Warlock of the Magus World

Chapter 4


"I never thought that this A.I. Chip's analyzing abilities could also work on the Knight breathing technique in this world!"

Leylin exclaimed and said: "Optimise immediately!"

[Optimisation initiating, estimated time: 125 minutes.]

"Yep, 125 minutes, which is over 2 hours; I can afford to wait!" Leylin felt at ease.

After waiting rather impatiently, the two hours finally passed. The A.I. Chip's voice sounded out right on time.

[The optimisation for the breathing technique has been completed. Time taken for breathing technique, 5 minutes 23 seconds, and the effects have all risen by 5%! The side effects of the injuries have vanished!]

"Very good!" This result made Leylin very satisfied.

If the effect was a 5% increase each time, then dozens of times, and even hundreds of times, would result in huge differences.

"Rumor has it that the cross blade technique and the breathing technique were obtained by the founder after dozens of bloody battles, where he finally obtaining it from the corpse of a Knight. Amongst the many Knight families, it is considered to be the upper middle grade!" "After the optimization of the breathing technique done by the A.I. Chip, I'm afraid it might even be comparable to the secret scroll techniques of those smaller kingdoms!"

Leylin quietly pondered, and immediately said in an impatient manner: "A.I. Chip, transfer the optimized breathing technique to the memory zone!"

The A.I. Chip chip duly carried out its orders and brought large amounts of images depicting the breathing technique back to Leylin's mind.

After a few minutes of transfer, Leylin gently rubbed his head: "I feel a little giddy, but this is a normal occurrence!"

Right now his brain was filled with large amounts of memories about the breathing technique and the many matching sequences of practised experience. Compared to an average person, he did not have to go on the roundabout route.

"I did not feel it in my previous life, but in this world, the A.I. Chip really gives me a huge advantage compared to an average person!"

Leylin mumbled on: "With this A.I. Chip's ability to simulate and analyse, I am able to obtain the same result as a person who has to go through 10 years of hard work and experience, I only have to do exactly what the A.I. Chip has presented, and I will be able to do things in the most accurate manner!"

The breathing technique had many contradictions, and some of them required more than a verbal explanation to be understood.

One had to go through the experience of training, and go along some complicated paths.,

Only then would they be able to gain enlightenment.

But these things could all be avoided with the A.I. Chip's analysing abilities.

"I'll give it a try!" Leylin thought, and his body laid on the floor in the shape of a cross.

According to the suggestions on the breathing technique which was presented by the A.I. Chip, there was no need to have any special actions to complement it, but just to find the most suitable and comfortable position.

"First, I must hold my breath for 65 seconds, then take three long and one short breaths. The duration and frequency must be......"

Leylin followed the description of the breathing technique, and gradually entered a state of cultivation.

He looked unconscious; his face was bright red and his temples throbbed as if carrying out some kind of exercise.

As time passed, Leylin's face grew redder, and eventually, he began to perspire out some faint black coloured fluid.

After he had maintained this process for over 20 minutes, Leylin opened both of his eyes and opened his mouth to exhale.

Phew! ! !

A black coloured breath was exhaled just like this.

Within his body, some cracking noises could be made out.

Leylin stood up and moved his four limbs. His whole body was warm as if he had just undergone a vigorous exercise.

"A.I. Chip, display my body's statistics!" Leylin ordered.

[Leylin Farlier. Strength: 0.4 Agility: 0.5 Vitality: 0.4 State: Mild injury]

Leylin remained impassive: "Change the method of display and move the data back to 10 decimal points. Also, make comparisons with the data before the cultivation."

With Leylin's orders, the image flickered, and the body statistics had shown 10 more decimal points. The last three numbers had not stopped changing.

[Beep! After comparison, undergoing the Knight Training increases the Host's strength by

0.005, Agility by 0.006, and vitality by 0.004]

The A.I. Chip faithfully relayed the message.

"Mn! Because this was the first practice, the figures are still climbing up!" Leylin analyzed and said.

"I've only cultivated for a bit over 20 minutes, but, the data's increase is already rather considerable. With perseverance, it's just a matter of time before I have the stats of a black-robed man!"

"Which is to say, those ten odd black robed men are all Knights!"

Leylin thought indifferently, "What a pity. According to my memory and the A.I. Chip analysis, breathing techniques have cultivation limits. The Farlier family's breathing technique can only be practiced once a day. Additional practice will not only have no additional benefits but will even cause harm to the body!"

"A.I. Chip, are there any methods to let me increase the number of times I can practice the breathing technique?" Leylin asked.

[Medicinal items are required as a supplement.] The A.I. Chip feedbacked.

"List all the necessary medicinal items!"

[Quinoline element, Marco 21, magnesium dioxide......] The A.I. Chip listed a whole bunch of medicinal items, which were all from Leylin's previous life.

"Is it possible to substitute any of them with other medicinal items or herbs?" This seemed to be an obviously impossible task, but Leylin furrowed his brows and asked anyway.

[A sample is needed to analyse the medicinal properties. As of now, the data is insufficient!] The A.I. Chip chip prompted.

