sword had always been envious and jealous of heaven-defying! Seeing that heaven-defying did not have thousand miles drunk to oversee things, he felt that the difference in strength between the two sides was not too great, so his thoughts began to wander again, thinking that he could no longer sit idly by and allow heaven-defying to continue growing.

As a result, the two parties began to have some minor conflicts. When the core members of the upper echelons met, oathless sword once again used the relationship he had built up in the past to say that it was all a misunderstanding.

Sword Demon was very kind, so oathless sword did not say much as he usually tried to pull some strings to build a relationship.

However, not everyone was as kind as sword demon.

During a small skirmish in the grinding map, traversing four seas’two grinding squads, which had a total of 24 players, as well as the three nearby grinding squads that came to support them, had a total of 58 players wiped out by traversing four seas, some of them were even hunted down by traversing four seas after the incident.

These fledgling factions that traversing four seas had nurtured were not afraid of Tigers at all. They had forgotten some of their guild leader’s rules and had actually provoked dusky cloud’s grinding squads in the grinding map..

Such a large-scale conflict naturally required the higher-ups to sit down and negotiate. When young master Han shook oathless sword’s hand and said, “It’s all a misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding,”oathless sword could only cry.

The two sides still had not shed all pretenses of cordiality. They continued to fight and quarrel all day long during the high-level meeting. The other guilds in Yunduan City would help one another today and talk about the other tomorrow. One moment, they would not help their relatives, and the next moment, they would not help their relatives.

This was how the game worked. There was no right or wrong, and everyone was happy in all sorts of messy disputes. No one dared to say that they would be able to completely defeat each other. Wasn’t this just a game? They would fall down thousands of times and stand up from the Resurrection Point thousands of times.

However, if the dispute continued, there would always be a time for it to escalate. Oathless sword had been losing his cool due to the recent series of losses he had suffered. He decided to launch a high-level attack to show his heaven-defying core members some strength. As for how serious the consequences of this attack would be, oathless sword no longer considered it because he was not calm at the moment!

Everything was changing. Little Thunder’s Tavern was the stronghold of heaven-defying high-ranking officials, yet this had never changed. Sword Demon, Young Master Han, war without wounds, Brother Assist, and Royal God call were all seated in the private room of old five when they heard a commotion outside. Royal God Call, who was standing by the door, stretched his head out to take a look, he retracted his head and said, “There are so many masked men...”

“It’s oathless sword again, isn’t it?”War without wounds asked.

“Old Cloud massacred more than 50 people yesterday,”Royal God Call said.

“Sigh, I’ve already hinted to him not to mess with Old Yun’s place. He’s already suffered a loss once, so why can’t he listen to me?”Brother assist sighed.

“People think you’re just pretending!”War without wounds said.

“F * ck, when has my brother assist ever pretended to be a B * stard? !”Brother assist stood up and said.

“Your name is enough to pretend to be a B * stard. Everyone will call you brother whenever they see you,”war without wounds said.

While the five of them were still bickering, Little Thunder sent them a friendly message. “We’re almost at your door!”

Little Thunder was a professional businessman. At this moment, he was neither flustered nor in a hurry. He leaned over the bar counter and counted how many tables he had flipped to settle the score, while at the same time casually making things easier for the others.

“There’s no need to call for help, right? Just hold on for a while. You’ll be fine after a while,”war without wounds said.

“Yeah, we’re almost there.”Brother assist nodded as well.

The five of them rolled up the curtains and rushed out of the private room. Sure enough, there was a group of masked men outside who were thinking about how to launch an attack, but when they saw the five of them take the initiative to rush out, they did not hesitate to attack.

The five of them, who had been through hundreds of battles, did not panic even though they were outnumbered. They stood in their respective positions against the wall to prevent themselves from being surrounded from all sides.

The masked men had not been able to take down the five of them, so they knew that the heaven-defying reinforcements would arrive at any moment. They were also very anxious, so they were in the mood to kill, suddenly, he heard someone behind him enter the tavern and say, “What’s going on? It’s only been a while, and the atmosphere has become so bad?”

The masked man turned his head and saw that half of the people who had come were petrified. The other half was the legendary newborn calf. When he saw the word “Rebel”on the Guild badge on the person’s chest, he immediately took action.

“Aiyo, this is too much...”even ray felt that it was too horrible to look at and closed his eyes.

Out of the six people who surrounded him, three of them turned white on the spot. It was always such a tragedy for those who were fast in front of this person.

In a flash, this person had already arrived at a table in the tavern. He pointed at the five people in the corner who were defending against the enemy and laughed loudly. “It really can’t be done! Are you that miserable without me?”

The faces of the five people instantly darkened as they pointed their middle fingers at each other.

“I told you there was no need to wait for him. This is to increase his prestige...”

“F * ck, even if we don’t wait, he’ll come the fastest. What can we do...”

There was still the newborn calves that wanted to pounce on him, but they had already been pulled back by the petrified half of the people.

“Retreat!”Someone said in a deep voice.

“Retreat? The president said that this time we won’t rest until one of us dies! !”The newborn calves were full of vigor.

“Don’t worry. The guild leader will understand,”someone said.


“Because this person’s name is thousand miles drunk...”the person who said this sounded rather sorrowful, as if he had already predicted that their guild was about to come to an end.

“The legendary thousand miles drunk?”The newborn calves gaped.

Gu Fei turned his head to look in their direction. “Has it been that long? Has It become a legend?”

“You’re back, Old Man! Please remember that we were just passing by...”the group of masked men disappeared dejectedly.

The five experts did not feel good about this! This comparison was a little too absurd. This man had not appeared for such a long time, yet he had scared everyone away the moment he appeared. Just his name alone was more intimidating than the five of them being tied up together? This was really annoying.

“Get down! He’s already gone, yet he’s still standing on the table and posing!”Young Master Han threw a wine bottle at Gu Fei’s feet.

Gu Fei’s reflexes were quick, and his strength was just right. With a swing of his sword, the wine bottle spun in the air.

Young Master Han’s reaction was not slow either. He quickly ducked his head to avoid the fatal blow to his head.

War without wounds and Royal God call snickered. It had been a long time since they had seen this man suffer.

Gu Fei waved his hand, and a few gold coins flew toward ray, “That’s enough, right?”

Ray picked up the gold coins and shook his head, “Actually, I don’t really want to see you. If I had you, the show would have ended too quickly.”

“Of course. I’ve already become a legend,”Gu Fei said.

“What about the tournament? How’s it going?”Sword Demon asked.

“That goes without saying.”Gu Fei smiled. “Of course it’s the best in the world.”

End of story

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