Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 547

Zhao Xiangyu's sigh

Little Ye Tian jotted down the name Geisel and the clues. After Ye Cang’s explanation, everyone had a clear picture of what was happening here.

Ansa then arranged a wooden house for them to rest and move about.

Ye Cang found an item trader, an old lizard man named Chado. He took a look at what he could trade and there was one skin that caught his interest.

Geisel’s Shedding Scale: Every year, Geisel will shed a few hard scales from its body. It is a precious material in making defensive items.

Knowing that it costs ten thousand Endoss Rock Coins, Ye Cang sighed as he didn’t have rock coins and gold coins could not be used here. Time to earn some money.

Just then, Chado gave a piece of the 2-3 meter long scale to Ye Cang. “Thank you for saving the chief and everyone. Here’s a gift as a token of appreciation.”

Ye Cang was stunned for a second and received it. He was grateful for this action.

The others were thinking about how to earn the rock coins as there were many good items to be traded. Lin Le wanted the poison recipe to make a poison bottle. Meanwhile, AV wanted to trade for the Swamp Lotus accessory.

Everyone then went back to the big wooden house and started to brainstorm on how to earn rock coins.

“Rock Coins are the common currency in the swamp area. It is definitely useful here. Without Rock Coins, I’m afraid we would have trouble with the other tribes as well. Moreover, we haven’t been to their assembly point - Crolona.” Feeling that they had been soaking wet for a long period of time, SpyingBlade felt that it might affect their bodies and cause diseases. So he then made a fire and everyone circled around it to warm themselves up.

“Come on, give your personal opinion on how to earn the rock coins.” Ye Cang crossed his arms and leaned on a wooden piling.

“Brother Lil’White, let’s go find a mountain and take money from those who want to pass the route.” Lin Le acted like a bandit.

Wu Na rolled her eyes. That was a plot from yesterday's television drama…

“Father, didn’t you say the lizard men love wine? I think this is an important point. Just now at the resource department, I saw a wine brewing book written in the dwarf language. However, it costs 200 rock coins if we want to trade for it. They don’t seem to know that it is a book which teaches how to brew wine. Instead, they treat it as an antique which has the smell of wine.” Upon hearing what Little Ye Tian said, Lin Le nodded. “Little Tian and I share the same thought. Looks like my teaching is useful…”

Little Ye Tian ground her teeth as Ye Cang looked at them with much appreciation. God damn it! That @#$% Lele! Steals my credit again! FrozenCloud sighed. “I think the villagers nearby will provide us quests to earn some rock coins. Let’s talk after we get the 200 rock coins.”

“Okay then. Let’s log out and eat first. After that, we’ll log in again and individually scatter around to find quests which can earn us rock coins.” Ye Cang stretched and logged out.

After having his meal, Ye Cang did not immediately log in. Instead, he came to Half-moon Lake.

Seeing Zhao Xiangyu repeating the particular trajectory and move without pause, Ye Cang wondered. Am I being too harsh on her? Because when everything doesn’t turn out that way after overly putting effort, the disappointment and sorrow will be far greater than not putting in any effort. If it’s possible, I wouldn’t want her to be disappointed. He was not resigned. However, as a human, being alive means going through many trials and errors. Some people choose to face the challenges, just like her. There are also people who choose to run away. It all depends on one’s personality and desire. I still don’t know what her dream is. Why is she so desperate to become stronger.

Since Zuo Yiyi had to return to the capital for some events, she had to leave this place for a period of time, leaving Zhao Xiangyu alone.

Zhao Xiangyu was so happy when she saw as Ye Cang suddenly appeared on a big rock. Master is here! She smiled as she looked at that dead-fish look of Ye Cang.

Seeing that bright smile, Ye Cang suddenly dozed off. It was as if he went back to the good old time when he left the house. There was always this smile whenever he turned back to look. He then shook his head. “Today, we’ll increase the difficulty of your training. For example, your reaction and how well you can use your Super Eyes. As for how to start the training, it will be like…Watch out! Lightning Plasma (Raitoningu Purazuma)!”

As he swung his hand, qi was exploding and shooting out chaotically like multiple bullets reflecting. Instantly, Zhao Xiangyu was stunned for a second and quickly defend the first wave. The pain was coming from all over her body as the qi hit her. With her sharp eyes, she swiftly swung her sword to block the bullets from hitting important parts of the body.

Despite that, Ye Cang did not stop. One wave after another. The power was getting stronger and the speed was getting faster. At last, even though Zhang Xiangyu had activated the Future Eye capturing the scene in 0.1 seconds, her body could not keep up with what she saw. Her body had reached its limit. She was exhausted as she panted while holding her sword. Her shirt and shorts were torn after being hit by the qi explosion. She then fainted. Immediately, Ye Cang hugged her waist and slowly put her down on the big rock. He started to heal her up. When she screamed in pain, Ye Cang used a handkerchief to stuff her mouth and continued the healing.

Although Zhao Xiangyu was perfectly fine, she was lying on her stomach and was crying like a woman being raped. There were no differences between the pain of being healed and being tortured. She let out a deep sighed and looked at Ye Cang who was staring at the moon. How can he be so strong? I think he is about the same age as me?

“Going through such hardship and non-stop practices, is there any reason why?” Ye Cang opened a beer and started to drink.

“To prove myself. To make those people who don’t acknowledge me, acknowledge me…” Even though Zhang Xiangyu was worn out, she was extremely serious and was clenching her fists when she said that. Looking at her trembling fists, Ye Cang put on a faint smile and said. “To prove yourself and to be acknowledged by others? That’s a good dream.”

Ye Cang then pulled the dog-tired Zhang Xiangyu up and carried her on his back. With one leap, he jumped at least 10 meters high, towards the direction where Zhao Xiangyu’s apartment was located.

“Master, what about you?” Zhang Xiangyu asked. Feeling the wind brushing against her face, Zhang Xiangyu had already gotten used to it. It was not her first time going home like this.

“Me? Secret.” Ye Cang once again smiled. He then put her on the bed and disappeared through the balcony.

“Damn it…” Zhao Xiangyu sighed. Suddenly, she seemed to remember something as she quickly pulled out the drawer and opened her purse. Cold sweat ran down her cheek. “ 200 bucks gone… Luckily I put most of the money at the base of the bra drawer.”

A random building’s rooftop.

“How naive…” Ye Cang mumbled as he counted the money. With a few leaps, he then disappeared in the night sky like a flash.

Staring at the empty bra drawer, Zhao Xiangyu was astonished. How can he be so cruel! Stealing my money every time! Can’t he just leave me some money for breakfast?! I feel like he comes and teaches me every time after I withdraw money from the bank. She then checked her room’s surroundings to see whether there was any kind of hidden camera like things. Luckily, there was a bag of french bread from the plum garden and milk in the fridge. It should be enough for me to survive tomorrow’s morning and afternoon. As she slowly opened the fridge, she saw that it was empty too.

“God damn it!” After standing stunned there for a while, Zhao Xiangyu said. She immediately took out her phone and called. “Little Beauty, here’s actually what happened. A thief broke into my house again. Oh, it is the 21st time this year? I’m not sure. See you tomorrow.”

At a beach.

Sitting on the coral, Ye Cang was eating the bread and drinking the milk. He was pouting at the same time. “Although they are simple, it’s still better than nothing…”

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