Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 2711 - Impossible Mission

Chapter 2711 Impossible Mission

“Yes!” Di Yihun and Zi Xiao nodded.

Not only were their family members in the Cosmic World but many of their Spiritual Imprints were there as well.

They had not met their family members for many years as their family members had low cultivation levels.


Young Master Liu Yun nodded. He turned his palm around and a compass, which was about the radius of five inches, appeared

“This is a Location Compass. Put your Blood Essence and Spiritual Imprint on it and it will be able to direct you to the Cosmic World!” Young Master Liu Yun said as he placed the Location Compass in Di Yihun’s hand.

“Thank you!” Di Yihun immediately thanked Young Master Liu Yun.

“Given your cultivation levels, even if you do not lose your way, you will need at least 70 years to reach the Cosmic World. If you go the wrong way, I can’t guarantee how long you will take,” Young Master Liu Yun said grimly.

“Young Master, if we lose our way, will we be lost completely in the Void Sea?” Zi Xiao asked with a frown.


Young Master Liu Yun nodded and said, “However, since you have the Location Compass with you, you should have a smooth journey and you will not get lost. Even if you go slightly out of the way, you will notice it immediately.”

“Great!” Zi Xiao nodded. He felt more assured when he heard what Young Master Liu Yun had said.

“Come back quickly after you have settled the issues in the Cosmic World. That is a barren land and you shouldn’t cling on to it!” Young Master Liu Yun told the two of them.

“Yes!” Di Yihun and Zi Xiao nodded. After the two of them had chatted with Young Master Liu Yun for a while, they bid him farewell.

After Di Yihun and Zi Xiao had left, Young Master Liu Yun lowered his head and pondered. He was not surprised that Di Yihun and Zi Xiao had succeeded in the Selection but he had not expected Zi Xiao to become Tai Ying Sovereign’s disciple.

However, he thought more highly of Di Yihun and wanted to groom him as his right-hand


After Zi Xiao and Di Yihun bid Young Master Liu Yun farewell, they left Suspended Holy Mountain and flew up to the starry sky.

They flew rapidly to get out of the thousands of stars in the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance.

The two of them were quick. However, Suspended Holy Mountain was located at the center of Ancient Cloud Star Alliance, and thus they had to use seven days to get out of the region.

Di Yihun and Zi Xiao stopped when they were deep in the starry sky.

“Are we being tailed?” Di Yihun asked Zi Xiao softly as he looked behind them. “No!” Zi Xiao shook his head. Su Mo was being locked up in the Torture Hall and he would not be able to tail them.

As for Ling Chang, she did not have a high cultivation level and thus she would not be able to catch up with them. Even if she had been behind them, they would have noticed her.

Other than Su Mo and Ling Chang, no one would tail them.

“Alright. Let’s go!”

Di Yihun nodded. He waved his hand and tore the space that was before them, revealing a big stretch of the void.

The two of them entered the Spatial Crack and disappeared.

After the Spatial Crack sealed up, everything went back to normal.


Suddenly, there were some fluctuations in the surrounding space a fair distance away and Ling Chang appeared.

“They have gone back!” Ling Chang muttered to herself as she looked at the spot where Di Yihun and Zi Xiao had disappeared.

She had been tailing Di Yihun and Zi Xiao. Although she could not catch up with them, she had comprehended the Rules of Space. With her current attainment, it was good enough for her to tail them.

As the two of them were far away from her and she had used the Space Shield as her cover, the two of them did not notice her.

Ling Chang looked grave. As she and Su Mo had expected, Di Yihun and Zi Xiao were heading back to the Cosmic World.

Ling Chang immediately returned to Suspended Holy Mountain as she had to inform Su Mo about it.

Any delay could bring about undesirable consequences.

A few days later, Ling Chang reached Suspended Holy Mountain. She went to look for Lin Peng and requested to meet Su Mo.

“Are you sure you want to see him?” Lin Peng asked, looking surprised.

“Yes. I must see him!” Ling Chang replied firmly.

“If you wish to see him, you will have to enter the Torture Hall and go through the suffering!” Lin Peng warned Ling Chang.

“I’m not afraid!” Ling Chang said.

“Alright! I will bring you there!” Lin Peng nodded. Since Ling Chang insisted, he would bring her to the Torture Hall.