"As long as there is a way, then it's alright!" Leylin heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked at his own body again. Because large amounts of sticky substance had been produced after the breathing technique training, his body felt very sticky, which was extremely uncomfortable to the touch.

Leylin frowned: "Looks like I'll have to wash up first!"

He began to make his way out of the horse carriage. It was midnight by this hour, and the various young nobles were all sleeping soundly in the tent. Leylin quietly stepped out of the carriage and ran towards a small river that was nearby. [Warning! A human is approaching!] The A.I. Chip prompted.

Leylin pretended that he was oblivious, and continued his advances.

"What are you trying to do?" A voice rang behind Leylin.

"So fast!" Leylin pupils shrank, "I had already been aware, but I was still unable to discover that he had arrived behind me. If he has any bad intentions, then I definitely won't be able to resist in any way!"

On the surface, he still pretended to be scared out of his wits: "Ah......Who? Who?" Leylin turned around his body to look back, seeing the black-robed man who had been distributing the rations earlier in the day. Leylin remembered his name to be Angelo. "Hel.....Hello! Sir Angelo! I feel that I'm a little dirty, and wanted to wash myself!" Leylin face was pale, as if he was frightened, and did not even have the capabilities to speak properly. "Wash yourself?" The black robed man furrowed his brows and wrinkled his nose. He could indeed smell a stench coming from Leylin.

"Alright! It is rather dangerous here at night, especially for young nobles like you bunch! Return quickly after washing!"

The black robed Angelo said. Not paying anymore mind to Leylin, he turned around and walked towards the heart of the horse carriage, where his tent was.

"Thank you for your reminders! Sir Angelo!" Leylin still said with a bow, no matter whether this man had heard him or not.

Always being careful had been part of his principles in life.

After seeing Angelo leave completely, Leylin then strode forward and headed towards the small river.

Angelo walked into his own tent and pulled down his mask, exposing his scarred face. "The substance expelled from the body after practicing Knight breathing technique? What a nostalgic feeling! Looking at these young people reminds me of my inexperienced self from the past!"

"What a pity, though, if I was also born of nobility, I wouldn't need to practice the Knight breathing technique. I had even risked being part of a Magus's experiment and ended up in this state......"

Angelo muttered. His shadow and the tent's overlapped into one body, in­differentiable from each other.

Along the way, Leylin casually plucked the wild flowers and plants and popped them into his mouth from time to time.

"I think that black robed Angelo must have realised something. But it doesn't matter, a nobility practising a passed down Knight breathing technique is just a normal occurrence." "Furthermore, he already has the physical qualities of a Knight, so he definitely has his own breathing technique, and won't need to get mine. Besides, even if he wanted it, it wouldn't be a big deal. I can just write it down and give him a copy..."

Since there was such a large difference in strength, Leylin did not have any intention of protecting the secrets of the Farlier family.

However, it seemed that Angelo did not even fancy the Knight breathing techniques from small noble families.

Chewing a grass stalk in his mouth, there was a bitter taste to it. However, Leylin did not mind and even had some nostalgic feelings of back when he was little.

[The analysis is completed, no beneficial properties towards the Host's body can be observed!] The A.I. Chip voice rang.

"Pui!" Leylin immediately spat out the grass stalk in his mouth and replaced it with another plant.

"Take down the shape and qualities of the plant earlier and save it. Now we will proceed with another round of analysis!" Leylin commanded in his mind.

[The task is completed! Beginning to analyse the qualities! From this experiment......] As the scene played out in his mind, Leylin could see very clearly the procedures of the A.I. Chip. [Beep! The experiment is completed. This unnamed plant has a mild paralysis effect!]

"According to Leylin's memories, this is called the Tri­Night Grass huh, A.I. Chip! Rename to

Tri­Night Grass, and save it inside the database!"

[Beep! Saving completed!]

"Mmn! This is 'Red Fruit', the taste is not bad!" Leylin plucked a bunch of fruits on a pile of shrubs.

These fruits were only the size of Leylin's thumb, and they had ripened on the top of a barbed vine. Their appearances were quite beautiful.

Leylin carefully avoided the barbs and plucked one of the Red Fruits.

He placed it into his mouth and bit down with a crisp noise. A sweet juice was squeezed out from the fruit, filling his mouth.

"Mm! The taste is the same as an apple's, just a tad sweeter." Leylin evaluated.

"A.I. Chip! Analyse......"


Along the way, Leylin saved data about over 30 kinds of plants and herbs. Unfortunately, none of them were of any use to him.

He arrived at the small river. The ear­piercing sounds of the trickling stream of water crashing against the rocks broke the silence of the night.

"A.I. Chip! Scan the surroundings!" Leylin commanded. Even if the black robed Angelo hadn't warned him, he still had confidence in avoiding danger with the A.I. Chip.

[Beep! The surrounded area has been scanned! There are no dangers within a radius of 20 li!] The A.I. Chip faithfully reported the message.

"Well, it's good that there is no danger. I don't want to run back to the camp midway through my washing. That will definitely make me the biggest laughing stock......"

Leylin muttered and he took off his outer robes and underwear, entering the river naked.

The icy cold river engulfed his body, refreshing him.

"This water is really cold, I am beginning to miss the water heater from my past life!"

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