Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 992 - Let’s Slaughter Them All!

Chapter 992: Let’s Slaughter Them All!

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“Lv 5 Martial Royal Realm!” the shopkeeper said.

“Lv 5 Martial Royal Realm!”

Su Mo’s expression grew serious. He did not know if he could defeat that expert.

His cultivation had been improved, and he now was even stronger than a Lv 4 Martial Royal artist, but he did not know if he was comparable to a Lv 5 one.

After all, there was a big difference between each level of the Martial Royal Realm.

Su Mo had previously planned to kill the patriarch of the black dragons to get more flood dragon blood essence, because that man did not belong to East Sea Dragon Palace.

However, he hesitated because of the cultivation of that black dragon.

He did not want to fail and get hurt.

“Thank you, shopkeeper! I’ll keep your secret!” Su Mo bowed to the shopkeeper with clasped fists and strode out of the store.

The shopkeeper looked at Su Mo with surprise, because he had just seen a wisp of killing desire in Su Mo’s eyes.

The shopkeeper was startled by this thought and shook his head at once. That was impossible.

After he had left the store, Su Mo returned to his inn and entered Divine Map.

Sitting cross-legged on an empty plain inside the Divine Map, Su Mo uncorked his teal gourd and began to drink the blood of the black dragon.

As the blood entered his stomach, its mighty energy immediately exploded in Su Mo’s body.

Su Mo immediately began to practice the Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill.

Actually, the blood belonged to a black flood dragon, which was not a real black dragon. However, it still had Real Dragon blood, so it contained not only mighty Dragon Force but also powerful energy.

Therefore, Su Mo could refine the blood essence without the assistant of Spiritual Stones.

Golden light was shining around Su Mo, and the virtual shadow of an Dragonesque Elephant was roaring above his head, with many tiny ones flying around.

Su Mo was going to improve his physical strength from Lv 7 Martial King Realm to Lv 8 Martial King Realm.

He wanted to upgrade the realm of his physical body to the Martial Royal Realm as soon as possible.

In the Martial Royal Realm of Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill, his body would become the Dragonesque Elephant’s combat body, and that would greatly improve his abilities.

Su Mo soon drank up all the blood essence.

That gourd of blood essence was supposed to be extracted from a whole dragon, so its energy was very majestic.

No wonder the shopkeeper did not dare to tell him where the blood came from. Although Su Mo did not know how the black flood dragon died, he knew that the patriarch of the black dragons would definitely be enraged if he knew the blood essence of his clan was being sold.

Su Mo’s physical strength surged rapidly as time went by.

In only two hours, the blood essence had been absorbed by Su Mo’s body.

At the same time, Su Mo’s body realm reached Lv 8 Martial Royal Realm.

“With my current abilities, it should not be a problem to fight against that black dragon!” Su Mo opened his eyes and murmured.

Both his cultivation and physical strength had increased a lot.

“Just do it!” After thinking for a moment, Su Mo made up his mind.

If he could kill the patriarch and get his blood essence, his physical strength would probably soon reach Martial Royal Realm.

So, taking the risk was worth it!

Moreover, Su Mo was very confident in his own strength. Even if he did not stand a chance, he could still escape.

Su Mo then left the inn again and secretly inquired about his target in the city.

When he knew more about that black dragon, he was more determined to kill him.

It turned out that the black dragon patriarch was not a kind person. If he died, no one would regret his death.

The black dragon used to be a member of the black flood dragons in the East Sea, and he held the lowest title among all the dragons.

Besides, he had an obscene past.

Hundreds of years ago, he raped a noble ice flood dragon and was expelled Flood-dragon tribe.

After having left his clan, he had been traveling in the Four Oceans for hundreds of years before his cultivation finally reached Lv 5 Martial Royal Realm.

However, he was still obscene and married hundreds of wives.

It was not illegal to have hundreds of wives.

However, he often raped women of both human and beast families during the past hundreds of years.

Just in Black Dragon City, there were no fewer than 600 women raped by him, but no one in this area could punish him because of his high cultivation.

Hundreds of years later, the black dragon had thousands of children, and he built another Black Dragon Tribe at last.

His Black Dragon Tribe was strong. Apart from himself, there were many experts. His tribe had become a scaled-down version of the flood dragon tribe in East Sea.

Su Mo could not help but admire this dragon’s ability to create an ethnic group in a few hundred years.

Someone told Su Mo that the black dragon’s lair was 100,000 miles away in the western seabed, and the Black Dragon City was controlled by his Black Dragon Tribe as well.

There was a branch tribe in the city, and the patriarch of the black dragons often lived there.

After finding out the location, Su Mo strode toward the branch of the black dragons in the city.

Since the black dragon was so evil, Su Mo was determined to kill that dragon.

The branch of the Black Dragons was located in the northern part of the city. It was a magnificent mansion, spanning hundreds of millions of square meters.

In front of it were more than a dozen Martial King artists keeping guard.

Before he got close to the mansion, Su Mo released his spiritual consciousness.

He wanted to see if the black dragons’ patriarch was there. If he was not there, he would go directly to the lair of the black dragons.

As his spiritual consciousness swept across this area, Su Mo did not find him.

However, he was irritated by the disgusting scenes inside the mansion.

Many people who had the breath of flood dragons were bullying and insulting women in the rooms of the mansion.

Those women were obviously being forced against their will.

“Are his children also evil? Have they inherited his nature?” Su Mo’s eyes filled with killing desire. He strode toward the mansion at once.

These people had to die. Since he was here, he would kill them all.


With a flash of black light, Billion Demonic Sword appeared in Su Mo’s hands.

“Demonic Spirit, today I have a lot of food for you!” said Su Mo indifferently.

“Do you? Quick! Let’s slaughter them all!”

Demonic Spirit sounded excited. His voice came into Su Mo’s mind from Demonic Sword.

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