Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist

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The next morning, Su Mo got up early, freshened up, and headed into the Book Collection Pavilion.

The Book Collection Pavilion, a four-storey tower, was where the Sus stored scrolls of martial arts.

Before Su Mo had awakened his Martial Soul, he could only study the elementary martial arts on the first floor. Now that he had awakened his Martial Soul, and his cultivation was at Lv 1 Qi Cultivation Realm, he could choose cultivation skill and martial skill suited for him.

There were nine levels of cultivation skill and martial skill.

Each level was divided into three grades: Lower, Medium, and Upper.

Martial artists who used higher grade cultivation skill were naturally more powerful.

“Elder, I want to choose a scroll on the second floor,” Su Mo said, saluting the pavilion protector as he stepped into the Book Collection Pavilion.

“The second floor?”

The pavilion protector, a fat old man, said indifferently, “Su Mo, the second floor can only be accessed by those whose cultivation is at the Qi Cultivation Realm. No exceptions.”

“I know that, elder. My cultivation is at Lv 1 Qi Cultivation Realm,” Su Mo nodded and said.

“Lv 1 Qi Cultivation Realm?” The pavilion protector was stunned. Then, he said with a cold expression, “Su Mo, you just awakened your Martial Soul yesterday, and it was at Rank 1 Human Class. How could you be at the Qi Cultivation Realm so soon with that crappy Martial Soul? Even if you had a Rank 3 Human Class Martial Soul, it wouldn’t be possible. Are you kidding me?”

“Humph! You’ll see!”

Su Mo released an aura of Lv 1 Qi Cultivation Realm with a serious expression.

Then, he turned around and went up to the second floor of the Book Collection Pavilion, leaving the pavilion protector behind.

“He… he did it!”

The pavilion protector was stunned, but then he laughed disdainfully and said to himself, “The Master must have given him some precious elixir, but he still won’t be able to go much further with his crappy Martial Soul.”

Su Mo went to the second floor and saw rows of antique bookshelves, which were full of scrolls.

The Sus was one of two main clans in Sunnywood City, so they had many cultivation skills and martial skills. There were almost 100 scrolls on the second floor of the Book Collection Pavilion.

A tall young man was browsing the scrolls there.

“Su Mo!”

The young man was initially surprised to see Su Mo, but then he glared at him with complete disdain.

“Su Heng!” Su Mo glanced back at him.

Su Heng also awakened a Martial Soul yesterday. His Martial Soul was of Rank 4 Human Class Martial Soul, which was not as good as Su Yu’s, but a high rank nonetheless.

Since Su Heng was on the second floor, his cultivation must have also reached the Qi Cultivation Realm.

“Well, this is unexpected, Su Mo. I heard yesterday that the Master bought a ‘Qi Condensation Elixir’ from the Herbs Shop, which is probably what you used to increase your cultivation!”

Su Heng looked at Sumo and said disdainfully, “Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be able to reach the Qi Cultivation Realm with that crappy Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul.”

“It’s none of your business how I got this cultivation,” Su Mo said coldly. Then, he began to browse the manuals and ignored him.

Su Mo knew Su Heng very well.

When Su Mo was still considered the top genius of the Sus, Su Heng had fawned on him, and Su Mo had been very kind to him.

However, Su Heng now had a completely different attitude towards Su Mo.

“Humph! So much for being a genius. You’re nothing but a piece of trash!” Su Heng snorted and continued selecting his manuals.

Su Mo picked up a manual in the cultivation skill category and began reading it.

“Raging Fire Skill. Medium Lv 1 Cultivation Skill. The Genuine Qi cultivated through this method has extremely powerful fire power and has a very strong attack…”

Su Mo continued to browse after reading a few pages of this book.

He wanted to read a few more manuals to choose the most suitable cultivation skill.

All of the manuals on this floor were at Medium Lv 1. The manuals of Upper Lv 1 were only on the third floor.

However, those manuals were only available for those whose cultivation was at Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm.

“Huge Rock Skill. Medium Lv 1 cultivation skill. The Genuine Qi cultivated through this method is dense and has strong defense…”

“Clouds Skill. Medium Lv 1 cultivation skill. The Genuine Qi cultivated through this method is pure and has equally strong attack and defense…”

After reading several manuals, Su Mo selected Cloud Skill because of its pure genuine Qi and strong attack and defense.

After choosing a cultivation skill, it was time to choose a martial skill.

“Iron Fist. This fistplay is fierce and can easily crack open stones after practicing to the great Completion Realm… ”

“Flying Swordplay. This swordsmanship is ethereal, agile, and gorgeous…”

“Breeze Palm…”

“Infinite Push Hands…”

Su Mo was not satisfied with a dozen martial skills that he read.

“Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist?”

Su Mo’s eyes brightened when he saw the name of this manual. He could recognize that it was extraordinary.

He opened the manual excitedly. “Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist. Medium Lv 1 Martial Skill. The body is like the sea, and the fist is like a wave. The fist force has many levels, and each level is stronger than the previous one.”

“This is the one!” After reading for a moment, Su Mo nodded with satisfaction.

As he was about to leave with the two manuals, Su Heng suddenly blocked him.

“Su Mo, put down Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist,” Su Heng shouted arrogantly.

Su Mo glanced at him and asked, “Why should I?”

“I was thinking about taking that manual, and I’ve decided that I want it, so give it back to me!” Su Heng raised his chin and ordered.

“Give it back to you? It was never yours!”

Su Mo scoffed and said, “The book is mine now, so you’re not getting it.”

“Are you sure?” Su Heng’s eyes grew cold, and he said, “Su Mo, do you know what the consequences of angering me are?”

“What consequences?” Su Mo smiled and said, “I have no idea. Please tell me.”

“You’re a piece of trash, but you’re still so arrogant.” Su Heng shouted furiously, “Su Mo, I’ll say it again. Give it to me, kneel, and apologize, or I’ll break your legs.”

“Kneel and apologize, or you’ll break my legs?”

A cold light flashed in Su Mo’s eyes, and he said indifferently, “I’d like to see you try!”

“You’re courting death!”

Su Heng shouted, and his spirit of Lv 1 Qi Cultivation Realm exploded. A yellow light shone behind him, which meant that he was arousing his Martial Soul to attack.

“Stop it!”

At that moment, the pavilion protector said with an icy voice, “No fighting in the Book Collection Pavilion, or you’ll be banned for life!”

These words stopped Su Heng.

“Elder, I’m sorry. I won’t violate the rules,” Su Heng said hastily to the elder, stifling his anger.

Even though he wanted to teach Su Mo a lesson, Su Heng did not dare to violate the rules.

It would be a great loss if he was banned from the Book Collection Pavilion for life.

“Today is your lucky day. I won’t let you off next time,” Su Heng turned to Su Mo and snarled.

“Idiot!” Su Mo glanced at him and turned to leave.

“What did you say?”

Su Heng became furious again. He glared at the leaving Su Mo and gnashed his teeth in anger.

Since he had awakened a Rank 4 Human Class Martial Soul, his status had risen a lot in the Sus, and others were polite to him.

Today, he was insulted by this useless man with a crappy Martial Soul, and that drove him mad.

“Damn it, I’ll make you pay!”

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