Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1790 - Deathly Sword Attack

Chapter 1790: Deathly Sword Attack

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Su Mo’s face hardened in the high skies. Dealing with Rank 8 Martial Honorable Xue Juntian was a piece of cake for him, but he had to be serious with a Rank 9 Martial Honorable.

At that point, Xue Juntian stood domineeringly in the skies as strong aura rolled out of him like waves of smoke. A strong, crushing energy rolled through the skies.

“Su Mo, you have no chance!” Xue Juntian glanced at Ju Shen far away before he stared at Su Mo and said.

“Are you sure you will be able to defeat me?” Su Mo remained solemn and questioned.

“Do you think you still have any chances left?”

Xue Juntian chuckled. He admitted that it was unfair for him to defeat Su Mo when he was 3 cultivation ranks higher than him. Even if he defeated Su Mo, it would not be a glorious victory.

However, he had no other choice now that things had come to this. He could only rely on his superior cultivation rank to defeat Su Mo.

Even if it would be a shameful victory, it was worth it if he could be crowned champion in the Sky Dragon Contest.

“No one knows who will win, you shouldn’t be too happy so soon!” Su Mo said in a low voice before he whipped his head around to stare at Ju Shen further away.

A dark look was on Ju Shen’s face as he met Su Mo’s gaze and proposed, “Su Mo, let’s collaborate with each other to defeat Xue Juntian.”

Although they were opponents just before that, they were both weak in the face of Xue Juntian and they had to collaborate to confront their strong enemy.

In this Sky Dragon Contest, there was no definite opinion, only costs and benefits.

Su Mo’s face darkened and he fell silent. There was no problem collaborating with Ju Shen.

However, Su Mo also didn’t think that he would definitely lose against the Rank 9 Martial Honorable Ju Shen and there was no need for him to collaborate with Ju Shen.

“Ju Shen, you don’t have the qualifications to remain here any longer!” Xue Juntian roared out loud before he shot towards Ju Shen.


Xue Juntian’s speed was fast. The increase in his cultivation rank simultaneously raised every aspect of his abilities.

“Defeat!” As he pierced his long sword through the empty air, Xue Juntian unleashed a strong attack even before he reached Ju Shen.

A terrifying, light-gold Sword Qi stretched over 10 kilometers instantly. Blinding radiance and a sky full of shockwaves were directed at Ju Shen for an ultimate blow.


Ju Shen did not dare to meet Xue Juntian’s attack head on and instantly retreated backward rapidly. Although he was a large person, his speed was not slow and since the distance between them was large, he could easily dodge the attack.


On the other hand, Su Mo also shot towards Ju Shen. If he allowed Xue Juntian to eliminate Ju Shen, he would be in deep trouble.

“Sea Attack!”

As he swung the Winged Insect Sword, sharp Chaotic Sword Qi sliced horizontally through the sky towards Xue Juntian.

Powerful Sword Qi shook the skies as Sword Force filled the area within 10 kilometers of him and neared Xue Juntian instantly.

“Destroy!” Xue Juntian fearlessly struck out a light golden sword strike towards the Chaotic Sword Qi.

Boom boom boom!

Explosions sounded through the sky as the 2 Sword Qis crumbled apart to become a downpour of sword rain that fell through the nine heavens.

Ju Shen’s face darkened even further. He had not expected Su Mo to be so unreasonable as to reject allying with him.

Seeing that Su Mo and Xue Juntian were engaged in a battle, Ju Shen slowly flew backward. Since that was the case, he would sit aside and wait to reap the benefits of their battle.

Once their battle was reaching its end, one of them would be in a disadvantage position and he would interfere then.

No matter who he eliminated, he would be able to regain a cultivation rank.

In his opinion, Su Mo would definitely lose against Xue Juntian who was a Rank 9 Martial Honorable.

He had to grasp the opportunity now, as if Su Mo was about to lose, he and Xue Juntian might strike together and he would not be able to regain his cultivation rank.

Only if he attacked and eliminated Su Mo would he be able to recover a cultivation rank and stand against Xue Juntian.

Su Mo did not stop attacking after the first strike as he continued to swing the winged insect sword to draw out streak after streak of Chaotic Sword Qi.

This time, the limitations of the chaotic energy revealed itself. Every time he struck with his sword, he would have to merge the 5 elemental Dark Forces in his body.

As such, his attacks could only come one after another. They could not rush out all at once to cover the whole sky.


Xue Juntian, who was now a Rank 9 Martial Honorable, was incredibly confident. He pierced sharply with his longsword and drew another large, few-dozen-meter-wide sword shadow.

Sword Force shocked the sky. The sharp sword rapidly burrowed through the sky as though it could pierce through everything.

Bam! Crash! Kaboom! Boom!

Explosions sounded one after another as the massive sword shadow crushed streak after streak of the Chaotic Sword Qi and instantly arrived right in front of Su Mo.


Right at that moment, Su Mo rose into the air and stared down at Xue Juntian, who was about 10,000 feet below him.

“Xue Juntian, take this blow!”

Su Mo yelled aloud as he raised the Winged Insect Sword in his hand up high to allow a devastating Sword Force to pierce the sky.

At this point, Su Mo did not hold anything back. He activated his special body constitution to its maximum and blinding rays of light shot out of his body.

Glazed, golden, and blood-red rays of light circled around each other, as though his entire body was a brilliant light bulb.

Due to the spurring of the Blood Spirit Body that he had, Su Mo’s internal Blood Qi started to boil as though a volcano was erupting.

He had activated more than 20 Sword Fighting Souls, allowing a massive sword shadow to overshadow his body. Thick, five-elemental Dark Force crashed out of the 5 Divine Elixirs in his body and merged into a dense Chaotic Energy.

“Destroy God Attack!”

With a loud roar and a heavy swing of the Winged Insect Sword, Su Mo unleashed the strongest sword attack he used.

This was the last movement of the Seven Calamities Swordplay. Although he had not managed to cultivate it to the later stages of its mastery, the strength of it was still the strongest out of all his other moves.


The sword strike shook the sky and ground violently as one terrifying, greyish-white Sword instantly tore through the sky and headed for Xue Juntian.

This sword strike was vast and broad, extending more than a few dozen meters. Its dense auras flooded the sky with Sword Force and it seemed to possess the strength to destroy the empty air.

As though it was the blow of a god, the sword shook the skies and harbored the strength of ancient sword techniques.

“That strong?” Xue Juntian narrowed his eyes and frowned. He had not expected that Su Mo’s power would become even stronger than what he had displayed previously.

Was he hiding his strength to unleash a final blow at the end?

While Xue Juntian’s face was solemn, he was a Rank 9 Martial Honorable and hence highly confident. Despite the strength of Su Mo’s blow, he did not appear fearful.

“Deathly Sword Attack!”

Roaring out loud, Xue Juntian instantly used the best strike that he knew. He pierced his sword forward menacingly and a dazzling Sword Radiance that was very thick emerged. It was so blinding, one could only squint in the face of it and sharp Sword Radiance tore through the empty space like a blinding holy light.

Sword Radiance was cold and deathly for this sword strike as it held an immense amount of killing aura.

The highly ranked 4th level Deathly Ultimacy that was held in the sword seemed to link the energies from the skies and ground, enhancing the powers of the sword strike.


In the blink of an eye, powerful Sword Radiance and Chaotic Sword Qi struck together, bringing silence to the world.

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