Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 2713

Chapter 2713

?2713 The Set Of Five

Reverend Jin Wu did not take long and he was back in half a day.

“Teacher, did you manage to borrow it?” Su Mo asked.

“Yes. Other than its special function, this item is not a precious treasure!” Reverend Jin Wu said and turned his palm over, revealing a milky compass.

The compass was slightly bigger than the norm, and its diameter was about 66 centimeters. It seemed to be made of white-jade.

“Huo Zhong, take good care of them!” Reverend Jin Wu said as he handed the compass over to Huo Zhong.

He did not tell Huo Zhong how to use the compass as Huo Zhong was familiar with it.

“Yes, Elder Jin Wu!” Huo Zhong nodded.

“In this case, let’s go!” Su Mo said. They could not delay any further and had to get back to the Cosmic World as soon as possible.

Having said that, he and Ling Chang started to walk out.

At that instant, a disciple flew in and said, “Elder Jin Wu, Murong Qi is here to look for Su Mo.”

“Murong Qi?” Su Mo was astonished when he heard it. He immediately realized that Elder Murong must have refined the Artifacts that he had promised to give him.

“Let her in!” Reverend Jin Wu said.

The disciple immediately brought Murong Qi in.

Murong Qi had put on a tight-fitting red leather outfit that accentuated her voluptuous figure. She looked good and it was apparent that she had been treated well as a disciple of the Headquarters.

“Su Mo, this is the set of Superior Artifacts that my grandfather has refined for you!” Murong Qi handed Su Mo a storage ring as she came before him.

Su Mo immediately took over the storage ring and looked at the Artifacts.

“They are good!” Su Mo’s eyes lit up when he saw the Artifacts. The set of Superior Artifacts consisted of five items.

There was a sword, a green robe, a soft set of body armor, a pair of black boots, and a silver crown.


Sword radiance flashed across Su Mo’s hand as he took out the sword. The sword was colorful, and it emitted the overwhelming power of the Five Elements.

Elder Murong seemed to have noticed that Su Mo had cultivated the Chaotic Energy and he had especially refined the Five Elements properties into the sword.

Although the Five Elements were not Chaotic-based, they were comparable.

After all, the Chaotic Energy came about from the merging of the Five Elements.

“This Superior Artifact is powerful!” Su Mo was excited. The Five Elements Sword was much more powerful than his Ultimate Holy Sword and the black sword that Reverend Jin Wu had given him.

Although Su Mo’s Ultimate Holy Sword was the best sword in the Cosmic World and it was of superior level, it was nothing compared to the Five Elements Sword.

“Su Sword!” Su Mo noticed the words on the Five Elements Sword and he was speechless.

The Artifacts had been refined by Elder Murong and he must have named the sword for him. However, the name did not sound impressive.

“Miss Murong, please convey my appreciation to Elder Murong!”Su Mo said as he put away the Su Sword. He did not check on the other Artifacts as he believed that they would be of good quality as well.

“You don’t have to thank my grandfather. These are meant for the exchange of the token!”

Murong Qi shook her head and said coldly, “The five Artifacts have been refined by my grandfather. He used the precious materials that he has collected for thousands of years to refine them. The five Artifacts are the best Superior Artifacts.”

Murong Qi was envious of Su Mo. Although she was Elder Murong’s granddaughter, Elder Murong had never refined such Superior Artifacts for her.

The materials were extremely precious and Elder Murong had taken thousands of years to collect them.

“You are right. These are for the purchase of the token and it is not necessary for me to thank him. You may leave!” Su Mo said as he nodded. Since Murong Qi was rude to him, he did not have to be gracious to her.

“You!” Murong Qi’s face darkened and she was about to flare up. She found Su Mo to be an eyesore.

Previously, she had humbled herself for the sake of the token but she did not have to put up with Su Mo anymore.

“Let’s go!”

Su Mo called out to Ling Chang and Elder Huo Zhong and walked out. He did not give Murong Qi the opportunity to take her anger out on him.

The three of them left Jin Wu Mansion hastily for the starry sky and headed out of Palmy Star.

“I shall put up with you for the time being!” Murong Qi took a deep breath and suppressed her anger. She then bid Reverend Jin Wu farewell.

“Ling Chang, let’s take the route that we came from. After that, we shall use the Compass to help us!”

Su Mo told Ling Chang as they were flying in the starry sky.

The Location Compass might not be effective and Su Mo decided to take back the route that they had come from before using the Location Compass to help them.

“Alright!” Ling Chang nodded.

“Leave a drop of your Blood Essence and Mental Stigma on the Compass!” Huo Zhong told Su Mo and Ling Chang as he held the Location Compass in his hand.


Su Mo and Ling Chang did not ask any questions. They simply followed the instructions and left their Blood Essence and Mental Stigma on the Location Compass.

After the Blood Essence and Mental Stigma were absorbed by the Location Compass, dazzling red light was emitted from the Compass. Thousands of runes circled above it, making it look abstruse.

“Elder Huo, can we locate the Cosmic World?” Su Mo asked anxiously. The Location Compass was a top-notch compass and it should be able to do the job.

“No!” Huo Zhong replied with a grave look. In fact, he was surprised. The Cosmic World was another world that was far away from Cloud Ridge World and even the Location Compass could not locate its position.

“Ah is it unable to locate the Cosmic World?” Su Mo and Ling Chang turned pale.

‘Don’t worry, this Location Compass is amazing. As we get nearer to the Cosmic World, it will be able to locate its position, provided that we do not go in the wrong direction,” Huo Zhong said.

“Great!” Su Mo heaved a sigh of relief. He was certain that they would start on the right track but, along the way, they might get lost.

The three of them spoke as they flew at great speed. They took two weeks to get out of the region belonging to the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance and reached their destination.

“This should be the place!” Su Mo said confidently as he looked around. He was certain, judging from a large number of meteorites and the small fallen stars that were far off in the starry sky. He had passed through the area when he first came to Cloud Ridge World.

“Yes, you are right!” Ling Chang nodded. Back then, she had been around the area as well.

“Lead the way!” Huo Zhong told the two of them.

Based on his memory, Su Mo took the route back to the Cosmic World.

He had no idea where the Cosmic World was located but he knew that he was on the right track.

The three of them flew rapidly without stopping. After flying for more than one month, Su Mo started to feel lost.

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