Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 1

A man stood by the window.

His lonely and straight back was like an eagle in the night.

The lean upper body, like Michelangelo's David's, was muscular and muscular;

The beauty of men's power was vividly demonstrated.

His hawk-like eyes were almost completely devoured by hatred.

Feng Xinglang was awoken by a nightmare.

This nightmare had been bothering him for three whole months:

Flames shot up into the sky, mixed with the sound of glass breaking as it could no longer endure the height;

There was a pungent smell of burnt meat in the air. There were wood products, plastic cables, and even human beings!

Someone had to stay behind and manually open the escape door.

"Peng, quickly take Xinglang away! Don't worry about me. If you don't leave, all three of us will die here!"

"Xinglang, remember my words: If you're alive, I will be alive!"

It had been three months, but everything was still fresh in his mind.

Feng Xinglang, a man who controlled most of the economic lifeline of the Shen City;

However, endless money and power could not buy back his brother Feng Lixin's health!

The man slowly closed his hateful eyes, cutting off the hatred from the noisy world. At the same time, he once again branded the nightmare back into the depths of his soul.

Feng Xinglang put on a pair of pajamas and walked out of his room.

A long and dark corridor made the dark night even eerier. He stopped in front of a closed door.

The door opened from the inside and a middle-aged doctor walked out. As he walked out, a pungent smell of disinfectant permeated the air.

"Did my brother fall asleep?" Feng Xinglang asked in a low voice.

"I just cleaned First Young Master's body, and the smell of the disinfectant is still thick in the house. Second Young Master, you are allergic to disinfectant, so it would be better not to go in for the time being … "

"I won't die!" Feng Xinglang snorted and walked into the gloomy room.

In the semi-darkness of the room, a person could be vaguely seen lying on the bed.

Feng Xinglang directly walked towards the person on the bed, slowly squatted, and carefully held onto his hands with both of his palms.

It was a hand covered in scars and deformed by fire. It could not be held tightly, nor could it be stretched.

Up along the stiff hand was a face that had been scorched beyond recognition: crisscrossed scars that almost twisted the man's features and ruined the original handsome face.

It was clearly a sinister face, but in Feng Xinglang's eyes, he was still handsome, and still lovable.

The man lying on the bed was called Feng Lixin, Feng Xinglang's brother. An elder brother who was willing to sacrifice his own life for him.

The heavens pity Feng Lixin. He was saved by the rescue team. Yet, a body that was completely different from before had fallen down!

"Xinglang... Have you had another nightmare? " A portion of Feng Lixin's vocal cords had already been burnt to smithereens, making it hard for him to pronounce words. However, Feng Xinglang was able to distinguish them clearly.

"No!" Feng Xinglang clenched the deformed hand in his palm even more tightly, "I just wanted you to accompany me for a while longer."

Feng Lixin clearly realized: the more life and death apart they were, the more unforgiving their brotherly feelings would be.

But the more it was like this, the more Feng Lixin was worried. He knew that he didn't have much time left, and if he ever left one day, his brother Feng Xinglang would forever be stuck in the abyss of hatred, devoured by hatred!

Hence, before he died, he had to find a woman for his brother Feng Xinglang!

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