Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 938

Chapter 938


Ye Cang was standing on top of a building, enjoying the merit points he was collecting. Moments later, he laid on his left side and picked his nose. Sigh, I still have a while to wait.

“Wukong, look at what your master is doing! Quick!” the audience outside the arena.

Flame Emperor was leading Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le to search for Zero’s presence. In the city, the two main forces had suffered injuries but only the Assassin Association was in complete form. Zero was watching Alyssa, Alliya and Evena on television. Master Sanzang? Meh, I have no time for this. I must focus on tomorrow’s election. The entire Kyoto will belong to us, the assassins.

Lin Le suddenly stopped as they passed underneath a viaduct. His ahoge was standing upright. “I feel like there’s a player inside the train…”

“I’ll go have a guys go ahead, I’ll catch up swiftly,” Flame Emperor disappeared.

Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le continued to head towards the direction Flame Emperor pointed them to.

Knowing that she was two stations away from the city center, Ajasnar started to get excited. Just then, a chilly voice came from behind, “The game is over…”

Ajasnar shivered. She wanted to turn around but she was frozen. “Who.. who are you… Acting Emperor, Roar Emperor or Flame Emperor?”

“It doesn't matter. You should be glad that the game is over… stubborn woman…” Flame Emperor's flamy hands pinched her face from behind with a smile. “Let's continue to enjoy the game…”

Flame Emperor disappeared in a cloud of flames and returned to Zhang Zhengxiong’s and Lin Le’s side.

“Who was that?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked with a smile.

“A random African player…” Flame Emperor did not explain much.

On the train, Ajasnar felt helpless for being discriminated against. So, that's Flame Emperor? The ruler who won three consecutive championships. Recalling the tone when he spoke, she bit her lips. She was not resigned. Is the difference between us really that big? What does he mean by the game is over? Bet he is saying that I have no chance of winning…

Verlianna caught up to Ajasnar. Originally, she wanted to make a move but she chose not to. It's useless. I'm quite close with her since we went shopping the last time she came to Europe. “What's the matter?”

“Flame Emperor was here…”

“And you’re not dead yet? Don't tell me… you and him… that's unexpected from you…”

“What do you think? He doesn't even bother killing me. He left after throwing insults at me and I don't even have the chance to resist. I was completely helpless…” Ajasnar's words made Zuo Yiyi laugh, “That's not even considered ‘truly oppressed’. Wait until you meet my teacher… You will then understand what he meant by the game was over…”

“Well, it's normal. Flame Emperor has always been arrogant. He only respects those he acknowledged. Throughout the years, I have been enduring endless tortures by him. He treats everyone equally irrespective of gender. Cruel and heartless as usual… I once doubt that he is… this…” Verlianna curled her finger.

“I think so too. I feel much better now.” Akasnar sighed, “Let's fight or else we’ll be violating the rules. Be careful of Cane.”

The two ladies fought each other.

Little did they know that Cane saw how Flame Emperor insulted Ajasnar. He is so strong. I'm no match for him. He decided to trail him and saw three supernatural players killing the members of the Assassins Association. WTF! He’s breaking the rules already, isn't he?! They’re forming a team! It's obvious that they are the three emperors! Why isn't the system punishing them?!

What he did not know was that the three of them were already considered losers. The moment Flame Emperor admitted his loss, the system had removed him from the survivor list. The same went for Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le. They were disqualified players who were not dead, similar to the NPCs.

“Someone is trailing us! He has evil intentions!” Lin Le shouted as his ahoge pointed behind.

“Since you know he’s up to no good, can you not shout it out loud to let him know?! You can always whisper so I can go kill him…” Flame Emperor was speechless.

“Just bear with it. That’s how Lele behaves. That fella over there, come out! You know who you are!” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted.

Knowing he was totally no match for them, Cane walked out with a frown, “Do you guys know that your actions are seriously violating the rules... do you?”

“Violating the rules? What does that mean?” Lin Le questioned.

“Cane, the three of us are already out of the game. It’s better for you not to trigger us so go ahead and enjoy your Eternal Killer game. Acting Emperor is the only player from the China region…” Flame Emperor smirked.

Cane understood the situation. It was not that the system did not punish them but they were no longer in the survivor list. He gasped. Who can disqualify them? Acting Emperor? Just how strong is he?!

“Wow, battling my brother with that little power of his? It’s almost like a grasshopper blocking a nuclear bomb…” Zhang Zhengxiong stared at Cane’s back, gradually getting smaller as he left.

“Don’t bother. Let’s complete our mission of killing Zero. There might be a hidden version for this game.” Flame Emperor recalled all the pain he previously suffered. The game developer will usually protect players from experiencing such levels of pain in an ordinary game. “I remember you mentioned that you’ve received the genes of the martial arts saint. How does it feel?”

“OMG. It was so painful that I felt like I was at the brink of death. How am I going to describe that? Hmm... it’s just like someone pouring hot boiling oil into your brain and the searing blood is burning every cell in your bones… Something like that?” Zhang Zhengxiong was unhappy about it.

Flame Emperor nodded, “What about you, Lele?”

“Me? I feel nothing. I became stronger after using the satellite attack. Oh shit! I have two more episodes that I haven’t finished! Quickly finish this mission! I need to watch the ending of that drama!”

“......” Flame Emperor exclaimed. He is indeed the Mad Devil Le. So, he was the one who killed both leaders from the Mutants Association and the military.

According to his knowledge, Flame Emperor expected almost all families including the Ten Great Families and his Li family, to participate in the virtual world. This is because on some occasions, players might get some powers from the virtual world. But of course, it would be top secret and very special given that it is as rare as hen’s teeth. For example, in game, players’ senses are being enhanced to the extent that everything becomes more than real. According to the rules, it is not permitted for the game developers to do so and once there is danger, the player will be forcefully disconnected from the game. But it didn't happen just now. That’s strange. Rumors have it that there was once on the Evolving Island, Chrysanthemum Emperor gained some powers that were convertible to reality but no one knows how real the story is. Anyway, there were also some cases in the Great Families where people learned some unknown martial arts from the special realm like Hundred Crack Fists. It was something FlameDynast, MadDragon and MadSky brought back from the virtual world but well, it was rarely used.

“What do you mean by hidden version?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked and Flame Emperor shook his head, “Nothing, let’s get going.”

“Oh, Brother Lele, if you notice someone trailing us or something, please don’t shout. You can always whisper to us…” Flame Emperor said.

“Oh, okay, Old Flame,” Lin Le gave an awkward nod of his head.

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