Warlock of the Magus World

Chapter 29

Rank 0 Spell

“Of course! I will always remember the teachings of my mentor!”

Leylin hurriedly nodded his head and took out 20 magic crystals from the black pouch hung on his waist.

20 black magic crystals fell onto the table and let off a dark lustre.

“Very well! This is a crystal ball with the introduction to magic spell models recorded on it. You can study it, but remember to practice it only after you have been promoted!”

Kroft took a fist-sized crystal ball off the wooden shelf at the side and handed it to Leylin. Golden words seemed to ripple inside it.

Leylin stooped over to take it and pocketed the crystal ball.

These crystal balls were tools to record information in, and they could store more information than sheets of parchment. However, they could only be used once, and the information inside would fade away after someone viewed the contents, and hence, they were rather costly.

Deep in the night, Leylin sat on the bed within his dorm and held the crystal ball in his hands.

“Magi have named the spells that acolytes are able to cast rank 0 spells, to differentiate from the spells that Magi can cast.

“No matter if they are a level 2 acolyte or level 3 acolyte, they are only able to use rank 0 spells! Furthermore, they need to be first class Magi to be able to cast them without injury, and this is often a sign of becoming an official Magus!”

“The principle of magic spells models is to construct a model in your mind with your spiritual force. After that, you use the nature of your spiritual force to attract the external energy particles and transform them intricately, turning them into a spell!”

“To put it simply, the spiritual force is the primer, and the spell model is the catalyst. The primer is always the same, but under the effect of different catalysts, different types of energy particles will be attracted to it to form a different spell!”

Leylin concluded and put the crystal ball away.

“Constructing a spell model is a complicated matter. In addition, your spiritual force will be impaired once you fail and will need at least half a month to recover. This is a bottleneck that even fifth-grade acolytes are unable to breakthrough with ease. However, I can minimise my failures with help from the A.I. Chip!”

“After advancing to a level 3 acolyte, I must construct a spell model and even buy the various spell models. This would be a big expense if not for my improvement in Potioneering; normal acolytes would have to risk their lives many times over before they earned enough magic crystals!”

From this, Leylin could discern the bloody price one must pay on the path of a Magus.

Compared to the magic crystals earned by risking his life as a level 1 acolyte, he would earn more by selling potions.

“Monopolising the market will yield the greatest profits!”

“All these are none of my concern, what I have to do now is to advance to a level 2 acolyte!”

A level 1 acolyte could only store a slight amount of energy particles in their body and have a basic magic resistance. However, their usage of energy particles is rather shallow, and hence, they are unable to cast magic.

As for a level 2 acolyte, the greatest difference is that they are able to cast rank 0 spells.

A rank 0 spell that is amplified by the spell’s model will have a greater destructive effect compared to the simple usage of energy particles.

“I have almost finished with the construction of my 24 mind runes. Tonight, I will advance to a level 2 acolyte!”

There was resolve on Leylin’s face.

One night passed.

In the dorm, Leylin opened his eyes.

“I have finally advanced to a level 2 acolyte! I can sense that the energy particles in my body have increased several times more than when compared to a level 1 acolyte!”

[Beep! spiritual force can now be represented in figures, proceed with the conversion?] At this moment, the voice of the A.I. Chip sounded.

“Hm? It seems to be two days faster than expected! What happened?”

[The spiritual force of the Host has increased and there is an unknown effect on the A.I. Chip. Processing speed has increased!]

A screen was projected by the A.I. Chip and it was littered with many curved lines and numbers. From this, one could see that the processing ability of the A.I. Chip had been raised last night.

“It seems like the A.I. Chip has indeed undergone some qualitative changes after transcending worlds. Now that it has fused with my soul, the increase in spiritual force when my soul became more powerful has indirectly affected the A.I. Chip!”

Leylin’s guessed that the subject of souls was the most unfathomable. Although Abyssal Bone Forest Academy claimed to be a pioneer in this area, they only managed to experience and grasp a few behaviours and patterns of the ectoplasmic beings. Moreover, only an official Magus was qualified to browse this information. For Leylin, it was still a long journey ahead.

“My A.I. Chip having the ability to represent my spiritual force in numbers is also a good thing. Bring out my current stats!”

[Leylin Farlier, level 2 acolyte. Strength: 2.2, Agility: 2.4, Vitality: 2.7, Spiritual force: 4.1, Status: Healthy]

The A.I. Chip projected a 3D image in front of Leylin eyes and displayed his stats.

“The spiritual force can finally be shown in numbers. My spiritual force stat is almost equivalent to that of 4 people combined?”

Leylin looked at the image and asked, “A.I. Chip! Investigate the reason for the decreased growth after advancing to a level 2 acolyte!”

[Mission establishing, inspection in process!]

[Reason discovered: The Host has more resistance!] The A.I. Chip’s voice sounded.

“As expected! Using radiation to increase my stats has its limits! I wonder what methods those official Magi used to strengthen their bodies?”

Leylin touched his chin.

