Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 918

Chapter 918

Commissary Store

“Is he Mad Devil Le...this identity…” Brother Zhong changed the screen to Lin Le. He was in a military suit and had a scar and beard on his face. On his shoulders were the ranking bars a colonel had and his underlings were greeting him, “Colonel Le! Any orders?!”

“Give me some equipment! I want to go out and kill people…” Lin Le blurted out.

“......” The audience were speechless. Hey, is it alright to be this straight-forward?

“Yes sir! Colonel! This is the latest equipment in our camp. It’s good for killing people! In order to ensure your safety, Captain Zhao and I will come along to take care of your back!” Captain Le took out all sorts of guns and canons.

“Not bad. Very good.” With a body full of weapons, Lin Le hopped on the Inevitable (name of the tank) and left with the two captains.

“Colonel! You are going?” the soldier in the sentry post asked.

“To kill people…” Lin Le said in a serious manner.

The soldier saluted. “Alright! Open the barriers! Wishing Colonel the best of luck! We await your victorious return! Attention to all sentry post soldiers! Sing the war song!”

While the melody was playing, Lin Le and the tank got further.

“......” Everyone watching the game was dumbfounded. This military camp...

“That’s my Brother Le!” Brother Zhao pointed at the printed Lin Le’s elephant on his shirt. “Let’s look at Roaring Emperor.”

Zhang Zhengxiong was standing in front of a wooden dummy in an ancient courtyard and there was an elder in a dragon suit beside him. “Long, I have a mission for you. Kill these three people for me and you’ll be qualified to learn the Heaven and Earth Overlord Fist. Go now.”

Zhang Zhengxiong bid his farewells to his master and headed to the city on a bicycle.

“His background is pretty good too. Same goes for Flame Emperor. He is a member of the Assassin Association,” Zuo Yiyi was observing.

“LordAsked is a wanted criminal. Even though the character’s strength is not bad, the identity is relatively hard as he would be hunted down by the police force. LordGrinned is a train attendant, Ye Tian that little girl is a receptionist in a bank, ThornyRose is a high school student... Let’s see what Sis Ariel is… A member of Mutants Association but her occupation is a clerk in a corporation. Their backgrounds are quite related. In the second district, if I’m not mistaken, the first killing crystal will appear in the park.” Brother Zhong analyzed the landscape and the background of the Chinese players.

Arriving at the subway station, Ye Cang looked at the route map. Where should I go? Just then, the system made an announcement. The first killing crystal had appeared in Sunset Park. Ye Cang spotted the station on the map and boarded the train.

Yuen Zaiyi, in the form of a kind-looking middle aged man was already in the park, enjoying a cup of milk tea in the commissary store. At this very moment, a person came in. He had the look of a high school student with short hair. He did not have the aura of an ordinary high school student but he was radiating a confident look of a professional player. He is definitely not any of the Four Heavenly Kings nor the three emperors. “Hmph, say your name.”

The high school student ordered a cup of grass jelly and dug into his pocket. Yuen Zaiyi shouted, “Do you want to die?! If there’s a big fuss here, you and I don’t stand a chance at all! We must first kill the three emperors, Four Heavenly Kings, Cain and the others!”

“Maloff,” the high school student reported his identity after some hesitation.

“Yuen Zaiyi,” the man said.

“Are we breaking the rules by doing this?” Maloff was concerned.

“Nope, you and I can still find a chance to kill each other. It’s just that in this current situation, we must work together to get the best out of it.” Yuen Zaiyi had participated in the Chrysanthemum Cup a couple of times hence, he was considered relatively experienced. He knew which rules he could be flexible with. As long as they did not go over the limit, the audience would accept.

Just then, a middle aged woman came in. Even though she walked and talked like a random woman in the market, Yuen Zaiyi smelled something fishy. There must be something wrong if someone comes in at this time. The current female players I’m close with are Nagasawa, Verlianna and Zina. As for ThornyRose, FrozenBlood and the rest from China, I don’t know them at all. But among all of these people, only Nagasawa has such good acting skills. He then blurted out a question, “Nagasawa?”

The woman was shocked for a second and he confirmed it was her. “Don’t move. I’m Yuen Zaiyi and this is Maloff.”

Nagasawa understood his intention in a short while, ordered a bowl of turtle jelly that suited her identity and sat aside to wait for more information.

Upon arriving at the park, Ye Cang scanned through the number of people he encountered and casually came to the convenience store to see three people sitting inside. He felt disgusted, especially knowing Nagasawa was there. WIth a smile, he ordered something, “Hello, one mango ice cream please!”

