Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 1455 Shu Shaoxing

Chapter 1455 Shu Shaoxing

After three days of shopping and leisure, the time for the Transcontinental Teleportation array to activated had arrived.


"The reminder is here just like the clerk said..." Lin Mu looked at the token that he had been given.

There were two hours before the array would activate and Lin Mu was close enough to the building to reach it within a day.

'At least I've bought more than enough things to last for a while. Also, some information I wanted to study.' Lin Mu was pleased with his 'haul'.

With the number of items he had bought, one could easily set up a large shop. Lin Mu didn't even know how many Immortal Stones he had spent, but he did know that he had basically bought out the stock of shops selling anything that could be used as a cooking ingredient or spice.

It would last long enough for Little Shrubby to use it for quite some time.

'I also managed to get some materials to improve Little Shrubby's equipment.' Lin Mu noted the task.

The things that Lin Mu wanted to upgrade were the Spatial Storage Belt that Little Shrubby had as well as the harness.

While thinking of all this, Lin Mu soon reached his destination.

"I'll send you to the Sleepscape for now little Shrubby." Lin Mu told the beast.

"Okay! I'll test some recipes till then." Little Shrubby couldn't hold back from using the ingredients they had obtained.

"Alright." Lin Mu said before sending the beast into the Sleepscape.

With that done, he walked into the building fielding it to be crowded today.

"Oh? There's quite a lot of people this time." Lin Mu could see at least a hundred people in the building right now.

Everyone was waiting in the lobby thus it seemed a bit crowded. Lin Mu hadn't seen the main area of the building since it was closed off, but knew that it was a lot bigger than this. The main area would only open at the time of the array's activation.

Lin Mu looked at the people and found there to be a lot of merchants. It was very obvious due to the large amount of goods they were bringing along.

In fact, the entire reason why the lobby seemed so crowded was because of the goods that the merchants were carrying.

"These should be the richer merchants, if they can use the Transcontinental Teleportation array like this..." Lin Mu reckoned.

"That's right brother." A person suddenly spoke.

"Oh?" Lin Mu turned to look at the man who had approached him.

He looked to be in his mid twenties and was relatively young looking from his skin that was almost flawless. He seemed to be at the third Tribulation Stage of the Immortal realm and had no specific aura around him.

"Is it your first time talking the Transcontinental Teleportation array?" The man asked.

"You can say that." Lin Mu replied.

"Then it's going to be a good experience for you." The man said with a smile. "I still remember my first trip. I was so sick after it. Took me two days to recover from the nausea." He laughed.

"Ah, yeah. Teleportation induced nausea, I'm used to it." Lin Mu replied.

"Haha, its always fun seeing newbies go through it. We sometime bet on who will take the longest to recover." The man seemed to be quite talkative.

Lin Mu analyzed the man's behavior but couldn't see anything wrong with it. Other than being a little forward, the man hadn't done anything bad. It just looked like someone that liked to talk.

"Still, it's a bit surprising these many people are still going to the Holy Topaz Empire at this time." The man spoke while looking around.

"Why's that?" Lin Mu asked.

"Well... with the Tournament of the Four Guardians happening next year, most of the people are heading to the Dao Wind Empire. And with how expensive the teleportation fees will get later on, most will want to go beforehand.

Besides, the travel time within the Dao Wind Empire is quite long too." The man replied.

"I see." Lin Mu nodded his head.

"Are you not from here? Brother... ah, wait I forgot to introduce myself." The man apologized. "I am Shu Shaoxing." He spoke while cupping his hands.

"I am Mu Lin. And yes, I'm not from here either. I came from the Eight Kingdom Alliance." Lin Mu replied with his fake name again.

"So it's brother Mu Lin. Also, the Eight Kingdom Alliance? Aren't they about to be embroiled in some war now?" Shu Shaoxing replied.

"A war?" Lin Mu recalled the information that the people of Huyun clan had said before. 'The Great Wave kingdom and the Purple Sparrow Kingdom were starting to have conflicts back then.'

"Yes." Shu Shaoxing nodded his head. "Well... to be honest it's mostly a rumor. This isn't official news, but I've heard this from a few merchants recently." He clarified.

"Perhaps it might happen." Lin Mu though knew that it was most likely happening.

The conflict was running deep and all it would need was a little spark to ignite it all.

"Forget this useless rumor, tell me brother why are you going to the Holy Topaz Continent?" Shu Shaoxing questioned. "Of course, only if you want to say it." He added as courtesy.

"I just want to get some refinement materials as well as immortal herbs there." Lin Mu replied.

It wasn't exactly false, so there was no reason Lin Mu couldn't say this.

"Ah! Brother Mu Lin has the same reason as me then." Shu Shaoxing clapped his hands.

"You're going for materials too?" Lin Mu raised a brow.

"Of course. I'm looking to study a lot of Immortal herbs and grasses." Shu Shaoxing spoke but then saw the look of slight confusion on Lin Mu's face. "Oh, I forgot to tell you. I am a Herb cultivator. Or more specifically I'm studying various grasses." He explained.

This wasn't Lin Mu's first time finding someone like this but it was certainly his first time in the Rust Sky world.


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