War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Chapter 3346 - Small Talk

Chapter 3346: Small Talk

Duan Ling Tian had been very close to exposing the existence of the Five Divine Elements in front of the group of titled Celestial Emperors earlier. He would be like a walking invaluable treasure in their eyes once the Five Divine Elements were exposed. After all, almost no one could ignore the Five Divine Elements.

Even in their lowest forms, the Five Divine Elements could still help titled Celestial Emperors who comprehended laws with similar elements and increased their chances to attain godhood. Attaining godhood was the dream of every titled Celestial Emperor.

Among all the Heavenly Emperors of the Devata Realms, there were less than a handful who were capable of attaining godhood. Therefore, even Heavenly Emperors would covet the Five Divine Elements.

If everyone knew Duan Ling Tian possessed the Five Divine Elements, there was no doubt he would be targeted no matter where he went.

At this moment, Little Gold asked curiously, “Brother Ling Tian, where are Sister Ke’er and Sister Fei’er? Did all of you ascend to the Devata Realm together?”

“Ke’er and Fei’er?” Duan Ling Tian fell silent upon hearing Little Gold’s question. Hatred and anger flashed in his eyes when he said, “They’re not here. In fact, they’re not in any of the Devata Realms…”

“They’re not in any of the Devata Realms?” Little Gold frowned. “Impossible. Little Black, Little White, and I returned to the Saint Province Realm. Not only did we fail to find you, but we couldn’t find Sister Ke’er and Sister Fei’er as well…”

Little Black and Little White looked at Duan Ling Tian as well, waiting for his answer.

“They’re in a Realm of Gods called the Divine Offering Land,” Duan Ling Tian said in a low voice

“A Realm of Gods? The Divine Offering Land?”

Little Gold, Little White, and Little Black frowned upon hearing Duan Ling Tian’s words. They had heard about Realms of Gods, but they had never heard of one called the Divine Offering Land.

Meanwhile, Ji Ning Yun, the Fourth Elder of the dragon clan, looked at Duan Ling Tian curiously as well. After all, even she was in awe of the Realms of Gods.

Little White asked, confused, “Brother Ling Tian, why are Sister Ke’er and Sister Fei’er in a Realm of Gods?”

Since Little White, Little Black, and Little Gold were brought to the Ten Thousand Beasts Heaven from the mundane realm before Ke’er and Fei’er were abducted by Yun Qing Yan to the Divine Offering Land, they were unaware of what had happened.

Faced with Little White’s question, Duan Ling Tian took a deep breath before he recounted what happened. After so many years, he was still filled with fury when talking about the matter. He was so angry that his body even trembled slightly.

“The Yun clan in the Divine Offering Land?” Ji Ning Yun inhaled sharply upon hearing Duan Ling Tian’s words.

“Senior, you’ve heard of the Yun clan in the Divine Offering Land?” Little Gold asked when she saw Ji Ning Yun’s reaction. Her eyes flashed with anger as well/ She did not expect Ke’er, Li Fei, and her niece and nephew would be abducted. If possible, she wanted to help Duan Ling Tian rescue them as well.

“I only know a little about them,” Ji Ning Yun said solemnly, “The Yun clan can be considered as a prominent clan in the Divine Offering Land; they’re very powerful. Just a random elder from the Yun clan is stronger than the top titled Celestial Emperors.”

Duan Ling Tian had already known this for a long time now. After all, even Feng Qing Yang, the Heavenly Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven, was forced to escape to the Asura Hell, one of the seven deadliest places in all Devata Realms, by a servant of the Yun clan.

Realization dawned on Ji Ning Yun before she said, “As it turns out, the reason Feng Qing Yang was forced to escape to the Asura Hell by the Divine Offering Land’s Yun Clan is you…”

Duan Ling Tian said bitterly, “I didn’t mean to bring him harm…”

“I didn’t expect you to be Feng Qing Yang’s successor in the mundane realm. As far as I know, he doesn’t have any disciples at all in the Devata Realm… Why didn’t you look for him in the Solitary Destructive Heaven?”

“I only found out recently that Senior Feng Qing Yang had returned from the Asura Hell and reclaimed his position as the Heavenly Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven. Moreover, I assumed I was just one of his many successors in the mundane realm. I’m afraid he might not accept me even if I show up…” Duan Ling Tian said with an awkward expression on his face.

