Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1251 - No Other Alternatives but to Retaliate

Chapter 1251: No Other Alternatives but to Retaliate

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Leng Jiang’s death had shaken everyone greatly!

The outcome was the complete opposite of what the crowd had expected.

Before Leng Jiang even started his attack, everyone thought that perhaps Su Mo would be killed with just a single move. However, the outcome was the total opposite of their expectations. Su Mo did not die, instead Leng Jiang was the one who lost his life!

This was completely out of everyone’s expectation.

In that instant, the entire place was silent. Everyone was stunned.

It was only until Leng Jiang’s body hit the surface of the sea and made a splashing sound that they came back to reality.

All of a sudden, the crowd roared.

“Leng Jiang is dead!”

“What happened? Leng Jiang had mobilized his Fighting Soul for his optimum attack, however he was utterly defeated!”

“How did Su Mo suddenly become so strong?”

“Leng Jiang’s Fighting Soul was utterly annihilated!”

In shock, the crowd burst out with all kinds of comments. They were clueless as to what exactly happened.

Although they saw the strength of Su Mo’s last attack with his sword, they did not know why it was so powerful!

Because Su Mo was at the center of the Sun Realm when he mobilized the three Fighting Souls, the glaring light coupled with the terrifying heat had blocked the vision as well as the spiritual consciousness of the spectators.

Therefore none of the spectators could figure out how Su Mo’s last attack carried so much power.

Mu Li was the only person among the entire battle world to have figured that out.

As an instructor, Mu Li’s cultivation level had reached the Martial Honored Realm. She had clearly felt the intense aura of the Fighting Souls in Su Mo’s attack.

Although she did not know which Fighting Soul had been mobilized, she knew that the great power came from the Fighting Soul!

“What happened exactly?” Mu Li muttered under her breath.

It was obviously impossible for Su Mo’s Martial Soul to have evolved into Fighting Soul. However, she did clearly see the Sun Martial Soul.

Could Su Mo possess another Martial Soul? Could he be a rare talent with Twin Martial Souls?

Had his other Martial Soul progressed to become the Fighting Soul?

This was even more unbelievable. Su Mo would have entered the Martial Emperor Realm if one of his Martial Soul had progressed to become the Fighting Soul.

Moreover, the violent explosion moments ago had utterly destroyed everything.

If Su Mo truly possessed the Fighting Soul, it would be destroyed along with the rest. Rather than being lightly wounded, his injury would be beyond imagination.

This had cause doubts to arise in Mu Li’s mind.

Nie Qian and Han Ying were certainly the most surprised people among the spectators.

Their minds were liken to tumultuous waves. They had been worried sick thinking that Su Mo was going to be killed. They would never have expected Su Mo to be so strong. Not only was he still alive, he actually killed Leng Jiang!


At this moment, the silence was broken. A young He Chuanyan, dressed in luxurious clothes, leaped up from a small island towards the exit of the battle world.

He Chuanyan was terrified.

He totally did not expect Su Mo to be so terrifying. Leng Jiang was dead and he was afraid Su Mo would come looking for him if he stayed on.

For this reason, he had chosen to leave without hesitation.

Suspended in mid air, Su Mo, who had sustained some internal injuries, was trying to calm his breath when he saw He Chuanyan making his escape.

An idea conceived in his mind. He tossed out the Natal Spiritual Sword which he just withdrew.

Swish swish swish!

The speed at which the Spiritual Sword flew out was alarming. It caught up with He Chuanyan almost instantly and surrounded him.

“What do you want with me, Su Mo?” He Chuanyan stopped in his track and bellowed.

“What do you suppose I will do?” Su Mo cast him a cold look as he took a step forward into the void, towards He Chuanyan.

This man had incited Leng Jiang to launch an attack on Su Mo. How could Su Mo let him off so easily!

“You… and I did not fix up any appointment for battle, you can’t kill me!” He Chuanyan’s face was drained off its color as he was filled with worry.

The martial arts academy would be responsible only both parties consensually agreed to any contest. He thought he would not be in any danger as along as he refused to fight with Su Mo.

“It that right?”

Su Mo’s lips curled at the sides as he said, “Then I shall challenge you right now! Do you dare to take up the challenge?”


He Chuanyan’s face tightened as he heard Su Mo’s words. He quickly replied with a loud voice saying, “I will not take up your challenge.”