The three of them felt nothing special after glancing at the little girl who was sitting on the chair swinging her legs. Yet, the audience was already panicking.

“Run! That’s Acting Emperor!”

“I think I can see the crime scene…”

“Acting Emperor is still a little girl and even when not considering the three adults present, he doesn’t have much advantage in the mixed battle!”

“Oh, the long slides are open!” Ye Cang jogged out while licking his ice cream. Nagasawa thought that waiting inside was not a good choice so she decided to go out to look around. She was confident with her acting skills since she was once nominated as the best actress. “Notify me if there’s any…”

Nagasawa walked out of the store and saw the little girl who was eating the ice cream around the corner. She smiled at her and walked past. Yet, she stopped as she sensed a chill that was as if telling her something was amiss. Not being able to react, she felt the nerves of her throat being cut. She turned to look at the little girl to see a utility knife piercing through her heart and she was knocked down to the ground.

Ye Cang quickly used the teddy bear plushie to stuff Nagasawa’s mouth as it helped to block the blood from staining his dress. Grabbing her head and shoulders, he dragged her to the alley behind the store and after confirming that she had ended her last breath, he screamed, “Ahh!!”

Yuen Zaiyi and Maloff quickly rushed out and Ye Cang was pointing at Nagasawa’s corpse in terror. The two of them examined her body and realized the fatal wounds were on her throat and chest. The way of killing was clean and there was not much of hustling and struggling. So, she was attacked before she could react. They turned to look at the terrified little girl, “Where’s the murderer?!”

Ye Cang pointed at the other end of the alley with shaking hands and it was a good bluff. Yuen Zaiyi glanced at Maloff, signalling him to take care of the girl so that she would not spread the news. After that, he gradually walked towards the alley and made a turn.

Maloff smiled, “Don’t be scared. The uncle is a policeman. We’ll handle this. You quickly go find your parents, alright?”

Ye Cang slowly got up and was trying to initiate a hug. Maloff did not pay much attention to it but thinking that for a kid, the trauma will probably stick with her for a very long time. So, he extended his arms and it stirred up the audience.

“We asked you to run!!! Does he have any intelligence?! The Grim Reaper is just right in front of you and you still dare to hug her?!”

“Gosh, it’s gonna be a double kill... a double kill…”

“Acting Emperor is really good at playing a little girl... that shaking body and terrified look were so real. Not to mention, Maloff has a younger sister around that age too. What a coincidence.”

Upon hugging Ye Cang, Maloff felt pain in his chest. He quickly shoved Ye Cang off to see the entire blade of the utility knife pierced deep into his chest. He looked at the little girl’s innocent smile and heard her say “I love you yo~ Uncle Policeman~”

His vision turned black as the little girl pulled out the knife. He heard a vague voice which resembled Yuen Zaiyi’s.

“Who are you?!” Feeling skeptical about turning into the junction, Yuen Zaiyi came back just in time to witness Ye Cang pulling out the knife.

“Broken Sin Primary School, grade four A class, Akili. What about you, uncle?” Ye Cang repeatedly pushed and pulled the blade in and out with a cute but cold-blooded smile.

Feeling the extreme danger about to come, Yuen Zaiyi fled as fast as he could.

Ye Cang did not rush over as he used the killing points to upgrade his utility knife talent and developed a new talent - The Telekinesis User. He tossed one utility knife up into the sky and chased after Yuen Zaiyi with another knife in his hand.

“Be careful! It’s a dead end!” Ye Cang reminded him. Just then, a knife dropped straight down from the sky, slicing through Yuen Zaiyi’s hand that was pressed on the wall to help him leap across to escape. Not only did he fall to the ground, he was forced to turn around and face Ye Cang. Hundred Flower Fist! Shadow Fist - Roaring Tiger!

Ye Cang used Random Step to dodge all the attacks and reappeared behind him. Due to the advantage in height difference, Ye Cang was able to cut the tendons on his right leg. As one of the top players, Yuen Zaiyi sent a roundhouse kick with his left leg. Yet, Ye Cang dodged again and sliced his tendons on the left this time, followed by the nerves on the hands and arteries. That was literally a torture. At last, he stood behind Yuen Zaiyi who was kneeling and pierced his knife through his heart, “Don’t choose a dead end as your escape route. You must be fast and accurate. Gosh, why do you need me to teach you such elementary stuff? You…”

“So, it’s you...Acting…” Yuen Zaiyi died with deep hatred etched in his heart.

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