Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 930 - Tons Of Gold

Chapter 930 - Tons Of Gold

Lin Mu had not expected the reality to be like this.

"I'm pretty sure I used to get hurt by less than this." Lin Mu said, still finding it unusual.

"Actually that was for Qi skills, I don't think you tested heat damage any time after your breakthrough." Xukong spoke.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows and thought of it for a while before recalling that it was true. Even the recent battle that he had gotten injured in was with Ku Waowen, who was using some truly strong attacks.

"That's right… I've never tested something like this before." Lin Mu said with a sense of realization.

It also made him happy, since it meant that the part of suffering that one had to go through to practice the True Gold Body Forging Arts was gone now.

"It's really good for you. You will be able to progress even faster." Xukong added.

"Indeed, senior. Now I can't wait to do this on a mass scale." Lin Mu replied.

Having found even better motivation, Lin Mu decided to go the full length for the next refinement. He was going to attempt the very first stage of the technique properly this time.

'First, I need to determine how much I exactly weigh.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

Weighing himself was not something he had done before and was a new thing for him.

"Now then… how do I actually go about doing this?" Lin Mu wondered.

Thinking for a minute, he quickly came up with a solution. He took out a few objects from the ring and started to build something. The first was a pair of metal plates that were used for forging.

These plates could be hammered into different shapes and were used to make armor, but here he was going to use them for a different purpose. More importantly, he picked them because they were of the same size and shape.

Then he took out a large log that was about four meters wide. The final item he took out was some rope. He then punched some holes in the corners of the metal plates and tied the ropes at an equal length.

Then finally he attached the metal plates with the rope to the wooden log. With this, his makeshift scale was made.

"Now, to just have something to measure against." Lin Mu said as he took out metal bricks and ingots.

These were all of the equal weight and it was even written on it, thus making a convenient way to measure for himself. There were many different sizes of bricks in his storage and they would serve as measuring weights.

Lin Mu hung the long from its center to the side of a cliff and went to stand in one of the metal plates. He made sure that he was barely touching it and not exerting actual weight, as it would completely tilt the scale.

Then he threw out a brick of 10 kilograms bronze into the other metal plate. This of course made them shift and go down. But Lin Mu's body stopped the other plate from coming up too much.

Using his body as a counterweight, Lin Mu kept on adding more and more bricks until he felt like the force was almost equal.

'Now, to get the proper number.' Lin Mu said and fully sat down on the plate without floating.


Slight sound was made from the stretching and flexing of the scales along with their tilting. But after a few seconds they stabilize, with Lin Mu's body being lowed.

"I'll add smaller ones now." Lin Mu said as he threw a few one kilogram bricks on the other plate.

At a certain point, the scales tilted on the other side, and Lin Mu was elevated. Lin Mu repeated the same process with lower weight bricks and went back and forth two more times before he got a proper balance.

"There we go!" Lin Mu said as he counted the bricks and estimated his weight.

"126.5 Kilograms." Lin Mu measured.

It was a relatively high weight for someone of Lin Mu's stature and build, if they compared him to a commoner. Someone like him would likely look way fatter, but his body cultivation skewed that result at the very start.

Having known his weight, Lin Mu did a quick estimate of how much gold he would be needing.

"62,122.5 Kilograms… Damn, that's a lot." Lin Mu muttered.

And it truly was a massive amount for most people and even cultivators. Thankfully, Lin Mu had many times more than that amount with him. Some of the gold was in the form of proper ingots, while the rest was in the form of irregular chunks.

There were even other items made out of gold that were mostly for display, like novelty armors, statues, weapons, and many other things. But Lin Mu knew that he couldn't use all of these without processing them, as they were often mixed with other metals.

Instead of all those, he simply used gold ingots that were mostly pure and had no metals in them, other than some impurities that were way harder to remove.


"Let's get this started so that we can progress effectively." Lin Mu said as he sent a message to Little Shrubby.

He will be needing some help during this all and Little Shrubby was the perfect for this. Jing Luo was also someone who could do it, but with his current duties, he had little time to even think for himself and was busy with teaching and building.

It would take some time for Little Shrubby to return to him since he was out exploring the Kong Plane. Thus, while the beast returned, Lin Mu did other preparations. He first divided the gold into three different piles that would be used in the 3 different steps.

The first pile was 251 kilograms, the second 1506 kilograms and the third one being 60,240 kilograms.

Soon there was a hill of literal gold beside Lin Mu, and all he had to do was wait for his help to arrive.

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