He must be joking!

How would he agree to the challenge when he saw how even Leng Jiang was defeated by Su Mo?

His level of cultivation was a mere second level of Martial Emperor Realm, which was a far cry from Leng Jiang’s capabilities.

“It’s not up to you to disagree!” Su Mo sneered. With that, Su Mo immediately mobilized the 28 Spiritual Swords and charged towards He Chuanyan.

“Don’t you dare do that, Su Mo!” He Chuanyan cried out straight away, putting up his hands in defense.

He rotated the long saber in his hand like a turning air wheel, forming a saber screen. Simultaneously, he also put up a layer of Defensive Air Shield around his outer body.

Bang bang bang!

The Natal Spiritual Swords pierced many holes through his Defensive Air Shield in succession. They made a series of explosive sounds when collided with the saber screen.

Following that, the 28 Natal Spiritual Swords surrounded He Chuanyan and attacked him continually.

The screen created by the rotating saber was so strong that it was able to block the continual attacks by the Spiritual Swords.

The spectators were surprised to see what had happened. They supposed Su Mo was determined to kill He Chuanyan with a strong hand, while going against the sect rules of the martial arts academy.

In that case, Su Mo would be severely punished afterwards even if he were an exceptional talent.

Seeing what He Chuanyan did, Su Mo immediately mobilized the ten Sword Martial Souls from his inner being.

In the twinkling of an eye, the power of the Natal Spiritual Swords increased tremendously and the screen of rotating saber began crumbling.


Everytime the Spiritual Swords attacked, some parts of the screen of rotating saber fell off, making exploding sounds. He Chuanyan could no longer withstand the attacks after some time.


With a loud cry of agony, a streak of blood flew into the air as He Chuanyan’s thigh was struck and wounded.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

A succession of cries of agony followed as He Chuanyan’s body was pierced through with a dozen of bloodied holes and his blood continued to oozed out of the wounds.

Swish swish swish!

By this time, the Spiritual Swords had stopped their attacks. They spread apart in all directions and surrounded He Chuangyan.

“Are you going to fight back?”

Su Mo looked on the blood-soaked He Chuanyan dispassionately. Su Mo could have killed him instantly, however, he knew it was a taboo to kill in the martial arts academy without approval.

This was after all his first time here so it would be prudent not to break the sect rules of the academy.

“I challenge you to kill me!” He Chuanyan roared with rage. His eyes were bloodshot and his expression sinister as his mind was filled with a wild killing desire.


Just as he finished speaking, there was flash of sword radiance from one Spiritual Sword and his left arm was cut off in a flash.

” Ah! ”

Another cry of agony sounded from He Chuanyan as his face twisted with the intense pain.

“Are you going to fight back or not?” Su Mo asked once again.

“I am going to kill you!” Roared He Chuanyan as his expression turned wild.

He charged towards Su Mo thereafter, brandishing his long saber wildly as saber Qi filled the air. He was all ready to kill Su Mo.


Su Mo let out a laugh and said, “To all the spectators. You have witnessed for yourselves that he is the one who wants to kill me. I have no other choice but to retaliate to save my life!”

Before he finished his sentence, Su Mo struck out with the long sword in his hand and waved it in a series of attacks as tens of thousands of sword Qi shot into the sky.

The sword Qi was as powerful as the the Dark Force at its zenith. It reinforced the power coming from the ten Sword Martial Souls.

Simultaneouly, Su Mo also mobilized the Sun Realm. He Chuanyan was under all these attacks in the mids of the Sun Realm.

Swish swish swish!

Tens of thousands of sword Qi tore through the sky and came clashed with He Chuanyan’s attacks. One look and anyone could see who was stronger or weaker.

Tens of thousands of sword Qi tore through everything and shattered all the attacks. He Chuanyan was overpowered.

” Ah! ”

Total silence followed a sudden loud cry of agony was silence. Thereafter, the fight came to a standstill.

Moments later, it became calm again as the sword Qi and the Sun Realm dissipated and Su Mo withdrew his Natal Spiritual Swords.

However, there was no trace of He Chuanyan, not even his shadow!

Nothing was left of He Chuanyan after just one round of attack!

The spectators were ashen-faced. A feeling of outrage arose in their hearts.

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