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Chapter 488 - Someone Is Going To Die

Chapter 488: Someone Is Going To Die

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Huo Yunting slowly released his tightly clenched fists. He rested his forehead on his palms with his elbows on his knees.

The doctor shook his head in sympathy and left without bothering him further.

Lu Zhaoyang would go blind.

Her eyes were so beautiful that when she looked at him, whether she was angry or happy, indifferent or alienated, her eyes could always tell her emotions as if they could talk.

How could she lose her eyesight just like that?

How could it be?

He suddenly got to his feet, pushed the door open, and walked to the bed.

The woman’s head and eyes were covered in bandages. Her face was pale like a sheet of white paper.

Huo Yunting’s mood was in a mess. He was supposed to be happy to see Lu Zhaoyang got what she deserved.

But he could not lie to himself; he was inconsolable, extremely heartbroken.

He would rather have her jumping up and down around him, nagging him just like before.

Huo Li walked in, stood at the bedside, and quietly looked at Lu Zhaoyang lying on the hospital bed.

He just heard the nurses talking about the condition of her eyes.

“Huo Li, I want a news embargo on this. Find out what happened at the time!”

Huo Li clearly remembered that there was a flower bed at Serena Apartments, which should be the scene of the accident.

He did not believe that such a terrible traffic accident would occur in the area. So, he figured that it must be a deliberate act.

“Yes, Brother Ting.” Huo Li replied with a low voice. He left the ward and closed the door behind him.

The ward was quiet. There was an ECG monitoring Lu Zhaoyang’s heart rate.

That was fast, he thought.

He wondered what was in her mind right now.

Huo Yunting sat down at the bedside. He could not help but slip his hand under the quilt to gently hold her little hand, staring at her.


At nightfall, the moon, accompanied by the stars, came out quietly in the sky. In the ward, the only sound was the beeping of the ECG monitor.

Perhaps, Lu Zhaoyang could no longer see such scenery from now on.

Huo Li, seemingly a bootlicker, was a doer who got things done quickly and accurately, never dragging his feet.

He came back to the ward with a thermal flask in his hand.

Huo Yunting got to his feet and motioned for Huo Li to talk outside.

Huo Li put down the thermal flask and took a glance at Lu Zhaoyang.

Someone was going to die.

The corridor was empty and cold at night. There was also a faint smell of the disinfectant in the air.

The two men stood in the dim light, casting a pair of long shadow on the white floor.

Huo Li’s face looked serious. “Brother Ting, we have found the perpetrator. He confessed that a GRO hired him to hit her with a vehicle. I checked; it was Mo Shan!”

The Mo family was gone, but this woman still did not behave. Life would only become more difficult for her.

It was likely that she could not even live to see the day.

Huo Yunting squinted. He took out a cigarette, lighting it up and took a sip. Smog quickly filled the air but also dissipated just as fast.

There was always a strong current under the surface of the peaceful sea.

At this moment, Huo Yunting was in a great mental contradiction.

The most hated person was also his most loved one.

He hoped that Lu Zhaoyang would get her the punishment that she deserved, but at the same time, he hoped that she would live well.

Right now, he urgently needed a venting outlet, and Mo Shan happened to stand in his way.

“What is in your mind, Brother Ting?” Huo Li could not wait for it.

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