Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 2202 Death Qi Boundary

Chapter 2202  Death Qi Boundary

"You can use the desk," Lin Mu spoke. "It's connected to the arrays." He added.

"Ah perfect. You even made this work as a war room, huh." Crown Prince Feng Shun was impressed by the amount of work Lin Mu had done.

"Daoist Chu assisted a lot too." Lin Mu couldn't take credit for it all alone.

"Of course," Crown Prince Feng Shun said with a smile before taking out a jade slip.

The others did the same and they all placed it on the large stone desk.


As soon as they did, a few formation circle appeared under the jade slips and linked up with the array in the stone desk. They connected successfully before the information was all transferred to a central formation array.


Three Formation Screens manifested above the desk, showing the information that was contains within the jade slips.

Each of the Jade slips had been recorded with all kinds of information, both textural as well as visual.


Just as they had set these up though, several sets of footsteps were heard.

"Right on time." Qiao De said, looking at the others who had now joined them.

"I reckon you got a lot of information from surveying?" Lady Kang asked.

She had already gotten a bit of input from Min Ju decided to head here immediately so that she could get all of it at once.

"We sure did." Crown Prince Feng Shun nodded.

"Min Ju, place yours as well." Lady Kang ordered.

"Yes," The maid said, adding the fourth jade slip causing another formation screen to appear.

Lin Mu looked at the formation screens, finding swarms of Chimeric beasts being displayed on them.

"Auroch Chimeric Beasts, and several other mixed Chimeric beasts." Lin Mu observed.

"There's at least four swarms of the Chimeric beasts within a five hundred kilometer radius of us." Crown Prince Feng Shun stated. "Though thankfully none of them seem to be as big as the swarm that you slaughtered." He added.

"That's good to hear." Lin Mu said. "How big are they compared to the previous one though?" he asked.

"They are of varying sizes with the smallest being twenty percent of the first one and the biggest being eighty percent of the size." Crown Prince Feng Shun said as the visually showing the Chimeric beasts appeared on the formations screens under his control.

"Hmm… One of the swarms is entirely composed of the Auroch Chimeric beasts, but the other three are mixed." Lin Mu noted.

"Their behavior is a big strange though." Crown Princess Shang spoke up.

"How so?" Lin Mu asked while the others paid attention.

"Let me show you all." Crown Princess Shang said and changed the view.

They now saw the edge of the four Chimeric beast swarms.

"Huh… They are standing in a single file?" Lin Mu saw that not even a single beast was out of order.

This was extremely strange, as these weren't intelligent beasts at all. And even if they were, there was no reason for them to act like this.

Beasts would roam around as they wished or sleep when they didn't need to hunt.

But the Chimeric beasts simply stood while letting out occasional cries. They didn't even sway or step around while standing. It almost felt like they were statues.

"Did they attack you?" Ziran asked, finding the behavior quite strange. "Chimeric beasts are certainly not known for their patience… if anything they attack everything on sight unless it is their kin. Though sometimes they attack their kin too." He explained.

"They did attack us." Min Ju spoke up this time. "But when they did, there was a strange movement of the Death Qi." She said, controlling the view.


The formations screens changed to show a thin line of Death Qi rising from the ground. The line didn't exist before and was probably deep in the ground.

But once it appeared above the surface, the Chimeric beasts got restless.

The sounds of the beasts became louder, while they started to shuffled around.

Lin Mu watched it all careful until finally the line of Death Qi dispersed!


One that happened, the Chimeric beasts started to rush out and moved around chaotically. They stomped on all that stood in their path while crushing boulders with ease.

It was quite a shocking sight and would terrify the average person if they saw it.

"This is easily on the level of a massive Beast Tide." Daoist Chu commented.

"This is worse than that. The beasts seem to go insane once the Death Qi 'boundary' disappeared." Crown Prince Feng Shun stated. "We all saw this happen in different sections of the area and they beasts attacked us." He added.

"We fought the ones that came close and retreated as far as we could." Crown Princess Shang stated.

"Did the Chimeric beasts stop pursuing you all?" Elder Hu inquired this time.

"They did… But only when another Death Qi boundary formed." Crown Prince Feng Shun answered.

"The movement of the Death Qi boundary is unusual. We cannot sense any logic or reasoning behind it." Qiao De stated. "None of my tools gave a satisfactory response, while some of them directly broke." He added.


The merchant let out a sad sight at the loss of his tools. They were at least mid quality Immortal tools that were able to work even in Baleful energies. But the Death Qi turned out to be ab it too much for them.

The group looked at the recordings and tried to make sense of just what was happening. "How often did this boundary shift happen?" Lady Kang seemed to have thought of something.

"There isn't an exact time frame for it. It ranged anywhere from an hour to eight hours." Crown Prince Feng Shun informed.

"Still, since there is a uniform boundary like that which is passively controlling the movement of the Chimeric Beasts, it is probably the work of some kind of array." Ziran spoke up. "I've seen something like this before, but it was not with Death Qi." He added.

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