War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Chapter 3344 - All Grown Up

Chapter 3344: All Grown Up

Among everyone present on the scene, only Meng Chuan and the Soaring Celestial Emperor had met Ji Yu Nian, the Fragmentary Element Celestial Emperor, before. Moreover, when they met him, he had always worn a dragon mask. Therefore, they did not recognize him immediately when he had appeared earlier.

If the elegant beauty next to Ji Yu Nian did not speak up, they would not have been able to figure out Ji Yu Nian’s identity at all. It was unfortunate that it was too late when the Soaring Celestial Emperor figured out Ji Yu Nian’s identity. In the end, the Explosive Flame Celestial Emperor died an incredibly horrible death.

Although the other titled Celestial Emperors had never met Ji Yu Nian, they had heard of him before.

“So he’s Ji Yu Nian, the Fragmentary Element Celestial Emperor and the Grand Elder of the dragon clan in the Ten Thousand Beasts Heaven?”

“I’ve heard of the Fragmentary Element Celestial Emperor before! To think he killed the Explosive Flame Celestial Emperor, who was one of the strongest titled Celestial Emperors in the service of the Heavenly Emperor of the Boundless Heaven, so easily!”

“How terrifying!”

Meanwhile, the six titled Celestial Emperors who had escaped from the Thousand Chains Prison lit up with hope when they saw Ji Yu Nian even though they were shocked and surprised by Ji Yu Nian’s appearance and his intention to help them.

At this moment, You Feng Yu, the Palace Master of the Heavenly Pool Palace, greeted Ji Yu Nian with an unsightly expression on his face. “Elder Ji.” How could he not be displeased that the Explosive Flame Celestial Emperor, whom his maternal grandfather, the Heavenly Emperor of the Boundless Heaven, had sent to help him, had died? He said frostily, “The Explosive Flame Celestial Emperor was sent by my grandfather to help me capture these prisoners. I hope you can give an explanation on why you killed him…”

Others might fear Ji Nian Yu, but You Feng Yu was not. Similar to Meng Chuan, he knew Ji Nian Yu would not kill him because of his grandfather, the Heavenly Emperor of the Boundless Heaven. Although he did not care much about the death of the Explosive Flame Celestial Emperor, he had to keep up his imposing air to keep everyone’s spirits high. After all, he could see the Soaring Celestial Emperor and the Water Staff Celestial Emperor had thoughts about retreating.

“An explanation?” Ji Niang Yu looked at You Feng Yu indifferently as he said, “Perhaps, I might provide your grandfather with an explanation if he were here, but you’re not worthy to demand an explanation from me…”

“Elder Ji, do you intend to provoke the Heavenly Pool Palace and the Heavenly Palace of Boundless Heaven?” You Feng Yu did not expect Ji Nian Yu would refuse him so blatantly. His expression darkened immediately as he glared at Ji Nian Yu. If looks could kill, Ji Nian Yu would have already died.

“If that’s how you want to interpret it, so be it,” Ji Nian Yu replied nonchalantly, clearly unbothered by You Feng Yu’s threats.

“You!” You Feng Yu was furious. However, there was nothing he could now apart from sending a message to his maternal grandfather, the Heavenly Emperor of Boundless Heaven.

When the Heavenly Emperor of the Boundless Heaven received You Feng Yu’s message earlier, he had sent the Soaring Celestial Emperor, the Water Staff Celestial Emperor, and the Explosive Flame Celestial Emperor to help You Feng Yu. However, he did not expect Ji Nian Yu would show up as well.

“How presumptuous! I’ll be there shortly” The Heavenly Emperor of the Boundless Heaven was displeased upon receiving You Feng Yu’s latest message, especially when he heard about how Ji Nian Yu disregarded him.

After receiving his grandfather’s reply, You Feng Yu’s eyes were bright as he said to Ji Nian Yu meaningfully, “My grandfather is on his way here now. Are you going to wait for him or scurry away like a rat?”

As soon as You Feng Yu finished speaking, Ji Nian Yu’s expression darkened slightly. He scoffed before he flashed and reappeared in front of You Feng Yu.


You Feng Yu hastily mobilized his energy to defend himself, but he was no match for Ji Nian Yu.

Ji Nian Yu easily broke through You Feng Yu’s defense and struck him at the chest, sending him flying in the air. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he tried to stabilize his footing.

