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Chapter 486 - Truth and Conspiracy VII

Chapter 486: Truth and Conspiracy VII

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Huo Yunting bit his lip as he tucked his gun and led the old lady back to her room.

After they left, Xue Yuming patted her chest and exhaled, slumping into the sofa as her eyes landed on the shattered cell phone.

Yang Yang, for the sake of your mother, you will have to bear with this accusation, Xue Yuming said to herself.

But how could you and Huo Yunting be together?

What Lu Zhaoyang did was understandable if she did not know about who Huo Chen was. Now, she knew that Huo Yunting was his stepbrother; why did she still keep the relationship?

Thinking of this, Xue Yuming suddenly felt that she had not done anything wrong.

As her daughter, Lu Zhaoyang did not even care about her situation.

So, Lu Zhaoyang must not blame her for this.

After sending the old lady back to the room, Huo Yunting left the Huo family with his heart filled with rage.

He wanted to go back to the city right away and settle the account with Lu Zhaoyang.

Xue Yuming went into the old lady’s room and stood reverently at the bedside as soon as Huo Yunting left.

The old lady leaned on the headboard, looking at Xue Yuming’s pale face. “You have put up a good show while I have saved your life; we are even now. I believe that you had no prior knowledge about the relationship between Lu Zhaoyang and Yunting. No one should mention it from now on!”

“Don’t worry, mother. I will not say a word about it.”

Had the old lady not promised to not let Huo Yunting hurt her, she would not have been so cooperative. But Yang Yang might have to suffer from it.

She just hoped that Huo Yunting would spare Yang Yang’s life.

The old lady took a sip of water to calm herself down. Her grandson’s murderous look had scared her out of her wits just now.

“I will change all the maids in the Huo family with my own men. If you do not want to die, I suggest that you stay home and be what you should be as a rich wife. When Yunting comes home, you only need to act like you are bullied.”

“Yes, mother.”

Xue Yuming was willing to be a canary in a beautiful cage rather than reliving the hard life of yesteryears.

“Leave me. I need a good rest.”

The old lady waved her away. She disgusted Xue Yuming, even more, knowing that she married her son for money.

Xue Yuming left the room quickly; she, for one did not want to stay for even a second.

The old lady leaned on the headboard and fell into deep thought.

Her purpose was simple; it was not so much about not letting his grandson have blood on his hands but more of wanting him to stay away from Lu Zhaoyang.

In the eye of the law, they were brother and sister; how could they be together?

Even if Xue Yuming was out of the Huo family, she and her daughter should perish the thought of shamelessly plotting a comeback using whatever identity.

Not when she was still alive.

Meanwhile, in the peaceful city, Lu Zhaoyang had just finished work and was about to leave when Xiang Jinxi asked her for a piece of information, which she would have to compile and get ready by the next day.

Instead of going back to the villa, she would have to go back to her apartment since the documents she needed was there.

At Serena Apartment, Lu Zhaoyang parked her car, grabbed her handbag, and walked toward the entrance.

The weather was good, and she was in a good mood and hoping the same for Huo Yunting.

Lu Zhaoyang thought whether to make him a dinner tonight while she walked with a faint smile on her lips.

Just then, a white van was approaching in the opposite direction at high speed.

Was the driver a rookie? The speed of the vehicle was too fast in this residential area.

Lu Zhaoyang moved aside, but the van also changed its direction and drove toward her in what seemed to be a deliberate maneuver.

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