Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1473 - Powerful Aura!

Chapter 1473: Powerful Aura!

At that moment when Lei Yunhao and Yan Lan Tian had formed their defences, the terrifying Three Coloured Sword Qi and ten Sharp Spiritual Snakes violently attacked both their defences.

The power of the Three Coloured Sword Qi was extremely terrifying. It was almost as if the Thunder Ball broke instantaneously and smashed into it.

As for the Natal Spiritual Sword Array that formed Ten Spiritual Snakes, their power was equally terrifying and directly pierced through the raging flames as they rushed into the body of Yan Lan Tian to attack.

In the sky, Su Mo, who had made two moves, flashed and immediately dodged.

This was because, the moment he appeared and took action, Ling Feng and Zhuo Jianhao had attacked him once again.

Ah! Ah!

Just as Su Mo was dodging, two screams reverberated in the air and the Three Coloured Sword Qi and Spiritual Sword attacked Lei Yunhao and Yan Lan Tian.

Boom! Boom! Rumble!!

The terrifying power exploded and Thunder Ball collapsed. It exploded as Lei Yunhao’s body was thrown out and blood splattered everywhere all over the ground.

The Flame Defence of Yan Lan Tian was also smashed to pieces by the Spiritual Snake Sword Array. However, his body was not shot, instead, his body was hung by hundreds of Spiritual Swords, completely restraining him.


Lei Yunhao’s body did not fly out of the Fighting Stage but was smashed on it, creating a loud explosion.

Everyone was shocked. Sharp! How incredibly sharp!

The fight had just begun, yet Yan Lan Tian and Lei Yunhao had been defeated by Su Mo. What terrifying power!

“Yan Lan Tian, you have been defeated!”

Su Mo retreated into the distance. He immediately thought of a move and instantly recovered his hundred Natal Spiritual Swords.

Yan Lan Tian had been restrained. According to the rules of the Fight Meet, one had to withdraw from the battle if they had already lost.

After Su Mo missed Ling Feng and Zhuo Jian Hao’s attack, the two of them did not continue to fight back but looked aghast at Yan Lan Tian and Lei Yunhao being defeated.

It was only the beginning, however, two of them had already lost and their hearts sank.

Upon hearing Su Mo’s words, Yan Lan Tian’s face went red with anger. Being defeated in an instant made him feel extremely indignant and utterly humiliated.

However, he had to admit defeat in front of all these people.

Without speaking another word, Yan Lan Tian grit his teeth and decisively flew back to the spectator stand

“Damn it!”

At that moment, Lei Yunhao, who had fallen on the Fighting Stage stood up and was staring red-eyed at Su Mo, his face full of anger.

He was extremely miserable. He had a huge sword wound running down from his shoulder to his abdomen, exposing his bones and intestines as blood flowed incessantly.

Lei Yunhao was furious. Being severely injured by Su Mo’s attack caused him to lose it completely.

He was not defeated, just injured. He had not lost the right to fight again.

Buzz buzz~~

In the next moment, Lei Yunhao’s body shook and instantly turned into a huge demon bird.

This demon bird was Lei Yunhao’s natal body, Thunder Cloud Bird!

Thunder Cloud Bird’s body was a thousand feet long, and his wings were even bigger. The entire body shone blinding rays.


With a tweet, Thunder Cloud Bird’s body shot up to the sky and the huge figure crushed the Space, rushing towards Su Mo.

Su Mo’s gaze was faint. Looking at the Thunder Cloud Bird that was coming towards him at lightning speed, he silently shook his head. With his sword just now, Su Mo could easily defeat him.

However, Su Mo was worried that his sword would directly slay the Thunder Cloud Bird. He had only taken slight control of his strength but had not used his strongest attack. However, he was unable to kick Lei Yunhao out of the Fighting Stage.

However, this did not matter. It was just an additional move.

His strength was enough to crush any warrior of the Martial Emperor Realm.


Thunder Cloud Bird was seen to skyrocket into the sky, opening its sharp mouth. Instantly, he spat a giant Thunder Ball out of his mouth.