“Might not accept you? You’re overthinking things,” Ji Ning Yun shook her head as she said, “Feng Qing Yang is, indeed, aloof. However, he’s not like that toward the people he considers his own. Back then, he came to the dragon clan to challenge our Patriarch, and they became good friends after their fight. Ever since then, he didn’t hesitate to help our Patriarch whenever our Patriarch needed help. Therefore, I think not only will he recognize you as his successor, but you’re likely important to him as well…”

“You’re Lord Heavenly Emperor’s successor?” Lian Qiu, who was from the Solitary Destructive Heaven, was shocked by Duan Ling Tian’s words. He did not expect the young man whom he considered as his son-in-law had such a close connection with the Heavenly Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven. For a moment, he thought his daughter was incredibly lucky to meet such a man.

Needless to say, to Lian Qiu who was from the Heavenly Sword Mountain in the Solitary Destructive Heaven, Feng Qing Yang was like a symbol of faith. Many Sword Celestials in the Solitary Destructive Heaven regarded him as their belief, like a god.

Duan Ling Tian smiled wryly. “It’s unfortunate that Senior Meng Chuan couldn’t contact him…”

“Meng Chuan? No wonder I thought the person fighting You Feng Yu was rather familiar. As it turns out, he’s the Jade Bow Celestial Emperor, the younger brother of the Heavenly Savage Celestial Emperor.” Realization dawned on Ji Ning Yun. Then, she asked in confusion, “Since Meng Chuan is willing to help you, why aren’t there more titled Celestial Emperors from the Heavenly Palace of the Solitary Destructive Heaven today? If they were here, you wouldn’t have ended up in that situation earlier. All of you would be able to escape smoothly…”

“Senior Meng Chuan couldn’t get in touch with Senior Feng Qing Yang and his brother. Since he was not sure if Senior Feng Qing Yang would accept me, he did not think it was appropriate to seek help from the others…”

“I see.” Ji Ning Yun nodded. As it turned out, Meng Chuan was there to fight You Feng Yu and stall for time.

“Brother Ling Tian… There are more than 700 years left before the passage from the Devatar Realms to the Divine Offering Land opens. Based on our current strength, I believe at that time we would’ve grown strong enough to rescue Sister Ke’er and Sister Fei’er!” Little White said in order to console Duan Ling Tian.

Although Little Black remained silent, his eyes flashed coldly when Little White mentioned the Divine Offering Land.

“You’re right.” Duan Ling Tian nodded with a smile on his face. “I’ve already survived for more than 200 years; what are another 700 years? I only wish that they’re safe and sound in the Divine Offering Land…” A hint of worry could be seen in the depths of his eyes when he finished speaking.

“Brother Ling Tian,” Little Gold called out. She was standing next to Huan’er so she could see he was worried. Therefore, she hurriedly changed the topic and asked, “Tell us about Sister Huan’er. How did you meet? You really went to a lot of trouble for her this time…”

Little Gold was genuinely curious.

“Huan’er…” A dazed expression appeared on Duan Ling Tian’s face as he said, “I met her 200 years ago…”

After Duan Ling Tian recounted his and Huan’er’s first meeting, Lian Qiu said bitterly, “It’s all my fault. If I weren’t imprisoned in the Thousand Chains Prison, Xuan’er wouldn’t have come looking for me. In turn, Huan’er wouldn’t have been abandoned. Fortunately, she met you. As it turns out Xuan’er wasn’t lying when she saw she met with a senior from the Phantom Fox Clan who could foresee the future. At that time, the senior had told her Huan’er would meet her guardian angel…”

After a while, Duan Ling Tian said, “Senior Lian Qiu, I’ll bring you to the Saint Province Realm after this.” Then, he turned to look at Little Black, Little White, and Little Gold before he asked, “Are you going to return to the Ten Thousand Beasts Heaven or do you want to come to the Saint Province Realm as well?”

“Brother Ling Tian, of course, we want to go with you! I’d like to meet Sister Huan’er as well…” Little Gold said with a smile.

Little White and Little Black remained silent and turned to look at Ji Ning Yun for approval instead.

“Since you’re finally reunited after so long, you can go to the Saint Province Realm as well. I’d like to have a look at the mundane realm you came from as well,” Ji Ning Yu said with a faint smile on her face when she saw the duo looking at her.

At this moment, as though he had just recalled something, Duan Ling Tian looked at Ji Ning Yu and solemnly asked, “Senior, is it really okay to leave Senior Ji Yu Nian there? Will he be okay?”

Duan Ling Tian could not but worry slightly even though he knew Ji Nian Yu, as the Grand Elder of the dragon clan, had the support of the powerful dragon clan. Not only was the dragon clan powerful, but it had the support of a Heavenly Emperor of another Devata Realm as well. If something happened to Ji Yu Nian, the dragon clan would surely avenge him, but there was no guarantee the Heavenly Emperor from the dragon clan would do so.

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