Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 1453 Battle Opportunity

Chapter 1453 Battle Opportunity

Lin Mu was feeling quite interested in Immortal Juo's bloodline and felt like he should look it up later.

"You are right. The Steel Horned Barbaric Ogres are indeed talented in Body cultivation. And not just that, but they even have their own body cultivation methods." Xukong spoke after having observed Lin Mu's thoughts.

"They are?" Lin Mu was quite interested after hearing this.

After all, there weren't any other Body Cultivators to learn from so far.

"Indeed. The Steel Horned Barbaric Ogres are the more violent members of the ogre race. But at the same time they can also be considered as the top talents of their race too." Xukong answered. "And looking at this Immortal Juo, I can say for sure that his bloodline isn't assimilated but inherited."

"Inherited? You mean to say, he has descended from the Steel Horned Barbaric Ogre race?" Lin Mu was surprised as it was his first time seeing someone like this.

"Quite possibly. And it might not be a distant relation either. I'm guessing it should be his father or grandfather." Xukong stated.

"I see…" Hearing all this made Lin Mu feel a bit enlightened.

Immortal Juo had no idea that Lin Mu had an entire conversation in the span of mere seconds and had also learned more about his bloodline in that time. To him, it only seemed like Lin Mu was surprised.

"You see, my bloodline is innately favored to battling. As such, it makes me seek out opponents and the bloodline assists in that too. It allows me to sense all those with strong potential and bloodlines." Immortal Juo explained.

"No wonder… so what is it that you want with me, ultimately?" Lin Mu questioned.

While he could somewhat guess the man's intentions and was mostly sure that it was to fight him. But at the same time, there was no need for the man to go about such a long winded way.

"I wish to challenge you of course." Immortal Juo answered. "But as you are right now… it won't be a good battle. You need to get stronger for sure." He added.

"Hmm, but then why ask me all that at start?" Lin Mu asked in doubt.

"Well… you aren't the first interesting opponent I've come across. But most that I have in the past were mistaken about their strength. They would rush in according to their ideals and interfere in situations that they knew little about.

Safe to say, most of them lost their lives before they could become any significant." Immortal Juo explained. "But you… you have a good head on your shoulders. I'll look forward to your progress."

Now this was something Lin Mu could actually get behind.

'An opportunity to battle a body cultivator and Steel Horned Barbaric Ogre bloodline owner would be interesting…' Lin Mu thought to himself.

He could already imagine the number of things he would get to learn from him. But at the same time, he also knew there was no use in rushing it. He needed to get a lot stronger before he could challenge the man.

"Alright then… I'll look forward to it in the future." Lin Mu agreed much to Immortal Juo's pleasure.

"Excellent." The man said before taking out a crude looking metal token. "Take this," he threw it to Lin Mu.


The metal token was a lot heavier than it looked and clanged against Lin Mu's tough skin, creating a metallic song.

Immortal Juo noticed that, but didn't question it, simply attributing it to Lin Mu being a body cultivator.

"When you think you are ready, use that to notify me." Immortal Juo stated.

"Mm, alright. I shall do that then." Lin Mu replied.

"I'll look forward to meeting you in the future. Even if it might be a few hundred years later." Immortal Juo said before going back to pick up the unconscious body of Luo Tu.

The man looked like he was close to death, but could still continue for a while, with his vitality as an immortal. Besides, even if his body died, the man would still be able to revive using his Nascent soul.

The only issue would be that it would be a bit more difficult.

Though with the wealth of the Luo clan, it wouldn't be hard for them to find a body for Luo Tu, or even construct an entirely new one for him from scratch.


Immortal Juo slung Luo Tu on his back, before leaping away with a kick.

The ground caved in and another crater was created from it.

"Sure enough… Body cultivator." Lin Mu was familiar with environmental destruction caused by casual strength.

After all, he had caused more than enough of it himself.

With the departure of Immortal Juo, Lin Mu didn't wait either. The guards of the Skylark city had also appeared by now and began their work.

A lot of trouble had been caused in the city after a long time and it was clear that this matter was not gonna cool down for a while. On some level, this incident had also made the security force of the Skylark city lose its face.

Their reputation had been threatened, and it was clear that their higher ups would not be taking this lightly.

All of this was of no concern to Lin Mu, who was quickly making his way to the Transcontinental Teleportation Array.

'At least the traffic has reduced considerably because of the fight earlier…' Lin Mu saw that nearly 80% of the traffic had reduced.

Most of the people were either hiding in their residence, fearing that they might be caught up in this, or simply ran away, not wanting to be involved.

,m It allowed Lin Mu to reach the site of the array quickly.

"So this is the place… the building is rather large." Lin Mu appeared in front of a large circular building that had a large dome on top.

He walked into the entrance before finding the counter for registrations on the side.


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