This Thunder Ball was as big as a palace. It had the power of lighting and thunder in the sky, shaking the palace as well as the earth. Its power was second to none.

Just as Lei Yunhao was about to make his move, Ling Feng and Zhuo Jian Hao also started taking action. Ling Feng struck a punch once again as the majestic fist strength aimed to kill Su Mo. Its power was equally terrifying.

Zhuo Jian Hao’s switched his thoughts and about 200 Spiritual Swords were instantly scattered, surrounding Su Mo at lighting fast speed.

All the Spiritual Sword Qi were connected, forming a field of Sword Qi and firmly trapping Su Mo within it.

Zhuo Jian Hao clearly knew that Su Mo had Invisibility Technique. They would be too passive if they did not trap Su Mo.

As such, he activated the Sword Array in an instant, sealing all of Su Mo’s escape routes.

In that way, even if Su Mo were to use Invisibility Technique and was still in the Sword Field, Zhuo Jian Hao would be notified if Su Mo were to escape.


The huge Thunder Ball and Sharp Fist Ray displayed an aura of attacking as they borrowed the power of the Heavens and Earth, instantly coming down towards Su Mo.

Su Mo’s gaze was faint, his face unchanged as he was surrounded in the field.

Seeing that he was about to be attacked, he shook his head lightly. He might as well end the fight as soon as possible!

With a longsword in his hand, Su Mo immediately pulled out two moves directed towards the Thunder Ball and Fist Ray.

These two sword moves were extremely powerful, and the terrifying Sword Power seemed like a volcano boiling. Like the raging seas, paired with the overwhelming aura of Three Coloured Sword Qi, it was terrifying beyond description.

In the blink of an eye, two streaks of Sword Qi cut through the Thunder Ball and Fist Ray, as if it were a sharp knife cutting tofu. In an instant, the Thunder Ball and Fist Ray were shattered into millions of pieces.

After which, the power of the three-colored Sword Qi was not reduced. At a lightning fast speed, it charged murderously towards Thunder Cloud Bird and Ling Feng in an instant.

Ling Feng had the ability to teleport and had the speed to avoid and escape. It was definitely of the best powers. With a flash of his body, it appeared a hundred miles away and perfectly avoided the Three Coloured Sword Qi.

However, Lei Yun Hao’s natal body, Thunder Cloud Bird, did not have this ability. Its body constitution was a giant Thunder Cloud Bird and it was simply unable to avoid Su Mo’s Sword Qi. It could only spit out a Thunder Ball from its mouth once again in an attempt to block Su Mo’s Sword Qi.

Although the Thunder Ball was indeed powerful, it was completely unable to counter the Sword Qi and was torn apart in an instant.

Unsurprisingly, the Three Coloured Sword Qi violently slashed Thunder Cloud Bird’s body.


Thunder Cloud Bird let out a scream as he was directly slain and flew out, splattering an endless supply of blood all around.

At that time, Thunder Cloud Bird was no longer lucky. He directly flew out of the Fighting Stage and even flew over the spectators stands before falling into the Empty Space at the back of the spectator stand.

Seeing this, all the spectators were deeply shocked.


Simply too powerful!

Yan Lan Tian, Lei Yunhao and the other demons were simply no match for Su Mo!


They were completely crushed and did not seem to be of the same level as Su Mo!

Ling Feng and Zhuo Jian Hao’s face turned aghast. Su Mo’s power had surpassed their expectations, causing them to feel somewhat afraid.

However, even if they were afraid, they could not admit defeat. Even if they were to lose, they would lose with honour.


Seeing as the attacks by Lei Yunhao and Ling Feng were ineffective, Zhuo Jian Hao’s Sword Array Attack was used and surrounded Su Mo with close to 200 Spiritual Swords. In the blink of an eye, they turned into a huge Sword Dragon.

The Sword Dragon was more than a hundred feet long and circled around Su Mo. It opened its mouth and directly bit Su Mo.

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