“Palace Master!” The titled Celestial Emperors from the Heavenly Pool Palace cried out in horror when they saw the badly injured You Feng Yu.

Ji Nian Yu calmly said, “You Feng Yu, you haven’t improved the slightest bit even after so many years have passed. Even that young woman is much stronger than you…” He glanced at Xu Ya Si briefly at the end of his words.

Based on Ji Nian Yu’s words, it seemed like he had arrived a while ago and was observing the fight.

Upon sensing the gazes of the titled Celestial Emperors from the Heavenly Pool Palace, Ji Nian Yu asked airily, “Do any of you want to challenge me? All of you can attack at the same time if you want.”

Although Ji Nian Yu was arrogant, it was not surprising since he was indeed very strong.

The titled Celestial Emperors from the Heavenly Pool Palace exchanged a look. None of them dared to make a move at all.

At this moment, Ji Nian You’s eyes suddenly found Yang Xiao Tian, the Howling Heaven Celestial Emperor. “No wonder I found you familiar… Aren’t you the Three-Eyed Celestial Emperor’s Howling Heaven Celestial Dog? What are you doing in the Heavenly Pool Palace? You’re better off staying with the Three-eye Celestial Emperor…” He shook his head at the end of his words.

“Senior Ji.” Yang Xiao Tian was not angered by Ji Nian Yu’s words. Instead, he looked slightly embarrassed and fearful as he said, “There’s some conflict between my eldest brother and me. That’s why I left to calm down.”

Yang Jian, whom Yang Xiao Tian treated as his eldest brother, had brought him along to meet Ji Nian Yu in the past to challenge Ji Nian Yu to a duel. In the beginning, Yang Jian was no match for Ji Nian Yu at all and would always suffer a heavy beating. It was only not too long ago that Yang Jian could fight to a draw with Ji Nian Yu.

Ji Nian Yu nodded slightly after listening to Yang Xiao Tian’s explanation.

At this moment, You Feng Yu who had recovered from Ji Nian Yu’s beating grimly asked, “Why are you interfering with the Heavenly Pool Palace’s matter?”

“Regarding this matter, you’ll have to ask the three little ones standing behind me,” Ji Nian Yu said nonchalantly. His tone softened considerably when he mentioned the three young people behind him.

With these words, everyone, including Duan Ling Tian, looked at three young people standing behind Ji Nian Yu and the elegant beauty.

At this moment, the golden-clad young woman looked at the black-clad young man and white-clad young man as she said smugly, “Little Black, Little White, I was right! Brother Ling Tian doesn’t recognize us at all!”

“Fine, fine, you’re right!” the white-clad young man said with a hint of helplessness and amusement.

Although the trio’s voices were not loud, everyone heard their words clearly.

Everyone, including Pei Yuan Ji and You Feng Yu, shifted their attention to Duan Ling Tian as soon as they heard these words.

‘Little Black? Little White?’ Duan Ling Tian was so stunned by the trio’s conversation that he did not pay attention to the others at all. He looked at the trio again for a moment before realization dawned on him. His heart raced in his chest as he thought to himself, ‘I-it’s them? They’ve all grown up!’

Duan Ling Tian recalled the time when the trio were just children when they gained their human forms. The three people before him had grown up and looked to be his age. At this moment, he finally realized why he had found the trio so familiar; they were the two small pythons and the little golden mouse who followed him in the past.

“Brother Ling Tian.” The aloof black-clad young man was the first to move. He flew out and came to a stop in front of Duan Ling Tian and smiled. His expression was no longer cold when faced with Duan Ling Tian.

“Little Black?” Duan Ling Tian said tentatively as he looked at the black-clad young man who was almost as tall as him. Although he knew the identity of the black-clad young man now, he still found it hard to believe.

“Yes, it’s me.” The black-clad young man’s eyes lit up. His body trembled slightly due to the overwhelming emotions in his heart and he reached out to Duan Ling Tian as tears threatened to spill out of his eyes.

“Little Black, it really is you!” Duan Ling Tian stepped forward and hugged Little Black. He could barely restrain his emotions at this moment. He felt as though he had been reunited with his family again.

It had been more than 200 years since he had last seen Little Black, Little White, and Little Gold. The little ones were all grown up now.

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