Soon, Lin Peng brought Ling Chang to the Torture Hall and he opened the gate for her. Ling Chang immediately flew in.


Although Ling Chang was mentally prepared, she could not help crying out when she entered the Torture Hall.

“Have they gone back?”

In the Hall, Su Mo asked Ling Chang when he saw her enter.

After Su Mo had been shut in the Torture Hall for two weeks, he had gotten accustomed to the environment although he was still being inflicted with pain.

“Yes… they have gone back… the two of them!” Ling Chang stammered as she tried to bear with the pain.

Su Mo was silent when he heard it. He could not let the two of them create havoc in the Cosmic World.

“Senior Brother Lin, let me out!” Su Mo shouted.

However, there was no response as the Torture Hall was isolated from the outside world.

“Let me talk to him!” Ling Chang bore the pain and flew out unsteadily.

“Senior Brother Lin, Su Mo would like to get out!” Ling Chang told Lin Peng after she was out of the Torture Hall.

“No!” Lin Peng replied curtly. He refused to give Su Mo a chance.

“He has to get out,” Ling Chang said grimly.

“If he forces his way out, I will have to deal with him and double the years that he has to spend in the Torture Hall. Instead of 100 years, he has to stay there for 200 years,” Lin Peng said, looking indifferent.

“Is there any way for him to come out sooner?” Ling Chang asked with a frown.

“Hmm… there is. However, he will not be able to make it!” Lin Peng replied.

“What is it?” Ling Chang asked immediately.

“The Alliance Headquarters send out secret missions occasionally. Those disciples who have defied the rules can accomplish the missions to redeem themselves,” Lin Peng replied.

“What are the missions available?” Ling Chang asked.

“Currently, there are two missions that have been around for 1,000 years. However, we rarely have disciples who defy the rules and even if there are, they will not take on the missions,” Lin Peng replied. “What are the missions?” Ling Chang asked again. She had to find out more in detail for Su Mo to select.

“See for yourself. I suggest that the two of you don’t try too hard!” Lin Peng turned his palm over and took out a green Jade Slip.

Ling Chang took the Jade Slip and looked at the content, and her face turned pale instantaneously. The first mission was to kill a Great Completion Supreme, who was the son of a Kismet Master. He was not from the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance. The second mission was to steal a rare treasure from Sky Ridge Star Alliance.

Ling Chang looked grave after she had read the contents. She entered the Torture Hall again and handed the Jade Slip over to Su Mo as she told him about the condition.

“I will take on the second mission!” Su Mo took a look at the Jade Slip and immediately accepted the second mission. “Su Mo, the task is difficult…!”

Ling Chang was about to tell Su Mo that it would be difficult to accomplish the mission, but Su Mo interrupted her and said, “Even if I can’t accomplish the task, I will still take it.”

Having said that, he held Ling Chang’s hand and flew out of the Torture Hall.

“Why are you out?” When Lin Peng saw Su Mo, he knitted his brows.

“Senior Brother Lin, I have decided to take on the second mission!” Su Mo said as he handed the Jade Slip to Lin Peng. “Are… are you taking on the second mission?” Lin Peng was stunned. He was surprised that Su Mo was taking on the impossible!

“Yes. I am taking it!” Su Mo said as he nodded.

“Su Mo, you have to think through carefully. You may lose your life if you accept the mission. Moreover, if you fail to accomplish it, you will have to continue to take the punishment,” Lin Peng warned Su Mo.

“I know. My only concern is, how long am I given to accomplish the mission?” Su Mo asked.

“There is no deadline!” Lin Peng shook his head and continued saying, “However, before you accomplish the mission, you will not be able to enjoy the privileges given to the disciples and you are still guilty.”

“Great! I will do my best to accomplish the mission!” Su Mo nodded.

“Since you are determined to take on the mission, I will not stop you. However, don’t go beyond your ability. It is not worth it to lose your life in order to escape 100 years of punishment,” Lin Peng said.

“I know!”

Su Mo cupped his fist at Lin Peng and turned around to leave.

When Ling Chang saw it, she followed him. “He is ambitious, young and reckless!”

Lin Peng shook his head as he watched Su Mo depart. He believed that Su Mo would fail in his mission.

Not only Su Mo, but all the disciples in the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance Headquarters would never be able to accomplish the mission.

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