Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Rank 3 Human Class Martial Soul

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Su Mo was shocked that the Evilwind Wolf would suddenly run away.

Although low level demonic beasts were very unintelligent, they were still decisive in the face of danger.

Su Mo certainly would not have allowed it to escape because the demonic beast had a valuable Demonic Core.

With genuine Qi spewing out from under his feet, Su Mo rushed toward the Evilwind Wolf.

The Evilwind Wolf rushed into a small valley and then into a cave.

Su Mo stopped in front of the pitch black cave and did not rashly enter it.

After hesitating for a while, he still decided to rush in.

The cave was obviously the den of the Evilwind Wolf, so there would be no other dangers present.

As expected, after rushing into the cave, Su Mo saw only the injured Evilwind Wolf lying on the ground.


At that moment, Su Mo saw a 5-inch-tall plant growing in a crevice not far from the Evilwind Wolf. The plant had eight green leaves surrounding a pale red fruit, which was only the size of a thumb but exuded a fruity fragrance.

“Is that… Purple Spirit Fruit?”

Su Mo stared at it and became excited.

Purple Spirit Fruit was a Medium Lv 1 Spirit Fruit, which could increase by one level the cultivation of martial artists who were below Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm.

However, judging by its color, the fruit was not yet fully ripe.

Nevertheless, eating this fruit would still increase Su Mo’s cultivation to Lv 2 Qi Cultivation Realm.

The Evilwind Wolf must have selected the cave as its den for the sake of eating Purple Spirit Fruit.


Seeing Su Mo enter the cave, the injured Evilwind Wolf roared and bit toward the Purple Spirit Fruit.

“Damn it…”

Su Mo was rattled. If the Evilwind Wolf swallowed the Purple Spirit Fruit, all hope would be lost.


Su Mo roared and stepped suddenly. Genuine Qi spewed out from under his feet, propelling him over the Evilwind Wolf.

“Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist!”

After motivating his genuine Qi to the extreme, Su Mo heavily struck the head of the Evilwind Wolf with his fivefold fist force.


With blood splashing and brains spraying, the Evilwind Wolf was blasted to pieces.

After killing the Evilwind Wolf, Su Mo was finally relieved.

Walking to the side of the corpse, Su Mo pulled a gray crystal, its Demonic Core, from the Evilwind Wolf’s skull.

The Demonic Core of a Class 1 Lv 1 Demonic Beast was at least worth 10 taels of silver.

Then, Su Mo plucked the Purple Spirit Fruit without hesitation.

Although the Purple Spirit Fruit was not ripe, Su Mo could not afford to wait. After all, a Medium Grade Purple Spirit Fruit was quite rare.

He sat down cross-legged and swallowed it.

The cave was secluded, so it was not dangerous to refine the fruit there.

As soon as the Purple Spirit Fruit was swallowed, its strong medicinal effects spread throughout Su Mo’s body.

Su Mo hastily held his breath and concentrated so he could transfer the effects flowing in his meridians into genuine Qi and guide them into his elixir field.

After a while, Su Mo’s elixir field bulged with abundant Qi.

“I’ve finally broken into the Late Lv 2 Qi Cultivation Realm!”

Su Mo exclaimed and nodded with satisfaction.

The Purple Spirit Fruit not only helped him reach Lv 2 Qi Cultivation Realm but also promoted him to the Late Lv 2 Qi Cultivation Realm.

Now, Su Mo’s genuine Qi was twice as dense as it was before.

He could obviously feel that his senses were more acute than before.

“I should stabilize my cultivation before leaving.”

Su Mo smiled and began cultivating again.

A black vortex Martial Soul rose from behind him and rotated slowly.

Then, something strange happened.

The dead Evilwind Wolf’s Blood Qi and energy were all sucked in by the vortex Martial Soul.

Moreover, an illusory Beast Soul floated up slowly from the corpse and was devoured by the vortex Martial Soul.

All of the Evilwind Wolf’s Blood Qi was transformed into a strong energy after entering Su Mo’s body.

Su Mo felt his Qi increase greatly and approach the peak of Lv 2 Qi Cultivation Realm.

“What is this…?”

Su Mo trembled in shock.

“Can a Martial Soul devour Blood Qi?”

“Can a Martial Soul devour Beast Souls?”

Su Mo had never heard of or seen such a Martial Soul.

In the midst of his marveling, something strange happened.

The vortex Martial Soul that had devoured the Beast Soul began vibrating and then exploded with yellow light.

Instead of having its previous yellow halo, it was now shining with two yellow halos.

The vortex Martial Soul now was twice as fast at abosrbing Spiritual Qi as before.


Although Su Mo was usually a composed person, he was filled with excitement at that moment.

Everyone knew that the rank of one’s Martial Soul was determined at birth and unchangeable after awakening. This was an eternally immutable truth.

The cultivating talent of a martial artist was mainly determined by the level of their Martial Soul.

Su Mo’s Martial Soul had just broken the logic of this world.

His Martial Soul had progressed from Rank 1 Human Class to Rank 2 Human Class.

If he could devour enough Beast Souls, his Martial Soul level could even increase to Earth Class and Heaven Class.

“The Heaven Class! How exciting it would be!” Su Mo felt very excited.

“Haha, Haha!”

After a while, Su Mo calmed down but could not help laughing.

“Is this my luck as a time traveler?” he thought.

Since his awakening, Su Mo had felt depressed by the level of his Martial Soul.

He did not know about his Martial Soul’s special ability before.

However, this supernatural ability exceeded all of his expectations.

Su Mo’s excitement dispelled all of his depression.

“I’ll call you Devouring Martial Spirit from now on!” Su Mo said with a laugh.

After that, Su Mo quickly left the cave and could not wait to kill demonic beasts and devour Beast Souls.

Over the next two days, Su Mo crazily slaughtered more than 50 demonic beasts.

Among these beasts, 10 demonic beasts were Class 2 Lv 1, and the others were Class 1 Lv 1.

Having devoured the essence, blood and Beast Souls of all the demonic beasts, not only had Su Mo’s cultivation broken through to Lv 3 Qi Cultivation Realm, but also his Martial Soul had progressed to Rank 3 Human Class.

His fistplay had also greatly improved by killing those demonic beasts.

His Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist now had sixfold fist force, and its attack had greatly increased.

Su Mo sat cross-legged in the cave. The black Devouring Martial Spirit floated behind him with three dazzling yellow halos.

The surrounding Spiritual Qi was being absorbed into Su Mo’s body in torrents.

After his Martial Soul progressed to Rank 3 Human Class, it was ten times faster at absorbing Spiritual Qi than at Rank 1.

After a while, Su Mo opened his eyes.

“With my cultivation fully stabilized at Lv 3 Qi Cultivation Realm, I can kill stronger demonic beasts!”

Su Mo grinned exuberantly.

After the progression of his cultivation and Martial Soul, Su Mo had returned to the cave again. After all, his sharp increase in cultivation over the past two days needed to be well consolidated.

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter…

Footsteps suddenly sounded from outside the cave.

“Brother Wei Long, the Purple Spirit Fruit is in this cave, and it is probably almost ripe.”

“Be careful, I think there’s an Evilwind Wolf guarding it.”

“Hah! A mere Evilwind Wolf? I can kill it with a turn of my hand.”

Hearing the voices, Su Mo saw two tall young men stride into the cave.

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