There was also a small district between the Academic Area and the Trading Post. It was where the academy sold higher-levelled goods. Although the items had set standards, they were more expensive. The service of the staff was also bad and they were extremely cold.

Leylin came to the front of a counter. Behind the glass casing was a grave-looking old lady who wore a deadpanned expression as if Leylin owed her a lot of magic crystals.

“Sorry to bother you!” Leylin bowed slightly. He could sense the energy waves of a level 3 acolyte radiating from this old lady.

“A.I. Chip! Inspect!”

“What do you want?” The old lady’s voice sounded. It contained a gloomy and chilly air, like a cold, glossy fish scale, and gave people goose bumps.

[Beep! Name: Unknown. Strength: 2.0, Agility: 2.1, Vitality: 3.5, Spiritual force: 7.6, Status: Healthy ]

With the A.I. Chip providing the information, he confirmed that this old lady was indeed a level 3 acolyte, but her spiritual force was rather low as if she had been injured before. However, it was still a piece of cake for her to deal with Leylin.

“The A.I. Chip can already inspect the stats of the acolytes and other living organisms. It just cannot get past the defensive abilities of a Magus still!”

Leylin mustered the best smile he had, “Would you let me have a look at the basic spell models?”

“Take it!” The old lady flung a dusty large book over to him and did not seem even slightly bothered about whether he was going to buy it or not.

“I'm not angry! I'm not angry!” Leylin psyched himself and opened the book.

A spell model and the corresponding introduction appeared in his vision.

“Secondary Energy Fireball. Description: Summon a formidable fireball to attack your enemies. Prerequisite courses: Foundations of Negative Energy, Construction of Spell Models.”

“Shadow Sphere. Description: Use Shadow Energy to construct a fairly covert sphere. Prerequisite courses: Necromancy Studies, Transfiguration.”

“Acidic Aqua Shot. Description: Create an acidic ball with immense corrosive properties. Able to correct the trajectory slightly. Prerequisite courses: Foundations of Negative Energy, Psychology.”

“Umbra’s Hand. Description: Ability to use Negative Energy to form a concealed palm in the shadows for attacking. Extremely covert. Prerequisite courses: Shadow Studies, Basic Evocation.

“All of these are the most basic spells, are there any that could be advanced further?” Leylin’s brows furrowed.

“None! We only provide the basic spell types here. As for the rest, get them from your mentor!”

“Give me the spell model for Acidic Aqua Shot and Umbra’s Hand!” Leylin inhaled deeply.

“One will cost 10 magic crystals!” The old lady seemed to be annoyed.

After handing over 20 magic crystals to the lady, Leylin obtained two thick books made of parchment paper. ‘Umbra’s Hand’ was written on the cover of the top book, in the Byron language.

This counter was obviously constructed in a manner that let the sales staff always sit in a taller position than the customers. Leylin was a little pissed off at having to look up at the old lady.

He carried the two books and turned around, not wanting to stay for a moment longer.

“Leylin!” On the way back, a voice sounded and Leylin halted in his footsteps.

A male wearing leather armour ran over, “Earlier, I saw a silhouette of someone who looked like you, and it was indeed you. We haven't met for a long time!”

Kaliweir greeted.

The leather armour he wore was rather damaged and looked rather pitiful as it was not repaired.

“You are…… Buying spell models? Have you advanced to a level 2 acolyte?” Kaliweir looked at Leylin who was holding the two spell books, seemingly startled.

“Yeah! I have just advanced! So I bought them to learn from!” Leylin answered.

“A.I. Chip, inspect Kaliweir!”

[Beep! Kaliweir. Strength: 2.6, Agility: 2.8, Vitality: 3.1, Spiritual force: 4.1, Assessment: level 2 acolyte]

“It seems like Kaliweir advanced not long before I did, this data shows the stats of an acolyte who had just advanced!”

Leylin evaluated secretly.

Ever since the previous incident, our team has taken up very few missions. Raynor has also advanced to a level 2 acolyte recently and wanted to try learning a spell model. It’s a pity that he has yet to pass a few basic theory lessons after failing them several times……”

Kaliweir placed his hands in his pocket, obviously wanting to look cooler.

After sizing up Leylin’s new grey robes, he said, “You are indeed worthy of being a Potioneering student, having so much money!”

Leylin smiled. Not only do the grey robes of the acolytes have spells which remove stains, the fabric was also good. The defensive capabilities could be comparable to leather armour so the price was rather hefty. Many acolytes did not have the capability to buy another after damaging their set of robes.

However, Leylin was different; he even had two more sets stored in his wardrobe.

Recently, my success rate has increased a little and I earned more magic crystals. However, after buying the spell models, I have spent them all again!” Leylin put on a helpless expression.

“Yeah! Each and every cost in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy is too high!” Kaliweir’s expression was not too good. He came from a first-class noble family in the Chernobyl Islands, but he discovered he was actually extremely broke when he got here.

“Speaking of this, after we have all advanced to level 2 acolytes and mastered our spells, shall we all take up a mission?”

Leylin asked.

“Really? That would be great!” Kaliweir was extremely gleeful. It seemed as though he had been considering it for a long time.

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