Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1386 - Is That Even Possible?

Chapter 1386: Is That Even Possible?

On the green platform where Su Mo was, many people on the same platform as him was staring at him.

Although Su Mo’s cultivation was low, he was still ranked first on the True Sage Board and they definitely could not underestimate him. Hence, he was their greatest threat.

“Ha ha! All of you will be eliminated!” A Giant Being young lad burst out laughing. This man was of the same size as Ju Mo. Standing at four feet tall, he gave off a powerful vibe with his muscular body.

He was very confident. Not only was the Giant Being Clan stronger, their defensive strengths far exceeded the other races.

“Ju Huang, you are a live target and you still think you can pass?”

With a look of displeasure, a Flying Spirit Clansman said. The Giant Being was so big in size, he would suffer the greatest assault by the Holy Rain. Then, he confidently said, “for this round, it will be me, Fei Hua, who will be able to withstand the Holy Rain the longest on this platform!”

Everyone’s face hardened. This Fei Hua of the Flying Spirit Clan did have high hopes of passing the round. Firstly, he was ranked 188 on the True Sage Board and he was also a Flying Spirit Clan member.

The speed of the Flying Spirit Clansmen were the best. No one could compare with their ability to evade the Holy Rain assault.

It could be said that although Fei Hua’s strength was lower than Ju Huang, his hopes of passing this round were higher than Ju Huang.

“Hmph, then let’s let the outcome speak for itself!” Ju Huang coldly scoffed.

Su Mo glanced at Ju Huang and Fei Hua before he made a realisation. These two were both ranked on the True Sage Board.

Fei Hua was ranked 188th while Ju Huang from the Giant Being Clan was ranked even higher, at 179th.

However, Su Mo was completely unbothered about these two. Turning his head, he looked at the other platforms and realised there were no top geniuses who had landed on the same platform.

For instance, Jiang Shen Ye, Ju Mo, Fei Chang Yun Hei Feng and Wu Shang were all on separate platforms. None of the top ranked genisues were placed together.

Su Mo also saw that You Tian Han did not meet any top geniuses on his platform. However, You Tian Han wasn’t ranked highly on the True Sage Board and it would still be pretty hard for him to pass through to the third round.

As for Wu Ren Wang, Su Mo definitely did not forget about him. Wu Ren Wang was also pretty lucky as he did not meet any top genius on his platform. Yet, there were still some geniuses ranked on the True Sage Board on his platform, and it would also be difficult for him to make it through to the next round.

Su Mo actually hoped that Wu Ren Wang would be able to pass the second round. Later on when Wu Ren Wang challenged him, he would ensure that Wu Ren Wang would not be able to return.

A short while later, Su Mo stopped observing the rest and quietly waited for the round to begin officially.

Similarly, the rest of the other platforms also slowly quietened down as everyone prepared for the Holy Rain assault. They would all try to persevere to the end but one would give up halfway.

Then, green light once again shone from the True Sage Stele and green clouds slowly appeared in the skies.

Theses green clouds were massive. Extending over a few kilometres wide, it covered all the platforms. Powerful forces churned in these clouds as they threatened to fall down as Holy Rain at any moment.

Every drop of the Holy Rain harboured large amounts of power and every subsequent drop would be stronger and stronger. No one dared to underestimated its power.

At this moment, Su Mo’s mind started to turn its wheels. This round worked as a slow way of eliminating people. The one who could last till the end would be the one who passed.

Then, if he pushed everyone off the platform such that he was the only one left on it, wouldn’t he be considered the one who had passed the round?

That was possible. Only one person could pass the round for each platform. If he was the only person on his platform, he had to be the one to pass it.

With such a thought, Su Mo immediately had an idea.

This idea wasn’t bad. Although his power was high, this way would save him a lot of time. Furthermore, the geniuses who were on the same platform as him were all outstanding individuals of their respective tribes. Who knew what treasures they would have on them!

If any one of them had some extraordinary treasure on them, then he would be in trouble. Once he was ousted from this round, he would leave the True Sage Territory and the Grand Priest would possibly kill him immediately.

Dong dong dong!

In the midst of his thinking, booming sounds suddenly sounded from the green clouds hanging in the sky.

Then, a heavy torrential rain poured down from the green clouds, enveloping all the platforms.

This rainstorm from the green clouds carried raindrops that had massive destructive powers in them. Like green coloured longswords, they pierced through the sky and fell down sharply towards the platforms.

Dong! Dong! Dong!!

At that moment, all the geniuses on the 800 platforms activated the Dark Forces in their body. Strong auras surged towards the sky in preparation of the onslaught of the Holy Rain.


“Ha ha, some measly Holy Rain wants to defeat him, what a dream!”

“Lets see who among us can withhold till the end!”

On the platform Su Mo was on, Ju Huang, Fei Hua and the rest of the geniuses yelled out as they also mobilised the Dark Forces in their bodies. Powerful auras rose up towards the sky as every one of them were extraordinarily strong.

“Go down, all of you!”

Right at that moment, a cold voice rang out. It was Su Mo who spoke.

The moment he said those words, he released the Devouring Fighting Soul and instantly, the 200 geniuses on the platform were surrounded by a powerful devouring power.

Then, with a raise of his hand, Su Mo swept the air with his palm and a massive palm-print the size of a small hill instantly appeared.

The large palm-print enveloped the air and swept the platform like a breeze of autumn wind sweeping fallen leaves on the floor.

Du! Du! Du!!

In an instant, booming sounds continued unstoppably. Before the geniuses on the platform could react, they were instantly swept out by the large palm’s force.

Like a pile of trash, the whole bunch of geniuses were swept aside and they scattered all over the platform.


“What happened?”

“How could this happen?”

Screams and shrieks sounded out loud. As the 250 over geniuses were swept off the platform, they only managed to shriek out once before they were all ousted.

Almost in a second, Su Mo was the only one left on the platform he was on.


“How could this be?”

“My god, what is he doing?”

Once the rest of the geniuses on the other platforms saw Su Mo speedily eliminating everyone else on his platform, they immediately turned blank.

They were all stunned for a moment, as they could not understand why Su Mo had done that.

However, in the next instant, they were all shocked as the Holy Rain that was supposed to rain down from the skies onto Su Mo’s platform suddenly disappeared.

At that moment, everyone understood – Su Mo had passed the second round.

With that, uproars immediately erupted on the other platforms.

“Goodness, is that possible?”

“What? He just passed the round like that?”

“This… How is this possible?

“The hell? He didn’t even withstand the Holy Rain and he passed the round, that is totally cheating!”

Everyone was shocked and their mouths hung open as their eyes bulged out of their sockets. The entire scene was uproarious, and everyone felt that it was absurd.

How could something like that happened?

Before the Holy Rain came down, if one pushed all his competitors out such that he was the only one left, then he would pass the round?

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